Monday, September 26, 2011

Overcome your fears

This was one of my favourite quotes from the film - The Green Lantern - ft. the handsome Ryan Reynolds :) I didn't expect much from the film, especially since I had no idea what kind of super hero Green Lantern was! But I enjoyed it so much! His powers are just freaking cool, and his strength all comes down to how much he believes in himself. Sounds a little corny with how I just said it.. but yeah. :) Moral of this story, being fearless does not mean you are not scared of anything, it just means you have the ability to overcome your fears! <3


1. my attempt to painting a pretty girl - but I think she looks like a man :(  2. my lovely paintbrushes <3

Love, from Julie xox

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khatsii said...

Gorgeous paintings bubs!! Orny always ends up being true though haha

ivy said...

wow these are just beautiful!

xo zebra and meerkat

jujunstoppable said...

thank you dear Ivy! :)

just visited your page, love your style <3

jujunstoppable said...

thank you dear Cat!! <3

madeleine g said...

gorgeous paintings! and that lens/cup thing you have your paintbrushes in is awesome!!!


jujunstoppable said...

Thank you so much Madeleine! :)
the lens cup is suppose to be used for coffee, but the lid is a little too loose to be used properly (_ _") so yeah, now it holds my brushes! hehe :D

Candypop said...

omg juju the painting of the girl is so beautiful! I love it

jujunstoppable said...

thanks Pris! :D :D i'll keep practising with my real life drawing and paintings though >.<

eleazarmaria said...

babe, the painting is lovely! care to paint me? haha kidding! :)
Love your blog, full of interesting stuff. keep posting :) xx

jujunstoppable said...

thank you so much for your kind comment! :D
i still need to practice my painting with real people but maybe one day! hehe :P

Rosamond Kim said...

The way you play with colors is amazing!