Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shopping for labels, shopping for love

1. Lovisa earrings - currently loving the colour blue/green/gold :)
2. my high waisted pants <33 loving the colours
3. Dotti yellow cardigan, Sportsgirl brown knit & my vintage off white knit ~
4. the state of my room at the moment after coming home from shopping >.>
5. my 3rd item purchase from Lovisa - a pretty ring - buy 3, pay for 2! :)

Yes! It was Chadstone's VIP night tonight, opens till 11pm but staying there for a couple of hours was enough for me. It was freaking chaotic, full of people looking for sales - hence is why I rarely go to VIP nights, but since I've been working so much lately, I needed a little break and spent some hard earned money on myself :) so lalala, I was able to find some great sales! 

My latest obsession with clothes is high waisted pants, and I was able to find some really nice ones tonight! My favourite one would be the ones from Forever New! I can't help but feel a little sophisticated wearing them with a simple white tee (^_^) BAM! I look like a woman! :D hahahaha. Maybe it's a little silly but I think that these pants make my curves look good (>_>) usually I'm quite self conscious but I love it how I'm comfortable with them now :) yay for lovehandles! hahaha doesn't mean I shouldn't exercise... I'm going to start jogging again, instead of napping when I get home from work :)

And my savings still exist :) 

I think I've done enough shopping lately for me to just settle down now and just clean up my closet. Time for some spring cleaning! Recently watched a story about hoarders on the TV news and yes, I don't want to become like that one day.. even though my room does look like it has the potential. Need to get rid of all the clutter I don't need anymore!

Anyway! I can't wait to go out so I can start wearing out these new babies! (>_<) I sure hope that'll be soon! Tired of wearing my work uniform all the time, want to have the chance to dress up and look like a real lady again! :D I wanna see my girlfriends again, it's been so long.. (>_____<) I miss them! I miss you Kimu! I miss you Cat! I miss you Sarah!!! *RAHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Okay, time for me to take my drugs and get ready for bed! (>.<) 

Love, from Julie xoxo

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