Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Not Giving Up!

So I just did a little painting to motivate myself since I've been feeling like a little stressball lately (>.<) The past week has just been hectic, and not as productive as I would have liked with uni and shop work. But happy to say, even though this day started out rough, it became a very productive night with my painting orders :) So I'm feeling that little warm fuzzy feeling inside of me again, that lets me know that I'll be alright as long as I refuse to give up and give in to all the work that's got to be done! (rah rah rah!!) 


So what's been happening lately? 
I think it'll be better if I just show you photos rather than ramble on with the details (^_^) 

1. First page of my sketch book project for Art House Co Op. :) finally getting some where with this project!!  2+3. Photos from DanTay's 25th Birthday - themed classic 50/60's (^__^) these were photos taken from his photo booth set up! :D 4. One of my paintings that I recently just finished :)  5. Instax snaps from the night I caught up with the ol' time uni ppl for Malaysian Food and Coffee (^__^) So good to see them all again!!  6. Jiji being so cute! She's grown to be so big and chubby since we bought her in early Feb >.<  7+8. Boon's photos from the night we went karaoke with the Stage Fright Crew! :D Lol at how Viet-My got so drunk :P  9. Ice cream cubes from Tom Turtle from the night we watched HUNGER GAMES (whoop whoop, loved it) :) Yosh... it's only ice cream in cubes, but it was still a fun experience to choose from all the flavours ^_^  10. Paper planes for my sketch book project :)

I'm also missing out on quite a few photos from other outings (>.<) 

(via tumblr) 

So... who's watched the HUNGER GAMES?! :D 

I watched it last Saturday with a group of friends on xTremeeeeeee screen (^__^) and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome of the film! Even though, yes, the film did miss out on quite a few details from the book (that's always a given), but they also added more to the story as well, which excited me in my seat while I was watching! :D Very much looking forward to watching the 2nd film in the trilogy (>_<) That's definitely my favourite book in the series! I still need to finish book 3... everyone who's started reading the series has already finished it before me (=__=) hahaha slow down people! :P 

Btw... I'm a Peeta fan ;) 


Alright, now it's time for bed, here's to trying to fix my radical sleeping pattern :) 
It's my day off tomorrow, so I'll be working hard on my painting orders! I'll do my best not to forget my uni work amongst all that (=_=) sigh. Priorities, priorities... 

Keep smiling everyone! :) Hope you're having a nice week so far! 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. This weekend I'll be part of the Pop'M'Art (Pop Up Movable Art) with my friends! :D Thanks to Truccie to introducing it to us and for organising a group booking for this Saturday! It's basically an arty event that happens every weekend, where you meet at a secret location and for 2 hours, you paint upon a 12"x16" canvas, you can paint whatever you like! - once the 2 hours are up, you hand in your work, and it'll be made one of the building blocks of an art installation, made to represent Melbourne!!! 


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Thursday, March 22, 2012

With Love

It's just over 2 weeks now since my Online shop for Julie's Little World has been launched (^_^) and so far it's been pretty good with business! I'm blessed with having custom orders from the most friendliest of people, who are very understanding and lenient on me with the time constraints of their paintings. Makes me happy to paint for them! And I've had a few overseas orders too with my Etsy store from United States and Singapore (heyyyy MwDee! :D), and that's just wonderful! I really do hope they'll enjoy the goodies I sent them and give them good homes (^_^) 

I've also recently officially registered the business name of Julie's Little World with Business Victoria! I was happy to find I received an actual certificate for the business name registration today! :D I think I might frame it up just for the sake of it! hehe :) 

Thank you thank you & Thank you! 

I know I've said it so many times before but I honestly don't think I can ever thank you enough! 
But here I go again :) Just wanted to say thank you endlessly to all of my friends and family who showed their great support before and since my shop launch! The kind words and feed back was highly appreciated! Because of you, I was able to make changes to my online shop to make it easier to follow and navigate! (^___^) You've also given me the courage to keep soldiering on with my little business! I'm inspired to try and create more goodies for the shop in the future! :D

 Thank you so much for your love and support, always <3


It's been a while since I've updated my little blog (>.<) I've been wanting to for a while now since my shop launch, but never can find the time, or in other cases the strength, to update (>.<) Life does get a little busy some times, and I've been really feeling that lately! I finally started using my 2012 diary to organise myself because I tend to forget to do things when my head is constantly buzzing (@_@)" I really need to sort out my priorities more and have a better routine!! Ahh.. balance would be good! And a better sleeping pattern too... it's 2AM atm lol. Perhaps I'll give it another go tomorrow :P So I think it's best for me to go to bed now (>_<) I'll have to slowly update with what's been happening another time :)

I'll end this post with a few sneaky peeks of a series that I'm currently working on 
featuring both Little Julie & Dragonboy! Enjoy! (^_^) 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. They're kind of in love :) 

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Online Shop Opening Soon


Hey there everyone!

I'm excited and I'm stressed about my online shop being launched in the upcoming week! 

It was originally going to be launched this Monday, however due to time restraints and never ending work shifts, I have to push d-day to this Wednesday 7 March! (>_<) It was pretty hard decision to make, but I'm stressing and lacking sleep to the point where something needs to change. I'm sincerely sorry for the wait but I know you guys who are anticipating the launch (who ever you are >.<) will understand, because you're all lovely :) I've never done anything like this before, so to me it's important that I get this done right! Well as close to right I can get! I'll be making sure everything is covered, and straight forward enough :) *fingers crossed for the best*

Since there's a delay in the my shop launch, I'll leave you with a few sneaky peeks of what you can expect this coming Wednesday (^____^) Hope you enjoy!

Alright it's 2am now >.< and it's best for me to get some rest before work tomorrow morning! I'm excited for tomorrow because I get to see my girlfriends and cousins again for one of my good friend's 25th birthday at night time - themed classic 50-60's :) It'll be my one night off from all this work so yay! (^_^) time to party hard! Not too hard though, since I've got work early on Monday too (=___=) why oh why?! 

Anyway, hope everyone's having a lovely weekend so far :) 
Stay nice and warm, away from the never ending rain in Melbourne! 

Love, from Julie xox

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Be Strong Little Marshmallow

Be Strong Little Marshmallow

It's been one of my favourite quotes since high school. It's the quote that I requested to be printed next to my photo in the school year book back in 2007 :) I'm a big softie, easily scared by little things.. so the marshmallow part suits me quite nicely lol. 

Tonight, I'm just posting this up as a reminder to myself to be strong, to have courage, to not give up. Just one of those nights where loneliness gets the better of you and too much thinking upon that doesn't help. Mixed feelings and thoughts swirling around everywhere is a clear sign that I should hop to bed and hope for a better tomorrow. Enough of this stupid feeling, this self-pity, it's useless being like this anyway. I may feel disconnected now, but I'm going to fix that. Better days are waiting around the corner <3

Just a few songs that kind of help.

Hope everyone's having a nice week so far <3 I can't wait for my weekend to start

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. I have beautiful friends who are great at reminding me that I'm not really alone. <3
Thanks guys, I miss you >_<

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