Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

1.  It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop - a painting that I'll be donating to the STAGE FRIGHT hamper basket raffle :)  2.  My wedding gift for Noy & Pascal, for their wedding in Laos next year on Jan 3rd (^__^)   3. Part two of Cat's birthday present (^_^) I can't wait to see it hanging on your wall, so happy you love it man! :D don't miss my essay on the back! haha  4. A birthday gift for Aaron's little cousin Natalie's birthday <3 Can't wait for her to see it :)  


Just a quick blog to say ...


This year has passed so quickly and a lot has happened, but I'm happy where I am today :) I can't wait for the future, especially for Julie's Little World and for Stage Fright!! I'll definitely be graduating next year, one way or another, and I'll be striving to make things happen for myself! Aja aja fighting yo!! 

I wish everyone the best new year's eve, and I hope your 2012 will start with a bang bang! :D Thank you to all of my loved ones for your support for the past year, and for all you fellow bloggers for supporting my work and my blog :) It truly encourages me to keep going! 

Life's short so smile while you still have teeth =D

Love, from Julie xox

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

In my little world lately...

1.  I Am Courageous - a Little Julie commission painting for one of Zoe's friends :)  2. Graduation gifts that I made for my friends, where they can slip in an instax photo in (kind of like a mini memory board ^_^)  3. Love doesn't make the world go round .. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile - a couple of A3 sized commission paintings for Lilah's friend for Christmas :) I hope her friend will like it!! The first one is the two of them relaxing on a beach, and the second one is the two of them enjoying a roller coaster ride (^__^)  4. Sometimes I just wanna touch the stars - a Little Julie commission painting for Zoe's sister :)  5. This is my favourite one out of all of my commission paintings lately <3  


So these paintings are my latest accomplishments for my little painting business :) These are made as Christmas orders for the girls at work! So I was on a tight schedule to make sure they're all finished and framed up by last Tuesday night (>_<) because the cafe closes for the holidays on Wednesday! And it didn't really help that I was sick hahaha! Oh well, the girls were so happy with their paintings :) And I have my fingers crossed that the recipients of these paintings will be too! 

Even though these are done, I still have a list of paintings I must finish before 2011 ends (>_<) So I best get right on it! It's Christmas day at the moment, and so far I've just been at home, and watched some Bob the Builder Christmas special on TV while eating my brunch hahaha :P how exciting! 

I hope everyone's having 
a lovely Christmas Day so far! 
Let's hope it won't be major storms in Melbourne tonight.. though the skies do look grey and cloudy (-_-) stupid melbourne weather! *shakes fists*  

Love, from Julie xox

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Family Christmas 2011

1. Santa and I with all of my presents from family this year!! (^-^) so spoilt!!  2. My gorgeous family, minus my dad who had to work late (sadface) but I still love this photo :)  3. Vinh hogging all of the yummy roast Chicken! haha yup, he's just wearing a headband :P  4. Presents galore!!!  5. My presents from Anna (pretty bracelet) and Vinh (pretty Karen Miller watch) <3 <3  6. Cute and delicious xmas cake from Breadtop!! (^__^)  7. Jenny, Santa and Vicky! <3  8. Cute lil cupcakes provided by Thao and Loi :)  9. A massive memory board that I made for Jenny and Benny's new house :) so happy they loved it!! 


My family and I celebrated our Christmas early this year, like every other year (>.<), but this time we celebrated it at Jenny and Benny's new house in Ringwood! :D And I must say, it's a beautiful and cute little house, perfect for two people (^___^) I loved how they furnished everything, classy! They're lucky too that it's a brand new house that they bought off the market :) everything's so new!! I made a big deal at of how pretty and clean the light switches were LOL, everyone just kind of shook their heads...

