Monday, October 31, 2011

My 22nd Birthday Celebrations!

My favourite photo of the RMIT Uni kids before clubbing <3 taken by Dantay's iPhone!


This long weekend so far has been 
one of the best for me in a long while! ^-^ 

I had such a great and fun time on Friday night with friends for drinks and clubbing @ Alumbra for their Halloween night! As soon as I got home from work at 4:30PM, it was a major rush to get all ready by 5:30pm so that Cat, Juan and Kim could come pick me up! But alas, traffic was bad, the weather was bad, so that made us over an hour late for drinking at Alumbra before clubbing (>_<) 

My outfit for the night, I'm blueeee da da di dum! hehe <3

We got there at 7:30PM, an hour left before the bar kicks us out before clubbing starts! Serinna, Cindy and Isaac were there already waiting (>.<) sorry guys for making you wait! But it was so good to see them again, it's been so long! And Dantay and KK joined us soon after! So exciting! :D Haven't seen them for months! Rah rah rah. Bought some food for everyone and shared a couple of 2 for 1 champagne drinks hehe :) Keith and Dinh arrived soon after! 

The night was still young, but I was already buzzing with excitement (>_<) 

1. Kim and I with the beautiful flowers that her, Cat and Juan surprised me with! ^-^   2. Me and Keith, such a girl haha :P   3. beautiful Serinna, Kim and super Tall meeeee!! :D


The weather was a little crappy though, was raining non-stop when we left Alumbra at 8:30PM. Thank gosh we were able to find shelter at the Channel 7 building across the road! We were soon joined by Alice, Tri, Ciara and Ian! :) 

Naww, I was jumping all over the place! 


We  headed back to Alumbra for clubbing at around 9:30PM, waiting in line for their doors to open! The rain was still going at it hardcore, but we were inside the club not long after! Thank you Cat for organising Free entry for me! (^___^) whoop whoop! After freshening up with the girls, we were ready to PARTY!!!! <3 I honestly didn't need to be drunk to be already dancing like a loser LOL 

For the rest of the night, it was just FUN :) like you just let loose for a night, and just deal with things as they come. I had a few work mates come join soon after too! I'm so happy they were able to make it! ^-^ Shame about Marco though (-_-) who wasn't wearing proper clothes! But other than that, I had so much fun dancing till my feet hurt, drinking with my friends and laughing at everything! No kidding, I fell over into this hole (which I thought was a seat), and I laughed. x) I guess I'm a happy drunk hehe! 

Here are more of my favourite photos from the night from my camera! <3 

1. Cat shouting me my first shot! It was actually really nice! :D orange something.. hehe!  2. On the dance floor with Kimu and Vivies! <3  3. I think I was a little drunk by the time this shot was taken with Serinna haha!  4. photowhoringgg!!  5. Ciara and Ian shouting me my first ever ABC shot! LOL that's seriously poison.. (o_o)


Thank you for everyone that came out 
to celebrate with me for my 22nd :) 

I know the weather was so bad, and it was cold >.< but it was definitely one of the best nights for me! And I want to personally say thank you to Cat and Juan for being so kind and taking me home safely after such a buzzing night! I just fell asleep after some food after clubbing, and as soon as I know it, I was safely home, and Kim was helping me in! hehe <3 

But can you imagine my surprise when I looked into the mirror to wash my face, and Serinna's lovely art work was all over my face LOL! :P I had a freaking moustache, hearts all over and a bloody mono brow LOL!! I won't forget this girls.. (my drunk self couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes XD)

You've all made this birthday girl very happy :) Thanks again everyone <3 <3

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. I'm finally up to date with all of my drawings/paintings for my commission work! (>_<) finished doing the last sketches today, and started to paint them! I'm aiming to finish them all by the end of this long weekend so I can start giving/sending them out to my lovely customers :) Thanks for your patience guys! I'm really excited to show the end products to you soon!! <3

1. drawings that need colour! :)  2. the current state of my little arty corner <3

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buff, Tough & Manly Stuff!

This was a saying that I made up when I was younger to encourage myself to get through tough situations. :) I think I really liked it because it rhymed LOL Oh..corny rhymes always wins me over. I swear, every time I would write up song lyrics (for good ol' music classes in school), they'd always rhyme in some way! And when I say 'manly' stuff, I don't mean I've literally got a little something extra in my pants.. :P 

Made a little painting out of it, to push me along with being able to handle all that's been on my plate lately. I can do this, yes yes I can. Can't wait to finally finish all of my commission paintings :) 


This is just a quick update, can't believe I haven't updated since last week (>_<) Rah! 

