Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My outsides are cool, my insides are blue

I wish I could tie you up in my shoes, make you feel unpretty too.
This is such a nice song. I remember this episode in gLee season 2, the one where Rachel was considering taking on plastic surgery to fix up her nose to look like Quinn’s. I can definitely relate to this song.. there’ve definitely been days where I feel very ‘unpretty’, especially when I’m working. I’m not one to look freaking hot in my uniform at the cafe or at the newsagency. I just look plain and simple. The self conscious feeling is unavoidable when hot looking people from the L’oreal building next door come by for coffee (=___=) Anyway.. I’m not complaining about how I look, I believe it’s more about how I feel about how I look. It needs an attitude adjustment. There’ll always be days where I look my best, and days where I’ll look my worst. It’s too bad I can’t look my best every day.
With that being said, I guess it won’t hurt if I put a little more effort into how I present myself (half the time I look like I just rolled out of bed at work – literally). Just a little food for thought.. I guess this song can relate to how I feel about myself, personality wise maybe, not necessarily on the surface. How I allow other people to make me feel… Mmm. For example, when people make me aware of my mistakes, or what’s wrong with me… that can make me feel pretty damn ‘unpretty’. Especially when it’s something I can’t undo or fix.

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selena Huynh said...

how can you not feel like youre pretty!! everyone has their bad days. fat days, pimple days. dw darling you definitely are a looker. youre gorgeous.