Monday, September 12, 2011

Laughter really is the best medicine

This is just a reminder for myself, and for anyone else. 

I need to remember this especially because lately, all I've been feeling is a lot of stress - from work, from family and other shizz - and that's not helping my flu whatsoever! I've noticed that even my breathing is stressed and sometimes it even cuts itself short, which means I'm making my heart work faster coz I'm making myself take more breaths and omg. Breathe. Julie. Breathe. 

So once I get home from work, I like to just relax and sit in my quiet room for a while. To kind of catch my breath back. Once I'm up and running again, I like to watch things that are funny or entertaining (like X-Factorrrrrrrr hahahaha) to get my mind off of things. Perhaps that's why I've become such a tv/movie junkie lately. Oh well. It's just because when something is really funny, you just gotta laugh - and in that moment, all you can think about is laughing - not your stress, your sorrows or your problems - and I don't know about you, but my heart feels kind of warm again after having a good laugh :) 

You know that saying

A day without laughter is a day wasted. 

So when you laugh, make it a big loud one till your heart is content! :D because other people are gonna feel better too when they hear good times happening. It's a nice feeling when you can make someone smile :)


Would have love to actually update my blog with what's been happening lately, but it's getting late now, and alas, I've got work again tomorrow (>.<) wish I actually had a weekend to enjoy and chill. Oh well! This only means I get to treat myself with some more shopping on V.I.P. night @ Chaddy! :D hehe maybe, if I'm not too tired to go! (dw Usher, I'll get back into saving :P) lalala, okay goodnight!

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