Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alice's 22nd Birthday Picnic!

** Warning - this post is very image heavy! :) **

1. My favourite knit to wear now when it's a little chilly outside :) I likey my bow necklace!  2. My painting for Alice <3  3. My awesome wrapping, ribbon and everything! :D  4. The beautiful birthday girl reading out our clue cards for our surprise guessing game :)  5. The birthday canvas that Cat made for Alice, it's so pretty!!  6. Yummy onigiri made by Cat and Kimu for the picnic :)  7. My beautiful girlfriends just chilling by the pond ~  8. The cutest couple that I know, their birthday speeches <3   9. my birthday message for Alice, signed by Julix... (=_=) I panicked  yo!!  10. More onigiri made by the awesome squad!! I didn't get to try these ones though >.<  11. Sneaky shot of Kimu by the pond :) looking so cute!  12. Pork/ham heart shaped crumbed goodness! :D  13. Tri and Alice - smiles all round!  14. Kimu braiding Alice's hair after watching youtube tutorial :)  15. My accessories for the day <3  16. Alice's fishtail braids, made by Kimu :) 

Here are more photos from the day from my Facebook (here)


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we gathered as a small group to celebrate Alice's 22nd birthday at the Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens with a picnic :) 

The weather was a little chilly, but the sun was still shining and it was so much fun to be with friends again, and to make the birthday girl smile the whole time (^____^) It's been so long since I've seen my friends, so this was exactly what I needed. It was just the nicest feeling, to not have to worry about anything except how in the world we were going to finish all the food we had all made for the day! 

Kimu and Cat (with help with Tri and Juan, maybe) did a wonderful job with making platters and bowls of great and yummy food for all of us, like cute onigiri, pork/ham heartshaped goodness, truffles and cupcakes and more! On top of that, Alice and I made a sandwich platter each! Oh dear.. yes, we all had food babies by the end of our pig out session! The food was so good though :) Tri bough some bubbly drinks too! The best ever, felt so classy drinking from our plastic champagne cups! 

Funny things happened while we were on our picnic, like Tri accidentally throwing Juan's frisbee into the pond nearby LOL smack right into the middle too LOL! The funniest happened next and that was Tri's attempt to rescue the toy, armed with plastic bag ugg boots and with us as his cheering squad on the side lines! XD Alice and Cat pumped up 'Eye of the Tiger' on the speakers while he trod into the pond LOL omg, epic moment, back ground music is the best :) 

photo credit by moi, with Tri's camera! XD

There were birthday speeches made, which made us all feel a little emotional but it was of the good kind, and it was a very beautiful moment just listening words of appreciation and gratefulness exchanged with close friends :) I'm so happy for Tri and Alice for having each other, after all they've been through - they're such an inspiring couple <3 

Before we know it, it was already 5 hours later and we had to get packing because it was getting dark real quick!! Cat and Juan had other engagements after our picnic >.< so it was just Tri, Alice, Kim and I left - and they kindly offered to drive me and Kim home :) which was great because we ended up hanging out at my house for the rest of the night till 1am!! It didn't matter that I had work the next day, it was so much fun (^____^) makes me smile so big just thinking about it! 

I believe everyone did a great job with organising such an awesome day at the gardens :) It was very clear that Alice loved every moment of it! 

Twenty more minutes till the 26th Sept but..

Happy 22nd Birthday Alice 
Have a wonderful day dear :)

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Kim and Tri uploaded more photos from the day on Facebook, and I couldn't help but steal some, so here they are! :)

<3 <3 <3

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Kimu said...

This was so much fun!!! But I realised from the photos that I'm getting CHUBBEEHHHHH!! Gotta start being a bit more health conscious >.< Lovely blog post "Julix" :D <3 love youu

Kimu said...

Youtube it ^_^ That's how I learnt how to do the fishtail braid ~

Candypop said...

haha i guess im just not as skillled >< I've youtubed it a couple of times and i always end up stuffing it up or getting frustrated :(
Thanks though!! I'll keep trying !