Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saving for Later

So since finishing my assignments and exams, I’ve been able to work and save up some money. Having some actual savings is something I’m not used to. This whole year has been a roller coaster with my savings – ever since I had to pay a major phone bill from my overseas trip last year. Being a student, I can only work so much and study at the same time to earn a big bundle of savings. Anyway, besides the point.
I went to Chaddy this afternoon by myself to just window shop – even though I had lots of things in mind that I wanted to buy. New hand bag, new wedges, new tights, new photo frames and a big birthday card for my friend. But being such a tight ass with money since the beginning of this year, I ended up walking away from every store with nothing! It’s a good thing right? I’m saving money, I’m deciding to think about it before actually buying it. Walk away, and come back later if I really want it. But at the same time, I felt silly, why can’t I buy anything? Why can’t I just splurge and don’t feel bad? I earned this money fair and square man! I guess I’ve developed a habit to think about things more before deciding my next step with shopping.
I also believe that I’m holding lots of reserved thinking for the things I want to buy because they’re all materialistic things. New bag? I’ve already got one that’s still good, even if it’s a little tatty and old looking. New wedges? I don’t even wear high heel schools that often. New tights? I’ve got enough at home. New photo frames? Why am I investing so much into making my room look pretty?!
I counteract all the reasons why I want to buy them with all the reasons why I don’t need them.
At the end of the day, I don’t need them as much as I think I do. They’re all wants. I’m pretty content with what I have already and I’d be more sad to lose them than to buy something else that I’ll regret.
Plus, I’m opting to save for the future, my bigger future. Bigger than this student allowance, much bigger than I can imagine now! Every cent counts, and I want to be proud of my efforts, even if I have to make little sacrifices along the way.

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