It's been busy for me, and there are just times where I'm just knocked out from either working/waking up early and other commitments that I just hibernate in my room for a few hours to catch up on some sleep. It's kind of tiring, this sleeping habit of mine lol. Don't think I'll be shaking it off any time soon with my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONNNNNNNNN weekend that's coming up, along with my sister's wedding coming up with the weekend after! :D 

This weekend, the cafe will be closed for 4 WHOLE DAYS due to Melbourne Cup! That's like a freaking holiday for me! This Friday I'll be heading out to the city for drinks and dancing with friends for my birthday, coz I don't have to worry about work the very next day! Sweet! I seriously can't wait! It's going to be a Halloween themed night as well at Alumbra, so that'll be interesting :) I've got my dress all ready to go, so I sure hope the weather will be kind to us that night! Also, Cat's idea is to have everyone wear a lil yellow something on them, since that's my favourite colour! Love it <3

I'm getting a little shaky with excitement just thinking about! Just 3 more sleeps! (^_^) It's been so long since I've went out drinking out on the town, so what's a better occasion than for my birthday! :D and knowing that people, who are important to me, doing their best to make it, it means so much <3 Thank you guys, you know who you are :) muah* It makes me feel more thrilled for the night to come!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far, and keep warm if you're in Melbourne! 
(What's with the random chills lately.. -__-) 

Sweet dreams :) 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Do you notice my little 'Julie's Little World <3' trademark thing for my painting scan? That's actually a real stamp that I got custom made! :) I love using it now for my paintings! 

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anna's Graduation!

(found via tumblr


My graduation gifts for my sister Anna :) A painting to act as a reminder to always bring her own sunshine, her own special qualities to light, wherever she may be headed in life. And a memory board to hold all of her graduation instax/photos :) 


Today I finished work early for once @ 2PM! Had to quickly get dressed into pretty clothes so that half of my family and I could attend Anna's Graduation @ Deakin University in Geelong! That's nearly an hour's drive away from Melbourne (>_>) but the weather was nice, a little windy, so it was okay! I was able to grab a quick nap before arriving, which was very much needed because I've been exhausted lately from working and late nights. 

The ceremony started at 5PM, but my parents and I were allowed to go in earlier because my dad's in crutches, so that makes him special :) It was probably a little boring for me only because I didn't know anyone but my sister that was graduating, plus, it wasn't my own graduation! But I was very proud to see my sister stand up there on stage, receiving her diploma for her bachelors :) She had the dorkiest smile on her face once she had spotted us sitting in the audience, waving to her! LOL 

1. She's like my best friend <3  2. She loved her gift (^_^)  3. Anna reading the Deakin Ceremony guide, looking for her name ~  4. Found it! :D  5. My gifts for her ~  6. Graduates standing up at the beginning of the ceremony, everyone looking so spiffy!  7. My sister on stage, smiling for the camera after mum embarrassing called out to her while all was quiet (=_____=) lmao  8. One day it'll be my turn! :) Let's hope it's next year!  9. My little memento from the evening <3 


This week has been hectic, and I feel a little behind on a lot of things, but after getting home tonight from Geelong, I've been able to take care a few things. My heart is a little more at ease now, especially since my room is much tidier than it was the previous night! Don't you find that you're more stressed when your room is a mess? I always feel a lot better once I start folding all my clothes again, pack them away, and just sort things out to where they belong. Less clutter, less stress! 

On top of everything that's been on my plate, I'm napping more than I should after work :( so I tend to wake up at 10pm, when everyone sleeps! (=_=) and I miss dinner.. and yeah, better take better care of myself! Come on Julie! You're not a freaking machine! (>_<) 

Welp, best continue with getting things done, so my weekend won't be so jam-packed again! :) And I can't believe it's not even 11PM yet! Woo! I might even be able to get a good night's rest tonight! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :) 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Watched Crazy, Stupid Love with my cousin on Tuesday night, and I LOVED IT! <3 Ryan Gosling is so freaking hot...I couldn't help but punch my cousin with excitement when he first made his appearance LOL. So sexy (*__*)

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabrics & More!!

I seriously can't get enough of looking at all of the fabrics that are made available at Spotlight!! (>_<) I went last weekend on the Saturday afternoon to buy my first batch of fabrics that will be offered for custom-made memory boards/photo frames made by yours truly :) It was such an exciting hour or so for me! LOL I couldn't stay still in one spot for too long because there was always something that caught my eye, making me run to the next spot and so on. It took me ages to finally settle on a few patterns/textiles that will fit within my budget (>_>) but I'm really happy with my finds :) <3

My favourite would definitely have to be the heart pattern (most expensive >.<) and the 'whale' pattern! All I can think of when I look at the latter is 'Whale you be my girlfriend?' .. 'I Whale.' LOL 


My weekend was really good in terms of relaxing and getting some things sorted out :) 

Yesterday I got to meet up with Sarah (xdollhouse), Kim (xxshinrai) and Cat (khatsii) for some lunch in the city! Haha, now before you think it's some kind of bloggers meet up, you should know that...IT TOTALLY WAS LOL (nah nah, I'm just kidding, these girls would kill me if I kid like that for reals :P) I just couldn't stop laughing at that idea the whole time at brunch! XD  

Anyway, it's been so long since I've gone out during the day, dressed up and not in my usual work clothes! The weather was beautiful, despite the chill in the air. We settled to have lunch in one of the alleyways next to GPO near Bourke St - called 'Ca de Vin' - and I really enjoyed the experience! 

