Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am Courageous

I came across a tumblr photo that spelt out the words 'I am Courage(ous)' and it was as simple as that that gave me a little boost of encouragement when I read the words in my mind. I like it how just 3 words can so simply make me feel a little more confident about myself, so I hope maybe with this little painting of mine that you'll feel the same too. 


I made myself a Facebook fan page called 'Julie's Little World', which showcases all of my water colour paintings, along with my growing collection of Little Julie's! :) So please do like my fan page if you're a small or big fan of my work! I know I'm still very much a beginner in the painting department, but it's a growing hobby of mine, and I believe this love affair is gonna stick around for a while! 

Also, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has liked my page so far! It really encourages me to keep going and working hard with my paintings :) You are all super stars! 

Love, from Julie xox

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CC Pham said...

Hi Julie! I just discovered your blog, and I am so in love! You are exceptionally talented, and I absolutely adore your style of artwork :)

jujunstoppable said...

Thank you dear for visiting my blog! :D and for your kind words! <3

bimbotwinnie . said...

Thats so cute<333 I love the one you did for your friend's birthday especially! :D


princezzzz said...

Awww such a cute pic :3 and thank u very much for ur comment ^.^



Twee said...

Ouch~! such a great word! Is this little girl your self-portrait by the way?

SHOP Ezzentric Topz

jujunstoppable said...

thank you so much mwdee! ^-^ i really like what I did for my friend's too! felt like it had more character :)

jujunstoppable said...

Hi there Twee! :)
and yeah, these little girl paintings are 'Little Julie's' haha, a chibi stick figure self portrait :) it's basically a little collection that express how I feel and words that inspire me from songs and films! hope you like them! xox

Emma Fee said...

Love this painting - made me smile! So pretty and your photos are too! Beaut blog page :) Thanks for the comment/follow on my profile - I'm a novice in this blog world (as you can see)! Bye for now xxx

jessieirwanto said...

just liked your page!
been a huge fan since i started reading your blog, keep up the great work lovely! :D
jessie x
the weekend project.

Vanessa_Lu said...

lovely post, and great blog!

Forshoeswefall said...

This is so encouraging. I love your work! Liking your page on FB. xx

jessieirwanto said...

awh julie, you're actually the cutest thing ever! :D
i agree about how when you find things you get a giggly feeling hehe
oh! wow so much work! you definitely deserve this sunday off :)

jessie x
the weekend project.

jujunstoppable said...

hehe thanks dear Jessie! ^-^ sunday so far for me has been so relaxing, it's been a while since I've felt like this! :D

jujunstoppable said...

Thank you dear vanessa! :) gonna check out your blog too! <3

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Emma! :D your blog is lovely, couldn't help but follow! ^-^