Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from overseas, back to reality

the morning!, did I return to Melbourne on our overnight flight from Hong Kong. Seemed like a dream. I remember having to stand and wait in line with my mum for nearly an hour for customs (=_=) and when we finally did reach our turn, the guy was like: “Got any drugs? Like real ones? Not the Chinese medicine kind?” (-_____-) bleb.
Anyway, I was very very happy to be home finally. It was only 12 days away, but it felt kind of never ending, because we were on a tour group – and to be honest, I was getting tired of constantly being with my parents and little brother. Needless to say, it was an overall good trip. Definitely had plenty of time to just chill and take it easy (except for having to wake up so freaking early every morning!!) I definitely had a great time sight seeing, even if it was tiring with all the travelling. We got to see some very beautiful and breathtaking sights, and I’m glad I was able to take photos of them! In total, I went crazy and snapped up to 1700+ photos! LMAO! Yeah, they’re not all quality shots, believe me!
Here are some of my favourites :)
I discovered that I really do enjoy taking photos of flowers~ So lucky for me, we got to visit a couple of gardens in Wuxi for me to take some nice shots! I even got some cool shots of a peacock! (Further down haha)
Quang and I on the tour bus – First day in Beijing!
Me at the Great Wall of China – Ju Yong Guan Pass
Me running with Buzz Lightyear at HK Disneyland :) One of the temples at the Summer Palace – Beijing :) Visit to the Forbidden City! (It was freaking over 40 degrees that day!!)This is when I really started to love taking photos of flowers!Our visit to a Tea Plantation in Hang Zhou :)
Okay, there are just too many favourites for me to upload here on this blog! I really gotta get around to uploading them on Facebook!! (>_<)
So what have I been up to since I’ve returned? Definitely caught up with my hunny bun over the phone :) I can’t wait to see him tomorrow!! We skyped the night I returned, and I got to show him all the things that I bought! But I kept my presents for him as a surprise for when he comes. :)
Work work work!
Also went back to working at the cafe – it was more last minute helping out because they were short on people, and man oh man were they busy on Friday! I remember we were flat out of all the food at the front counters! >_< And it was so busy busy in the kitchen too for Greg and Vinh! Rah! So it was great to know that it was Friday! That night, went to go celebrate Hayleh’s 24th birthday at Dumplings Plus, and then ice skating at Docklands. :)Went with Quang (minus Jenny and Anna) – we represent the Nguyen gang! hahaha How lame.. Anyway! I haven’t been ice skating for nearly two years! So yeah… I definitely felt pretty old as I wobbled and jiggled on the ice rink (-_-) but after changing my shoes to a smaller size, it was much more fun! Plus, the ice rink was iced over again by the ice man! :DSo it was smooooooooooooth sailing for about 2 minutes! Lmao!
Hachi Sounds Winter Live!
On Saturday night, got to see my friends again at Hachi Sounds Winter Live! :) Even if I’m not KPop crazy like they all are, I was very happy to see everyone again, and show my support in their love for Asian pop. I wasn’t expecting much, but I had a great time having the chance to just be with everyone again!! Everyone did a great job cosplaying! Usher was a beautiful brown haired doll :) Sarah was an adorable maid, Cat was Pikachuuuuuuuu and Alice & Phuong just looked gorgeous!! And oh yeah! There was Keith, and his scary shirtless vampire look hahahaha! Highlights of the night were watching Janelle and Ira perform, along with Cat and Alice dance on stage! Along with having our mini after party at Maccas! XD MADE BY GUCCI WE ARE!!
Here are some photos from Sarah’s awesome DSLR camera! :D Seriously loved her flash! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Look at them dorks in the background lmao! :P
I’ve also have had 2 driving lessons since I’ve returned.. the first time driving again, I did a pretty damn good job! All my teacher said was that I just needed to build my confidence, but it’s good that I’m still a conscious and careful driver. My second lesson, just wasn’t good. I’m gonna have to blame the fact that I didn’t catch enough sleep… or I just felt too bigheaded from my first lesson (-_-) whatever the reason.. I was a little shaken up, and I wanted to cry when I kept making mistakes. My teacher reassured me that it was okay, that my mistakes were worth making because now I know better. True that. My driving test is in 3 weeks! I was lucky to have even passed my Hazard and Perception test! 57%! >_< AJA AJA FIGHTING JULIE!!
Anyway, wow, this blog entry has become a major essay! :D Love it haha! Big week this is going to be – Aaron and I have made plans that pretty much fill up all of our time! I can’t wait to finally watch Harry Potter Pt 2 and Cars 2 !!!! :D How exciting! He’s leaving on Friday afternoon.. I don’t even wanna think about that just yet – just wanna make sure I make every moment together with him count.. :) I miss him so much. I don’t even know how I’m suppose to sleep tonight! Is it a little odd that I feel a little nervous seeing him again? It has been over 2 months now.. (>____<)
A keyring that I bought for Aaron – because the hair reminded me of him XD

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