Thursday, October 4, 2012

Slow down, buttercup

This little gif of Squirtle just makes me smile every time I see it on my tumblr reblogs :) I'll make this little post a reminder that I gotta slow down and enjoy the little things more, read books instead of watching series to fill my time, get interested in something else to fill up my time besides working on my paintings, get out and smell the flowers and enjoy the fresh air :)... Aww Squirtle, you're my favourite! XD

Weekend's just around the corner now :)


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I promise

No matter what, you can do this. Nothing that's ever worth fighting for comes easy. Courage comes in all different shapes, sizes and form. It could be stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit each day. It could be reaching out to another to have someone to talk to. It can also be making the decision to let go and move on. Amongst everything that's going on around me right now, I've been given the space to think about things and if I'm truly content with how they are at present. As each day goes by, I'm sub consciously gathering the courage to just keep moving forward. I can do this.