Moving along haha! Dinner was so yummy! Roast chicken, pork belly, fried rice and duck/jellyfish salad, an Asian Christmas dinner and I was so satisfied after finishing a big plate of everything (^__^) after cleaning up, it was PRESENT TIME!! I can't believe how many presents there were under the tree this year, everyone in the family really went all out, even with the wrapping! LOL Seemed like we were all trying to top everyone else with our beautiful wrapping skills :P Ben was the Santa this year, and he definitely fit the part, and he made it more Aussie by holding a beer stubby in the other hand while handing out gifts! LOL XD *shakes head* 

All in all, it was such a nice relaxing night after such a hectic week and day!! Every year I'm always thinking the same, at how time is flying by so fast, and how quickly everyone is growing up and getting on with their adult lives. Two of my sisters have moved out now, and I'll be graduating next year *fingers crossed*, and my little brother is not so little anymore (@___@) far out! 

I really do love my family <3 We've had rough patches here and there during this year, but it was obvious that everyone made a great effort this year for Christmas, and it was just wonderful to have everyone having such a fun night giving out presents and enjoying each other's company <3 


It's Christmas Eve tonight, so I sure do hope everyone'll make it home in time to spend a wonderful night with their family or friends :) I'll be spending it with family watching Kung Fu Panda, and eating chocolate ice-cream with lychee! (^__^) <3 

* Merry Christmas Everyone *
Let your loved ones know you love them tonight :)

Love, from Julie xox

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas @ Times!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Love, from Times Cafe xox

This was just a little Julie that I painted for my family cafe - as part of our signs announcing our holiday dates! (21st Dec 2011 - 9th Jan 2012! Just one more week!!!!)


1. The Times Cafe Family! (missing Marco & Jennie >.<) after Korean BBQ Xmas Dinner a couple of weeks back :)  2. A couple of memory boards that I made especially for the cafe to be part of the decor for the back dining table (^-^)  3. Yummy and pretty desserts from dinner! Yummy green tea ice-cream!  4. A growing collection of good times @ Times Cafe ;)  5. Nom nom nom! 


Hey there everyone >.< 

 It's been a while since I've updated my blog *sadface* - it has just been hectic with Christmas fast approaching!! I feel like most nights I'm never home, and I'm constantly skipping meals because of my afternoon naps. Generally super sleepy at work because of my silly sleeping pattern (>_<) how did I get myself to be so freaking busy?! 

At the moment I'm juggling work, along with unavoidable last minute Christmas shopping, finishing off  paintings and being part of the creative time for Stage Fright! I'm pretty sure I was hyperventilating silently last night at our latest meeting (>____<) There is so much to do before February 25th is at our doorstep! But...we can do this ;) I'm so happy we've got such a great team to work with :) As much as it stresses me out with all this extra work on the side, I'm truly excited for the actual day!!!

At the moment I am in charge of the arty prize hampers to both help fundraise for the event, and for the charity we are raising money for - Able Australia <3 Hence I'm selling raffle tickets for $2! Message me if you're interested ;) 

Here are a list of the featured artists who are all donating their own arty goodies :D

You won't be disappointed with what's in store for these hampers!! 


Treat yourself to some sizzle this Saturday! 

This weekend will be our first fundraising event - a BBQ @ Alexandra Gardens on Saturday from 11:30am- 2:30pm! If you're a Melbournian, and you're free for the day, please do come on over and treat yourself to a sausage sizzle or some cupcakes to help us raise funds for our anticipated event! :) *fingers crossed the weather will be kind to us!*


There is still so much to say, but so little time but so much to doooooo! (>___<)" But I'm glad I was able to commit some time to update, because I'm still alive, a survivor if you will, so far >:)  hahaha I'm so lame.. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a nice week so far and have completed all their xmas shopping unlike yours truly :) Only 10 more days till Christmas people! 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Hello hello to my new followers (^_^) you've brightened up my day, thank you <3 

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Suzuki Night Market

Suzuki Night Market @ Queen Victorian Markets / Every Wednesday Night :) 

I went to the night markets last night with a couple of my friends and it was so much fun! There were mass lines for food stalls everywhere, people who had just finished work enjoying a good time and so many cute little stalls full of random things for sale :) I spoiled myself with a few more  pairs of rose earrings (love them!!) and a cute owl necklace from Mecino! I even got myself a temporary tattoo (how hardcore am I? HAHA) I was really proud of it last night, but when I got to work today, I got all self conscious exposing my right wrist while serving customers hahaha, such a dork (=_=)" But I kind of like it there for now :) love the colour <3