One, it wasn't Asian cuisine, which is what we usually go to! It was italian based(?) so we had a couple of fancy pasta dishes (I like to think they were fancy.. :P), a margarita pizza and salt/pepper calamari <3 It was pretty delish :) Two, it was placed under this marquee, so you could still feel the nice breeze every now and then, while being under cover. Three, the service was so friendly! I was given free ice because a waitress was worried my drink was getting too hot! SO SWEET! XD 

Here are a few photos that I've stolen from Sarah's xdollhouse blog hehe :) 

Don't these photos look dreamy to you? :P hehe It's not just you, it's actually one of the settings on Sarah's new camera! haha! Seems like a pretty fun feature! XD 

Afterwards, we just wandered around the city for a couple more hours till we had to head home. I got to train home with Sarah, woo hoo! :D I walked around Chaddy for a little while before their shops started closing. I ended up buying a large photo frame for my family's living room :) it can hold up to 9 photos, and has the word 'FAMILY' as part of the frame, love it! I also got into a really nice convo with  the girl who worked in that particular shop (^_^) I like holding conversations with strangers and feel like you're talking to an old friend, made me chipper as I walked home :)

Made myself another moodboard for my desktop couple of nights ago :) It's basically just a collection of my recent favourite pictures/photos and quotes that I've found on tumblr, put all together pretty like for me to look at, to inspire and motivate me to just keep moving forward <3


Not much else to blog about, except that I'm being kept busy with doing commission work for my friend, sister and couple other friends now too! :D Going to work hard on them now, anything to keep me awake till I can sleep at a normal hour tonight! Been napping at 5pm, and waking up at 10pm lately... NOT GOOD! (=_=) I wake up when everyone else is going to sleep! Need my sleep so I can function properly at work haha! 

Oh yeah, it was definitely Monday Madness today at work (=_=) rah, and that is all I can say. 

Hope everyone will have a lovely week a head of them! :) Study hard, so you can play hard! 

My favourite song to listen to atm, I Got You - Leona Lewis <3

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. I finally got my package from BadBarbie! My copy Litas have finally arrived! (>_<) 

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just Be Happy

#15 Little Julie - One of my favourite songs from Leona Lewis, 'Happy'

Life's about taking risks, and taking chances, even if it might mean you go down burning in flames. But it could also mean you discover happiness that you've never known before, and your life is changed forever. Whatever the outcome, at least you gave it a shot. I know I sound like a dork trying to explain how I interpret this song, and yes, I know it's about her getting her heart broken and is doing her best to move on, but underlining of it all is that she just wants to be happy despite of it - basically what I'm saying is that I know most of my choices can be seen as mistakes or stupid, but at one stage, it was what I wanted and it makes me happy, even if I know everything can just flip back to being crappy again very soon. It's all about saying 'So what if it's going to hurt me? I'm just trying to be happy'. 

(lol, I don't think that made any sense, but oh wells!)

Now and then it's good to pause in
our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.


1. My family's cafe with the front counter and kitchen in sight :) Doesn't it look like a little comfy cafe for you to just chill in?  2. TIMES sign above the coffee machine - these photos were taken for The Good Food Guide 2012!  3. Our display coffee cups are the best of friends! :) props to Nicole hehe!  4. The finished painting for Anna, for her friend Roxanne's birthday! I sure hope her friend likes it >.< My sister couldn't wait to show it to her friends, so sweet!  5. Anna specified that she wanted Adidas winged shoes to be part of the painting, so here they are :)   6. Couple of old photos that I dug up from my old hard drive, taken back in late 2009 - where I was just practicing my face decor for Cat's 21st birthday! I really liked wearing those feather lashes! :D Everyone looked great that night <3


So far all I know that this weekend is gonna be 
chock-a-block with things to do! 

On my agenda so far is working Saturday morning, cleaning out my closet so I can make room for my new one in my room, work on my commission paintings for Anna and my friend, continue working on setting up my small online shop... (>_<) wow! Life sure does get busy when you least expect it! I guess that's what happens when you start doing more things beyond your normal routine. :) It's good! 

Also, can't wait for this Sunday! :D Catching up with a couple of the girls, so I hope it'll be super nice weather, like it was today! Well, it was actually boiling hot in the cafe but it looked beautiful outside :) Spring is definitely in the air <3

Anyway, time for bed! Early wake up again tomorrow (>.<) Goodnight! 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Just want to say thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you for everyone who has liked my Facebook page for my work, and showing their support! I really do appreciate it! <3 And bonjour to my new followers (^_^) xoxo

P.P.S. You should definitely check out one of my friend's artwork via her Facebook page (here). Her name is Truccie, and she's a wonderful illustrator, working with digital media and with paints too! :D Such an inspiration, keep it up Truccie!! 

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