Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vintage Love Affair

My latest addition to 'Project Little Julie' :) pretty much expressing my love for vintage fashion lately. Couldn't help but just fall in love with the styles, the doily collars, the peter pan collars, the high waist skirts/pants  I can't wait to be able to purchase one or two of them oversized knits :) I know it's spring now, but Melbourne weather is so unpredictable! Doesn't matter, I'll wear it anyway! 

So not much has happened lately, but I've been busy, believe it or not (@_@) Well, it feels like I've been anyway! After a week at work (phew, another week over and out!) I just spent my Friday night watching some movies. Very chilled, best way to just relax after work. 

This morning, had to wake up extra early (for me on a Saturday) so that I can contribute with ideas for the house decorations for Thao and Loi's Wedding Tea Ceremony in the morning. Omg, there is so much to consider! Our rumpus room will be the main area, and that's going to go through a complete make over!!! Without me being informed, I am now the official house decorator according to Thao (-_-) Lol, thanks for asking man!! Oh well, it's going to be somewhat a challenge and it'll be fun :) 

Afterwards, went to yumcha for an early Father's Day celebration :) It was YUMMMMMM(cha) :D as per usual, walked out feeling like I was gonna explode (-_-) Had to drive home, because everyone was 'Yeahhhhhh Julie can drive homeeee! whooooo' 

Watched Green Lantern with Quang, and it was much more intriguing than I had expected! Was very exciting!! Ask Quang, and he'll tell you that I kept punching him during the movie, because I was so excited LOL Would love to have Green Lantern's super powers :) sad thing was that, yellow was the evil colour!! Whyyyy?? I love yellow man! And! Ryan Reynolds is such a hottie :) 


Back home now, and I actually spent a good hour or so putting together a basic layout for my painting portfolio :) It'll be a while before I'll make it live for everyone to see, only because I still need to build up my painting collection for the portfolio! But it's exciting, and a little daring of me to even believe that people might actually like my work. Same way how I felt when I showed people my online multimedia portfolio (which showcases all of my uni work) - couldn't help but feel a little nervous of what people would think! 

*fingers crossed and hoping for the best* 


P.S. I miss seeing my friends :( so I really can't wait for next weekend when we have our drink gathering at Dantay's house! Won't be able to sleep over though, wish I could, but now the cafe is opened on weekends!! Far out! (>_<) But Kim suggested we go to South Melbourne markets the next morning, so I hope i'll be able to make it after work! :D


xxshinrai said...

RYAN REYNOLDS *mmmmm*!!! HAHAHA XD Aww.. honorary house decorator.. for some reason it makes me think of cakes.. (gingerbread house decorator? LOL damn u master chef!) I think you'll do well man, because this is something you actually have a real knack for ^_- I can't wait to see your new portfolio! I can understand it can be nerve racking but your hard work should be shared and appreciated. I guess as an artist (yes that you!), you need to open to criticism because not everyone gonna be liking yo flayvah LIL JON! (sorry, ust got all ghetto for no reason). Hopehopehope you can come to the markets with us on Saturday! We prolly will be sleeping until late I bet! So maybe we can organise with Cat when and where we should meet you ~ yayy


xxshinrai said...

Dude.. I had some major typos going on in my comment. I'm sorry -_- I never proof read LOL

Twee said...

Welcome to the vintage gang dear =) your wardrobe will soon be filled with vintage clothing, they're just irresistible =P

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