Monday, June 13, 2011

Kaitlyn's R&B Get Together

Yesterday was KK’s 23rd birthday get together, and it was a first time in a long time since I’ve seen lots of my uni friends. It’s been nearly four years now since we’ve all known each other and it’s always so good to see everyone again and realise that so much as changed since day one our friendship began! Kaitlyn organised karaoke and dinner and it was pretty good fun!

We were all dressed up in either red or blue or both (like me) for the birthday theme. I donned a red cardigan, and a blue playsuit and tights. It was pretty chilly last night after karaoke finished, so it was lucky Freda and Pvan lent me their scarf and beanie to keep me warm! >.< Even though I did look pretty ridiculous… =_=; We had dinner along Lygon Street at a restaurant called: Stuzzichino and then we had some gelato at Gelatissimo, just further down! With the left over money from dinner, we all shared 5 scoops of ice cream between 6 people! Haha! We must have looked silly all gathered around a little table, and each holding our own spoon! Thanks to Cat I was able to arrived home safe and sound. Here are a couple of the photos that DanTay took!

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