Hello December! Christmas is nearly at our doorsteps already (>.<) I can't wait to deck the christmas tree for our living room, and give it some life with coloured fairy lights during night time :) 

I'll be heading out to the city for a work christmas dinner tomorrow! I'm excited! It'll be the first time all the new staff workers will be gathered together as a massive group! :D And it'll be korean BBQ dinner too, so this will be interesting lmao! (^-^) 

Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely weekend a head of them :) 

Love, from Julie xox

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Camera Roll Update #3

1.  A gift for my cousin's 24th birthday, because he's involved in a never ending love affair with all the high class brands :) Seriously, his credit card suffers every month from his spending habits (>.<)  2.  A birthday gift for Greg, the chef at my family's cafe :) it's a memory board that I made from a tea towel (bought from Typo!)  3.   and I got everyone to sign on the back (^-^) he was ecstatic about it!  4. a snapshot memento from the lunch I had with Vivian and Leah along Chapel street last weekend @ Soda Rock Diner (^-^) it was an old school diner setting, with the table juke box and everything! Loved the experience and the burgers were yumm!  5.  A handful of stamps I picked up Typo, seriously loving that shop (>___<)  6. A catch up dinner/dessert with my good ol' uni buddies :) It's been so long since we've all got together! Farewell Freda* hahaha X)  7. A birthday gift from Alice & Tri (^_^) it's a wooden jewellery cupboard! Love opening up the little doors and draws! Can't wait to paint it too :) Thanks for the lovely surprise you guys!! <3  8. My outfit/make up for a night out @ Love Machine for one of my best friend Cat's birthday last night :) it was a rocking night hehe!  9. A birthday gift from Serinna (^-^) such a pretty necklace! Wore it to Love Machine too :) Thank you lovely!! 10. A parcel delivery from Dear Monday (^-^) woo hoo! New shades and black bondage leggings :)  11. Part one of my birthday present for dear Cat! (^___^) isn't it cute?! so happy she loved it!  12. Instax photos from my day out for Cat's birthday with karaoke and dumplings for dinner! <3 


Wow! Major photo update of what's been happening lately for me and the past couple of weekends (>.<) Which explains why I haven't been able to find much time to blog much, and when I do, I'm too tired to even think about going on the computer (>.<) And it's sad to say but I'm a little behind on my paintings too! (ultimate sadface) :( No kidding, it makes me sad thinking about it.. But it's good that I carry a sketch book around with me whenever I go out, so that I'll be able to draw down any silly ideas that run through my mind :) So far it's been proved productive! 

Also, things are starting to move forward with my friend's event: Stage Fright that I will be a part of as one of the showcasing artists. I'm now one of the hamper basket organisers! We'll be compiling up to 3-4 raffle ticket baskets (filled with home-made goodies and artworks from the artists) to be won to raise funds for the event, and then baskets to be won on the day of the event! I'll be donating a few of my paintings/frames and memory boards for the baskets :) // Last week we had a meeting on Sunday, and it was good to meet other crew members that are all helping out with making this event happen! I met another artist, who will also be showcasing her work on the day, and it was great! She's a hardcore illustrator who works for Madman! It felt so nice to meet someone who has the same mindset and be able to talk about it with them :) She was an inspiration and encouraging with my work when I spoke about my insecurities and worries. (>.<)

Anyway, it's already 1:30am now and I should really hit the hay (~_~) as I do have work tomor, wah. I hope everyone will have a lovely week ahead of them, and enjoy their holidays if they've finished their exams!! :) and OH! Hello hello to my new followers! :D It's nice to meet you!

