Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hellowww Wednesday!

First off, for the first time in a really long time (maybe since middle school?!) last night I went to sleep at around 8-9pm. That’s great I’m sleeping earlier! Especially since I’m working from 8am these days at the cafe. Downside was that I woke up automatically at 2:30am LOL All these nights with living on 5-6 hours of sleep certainly ain’t that easy to shake off! Weird too since I’m usually good at sleeping in till late afternoon! Anyway, work was alright today – I’m glad it was only half day! But I still missed out on the Zara Melbourne Opening! I guess it can wait till next time anyway :) I prefer checking it out when it’s less busy! As I got home, I went for a jog with Quang (trying to make it a routine thing every few times a week! Going well so far!) and that totally killed me.. so I napped.. and I didn’t realise that Kim and Cat were waiting outside my house on a stake out! LOL

These two girls, love them :) It was such a nice surprise to have them visit me out of nowhere!! Great to actually have time to catch up with them properly like we did last year! It’s sad that we’re just too busy this year :( but it’s great to randomly find time for each other :) Thanks girls, made my night <3
Also, Anna came in after and then showed me all of her purchases from Borders Chadstone! So sad it’s closing down :( I really loved chilling at borders and just checking out books, even if I rarely end up buying one! She gave me one of her cupcake key covers :) Cute huh!

Anyway it’s time for me to head off to quickly shower and bed time! Another two more full days and then it’s the weekend!! I’ve still got so much to do, but working like this really does drain my energy! >.<

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