Friday, June 24, 2011

5 Days Till China Tour!

It feels pretty good to finally have time to just chill out on a Friday night, after such a long week at work. Every day it was the same wake up time, 7:15am, left the house by 7:30am, started work by 8:30am and if I’m lucky, I would finish at 3pm – but I had to finish at 5pm for 3 days this week. Farrrrrrrrrrrr out I couldn’t help but just go straight to my bed and rest for a while each time, usually napping till odd hours in the night! Anyway, I’m doing pretty well for the past two days, no hardcore napping, and instead, sleeping like a normal person at 12. That’s still late, but that’s better than sleeping at 2-3am, and then having minimal sleep for work! Just 3 more days of work till my trip with my family to China and Hong Kong! It’s still quite unbelievable that I’m even going on this trip on such short notice, but I sure hope it’ll be a good one :) I don’t get to travel with my parents much, exploring new places, and it’d be good to keep my little bro company. I can tell he’s happy that I’m joining them. So it’s all good!

But yes, 5 days till then, and I still have so much to do! I have to get my butt moving with looking for work placement, and finishing off my portfolio. So hopefully when I return from China, I’d have some positive responses and potential work placement to organise. I’ve completely given my portfolio a make over, and it’s more information heavy, so that’s why it’s taking me longer to get around finishing it! Mmm.. Is it silly that I feel nervous with looking for work placement? I’ve tried so many times, and been rejected by 99% of my attempts. I guess my faith is a little shaken, but I’ll have to get my head around that that’s just life, and I’ll eventually find one suitable place for me! Just gotta have some confidence in myself..
I’ve also gotta study for my Hazard and Perception Test.. gotta do some driving tomorrow, so I can say I’ve done some practice driving for my lesson on Sunday! I’ve grown to kinda like my teacher, but at times… she reminds me of my mum exactly and I can’t help but get a little annoyed (=_=) you know that nagging voice… yeah.. and that frown when you’ve done something wrong… yeh that too! Anyway.. *fingers crossed* I’d be well prepared for it when I return from my trip!
On another note.. It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen Aaron. Last time I saw him was.. over a month ago. It’d be another few more weeks till I can possibly see him, due to my trip.. but then we haven’t decided on a date yet – but we’re willing to see each other some time soon after my trip, and that makes me really happy. :) I miss my hunny bun. Long distance sucks, but that boy sure can make me smile after a long day at work.

And this is a photo of me wearing my ao dai that I have to wear for Thao and Loi’s Wedding morning ceremony – it’s so pink! rah rah rah! >.< Anna said that when we’re all wearing the same pink dress, we’re all gonna look like a bunch of hot pink tampons walking around LOL wth man!! Great image there!

and seriously… RAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I miss going out so much! I miss dressing up, looking pretty and going out to some place that’s not Chaddy, not the cafe and not just around my house! (I’m such a loser -_-) !! That’s why I’m pretty excited about seeing everyone again this Sunday for our Alcomohol Anonymous #4 Get together at Cat’s :) Thing is, I’m still not sure how I’ll be getting home.. but yeah.. seriously need to get my P’s asap, so this wouldn’t be such a dilemma! Sucks that I’ll be missing out on the sleeping over.. stupid work the next day! =_=;;
Anyway.. now I’m just rambling to myself! haha time to do other things :)

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