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Just want to say a quick little something for the birthday girl <3 

Happy 23rd Birthday Dear Cat! :) 

Isn't it crazy how time flies? It's already your birthday again, and I swear it felt like it was only yesterday we went to the Filo festival for your 22nd! But it means that I'm lucky enough to still have you as one of my best friends today (and forever more man!!) You are one of the greatest people I know and you deserve all the sunshine life can give! You've always been such an inspiration with your passion for life and I admire how you find the strength to fight for what's right. It makes me want to be more assertive and strong too. So thank you man, for always being there to lend your shoulder for me to lean on through tough times, and to share a random fit of giggles over something stupid (-_-) for our fun times together :) Love you Cat, I sincerely hope you did you enjoy your birthday weekend with your loved ones <3 *muah muah* 

Love from J xx

P.S. Part two of your gift will be coming soon :) woo hoo!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Framed, delivered, I'm yours!

1. Commission painting for my sister Anna, made for her best friend Tran, along with her favourite quote about friendship (^-^)  2. Another commission painting for Anna, for another of her best friends, Jenny - who had just opened up her own pharmacy! So Anna thought it'd be nice to have a nice painting for her to hang up in her store :)  3. Stamped doilies :)  4. A funny requested commission painting for one of friends, along with their two favourite cartoon characters, GTO and Shin chan!! (^0^) They're all so mischievous! haha!


Another weekend is here! :) 

Seriously, these weeks are just flying by too fast! 2012 is nearly at our doorsteps! But before that comes around, Christmas is near, and I've started a list of my christmas gifts for my loved ones (>.<) tricky stuff, but I hope it won't come down to last minute gifts, that's the worst, looking for gifts at the busiest time of the year for the shops (T__T)" I got told off for walking too slow this one time.. cranky lady!

Anyway, I'm not working this weekend, and that's just so peachy! :D The girls at the cafe offered to work for me, so I could have it off - which is super awesome of them, thank you so much Lilah and Noy! (^0^) this way, I'll be able to sleep in for the next two days :) oh how I miss sleeping in <3 I'll also have more time to just paint (>.<) finished my cousin's birthday present last night :)

Welp, this is just a quick post, I wanna return to more Studio Ghibli films and what not (^-^) *sigh* wish I was able to just relax in a pool, that would have been the best today since it was so freaking hot in the cafe (~___~) and now it's stormy outside, wth Melbourne!!?

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Love, from Julie xox

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vinh's 24th Birthday!

These are just a handful of my favourite snaps on the same night of Thao & Loi's Wedding (^-^) But this was all about celebrating my cousin Vinh's 24th Birthday! We all bought a change of clothes and shoes, and got ourselves to the city via train for the after party! :D We went for karaoke, had a couple tequila shots (by then, I was already giggling like a mad woman at everything), and then we headed to Joo-Mak, a korean bar, to continue our drinking party! Their strawberry soju was so yummy, it didn't even taste like alcohol! (^____^) I made a mistake of drinking it with a spoon because I thought it was soup LOL As you can see from the last photo, I'm just suffering from a serious case of the endless giggles, couldn't even take a proper group shot because of me :P It was so much fun! Vinh was totally gone though, we had to take him home with us (-__-) at least he didn't chuck up in my room! Phew* 

I didn't wake up till 3pm the next day (>.<) wah, what a night! The wedding and that just knocked me out completely! Can't wait for our next drinking night with my sisters and cousins (^-^)


I've been so behind with my blogging lately (>_<) but I guess things are starting to settle down now, and I can actually make a good move on with my paintings. I've got so many ideas, so it's time to turn them into dreams come true yo! Rah rah rah! *determined face* :) 

Today I got to see the girls again, along with Tri, and we went sunglasses shopping because of Cat's great deal with Sunglasses hut (^-^) we each had $250 credit to spend! And I decided to use it on a pair of Ray Bans! :D WOOOOOOO!! It was the first pair I tried on and I just loved it LOL! Can't wait to hold them again in my own little hands, mine oh mine (>.<) Thank you so much Cat!!! <3

Okay, I'm gonna NOT nap tonight and be more productive with things! :) 

Hope everyone's having a lovely week so far! 
The weather is just beautiful at the moment in Melbourne , loveeeeeeeeee! 

Love, from Julie xox

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