Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello October!

1. Finally started using my necklace stand, since I bought it last year (-_-)  2. There are days where you can't help but feel a little lonely  3. My outfit when I went to Chaddy on Friday night :)  4. My lovely earrings, current obsession is roses, can you tell?  5. Can't wait to wear this top on a night out :)  6. My favourite cup that I bought at Daiso's, Doncaster - I was drinking chocolate milk! :D  7. a must DSLR face by me  8. My favourite rings at the moment  9. Whatchuuuuuuu looking at?  10. The cover of my scrapbook - where I'll be placing all of my little julie paintings in. (^-^) I think it suits it just perfectly! 


Thought I would start off this new month with a lil camera roll of what's been happening for the past week. Not much to be honest! LOL Just work work work. Today was my 13th day working in a row, nearly 2 weeks straight (>_<) And I perfectly understand why, my family does need a extra hand and I'm a hard worker, who gets the job done! Anyway, I'm going to start getting Sundays off now because all the girls at work and I had a meeting yesterday after work :) They're happy to start helping out on weekends to allow me to have a day off once a week - which is super duper! Now I can start sleeping in on Sundays, and go out on Saturday nights without having to worry about work next day! 

But I do feel sorry for my older sister Jenny, who is the manager of the family cafe :( She hasn't had a day off since 3 weeks ago, since the cafe started weekend openings. It's great her boyfriend is willing to help her out on weekends though. Also, just wanted to announce, the couple bought a house together just a couple of days ago!!!!! Jenny and Benny will be living in Ringwood by the end of this year :) I'm so happy for those two, they've worked so hard to save save save for this moment! I wonder what it must feel like to actually buy your own home.. I sure hope I'll be able to experience that one day. 

Been shopping, again :) 

Last Thursday night, my sisters Anna, Jenny and I went dress shopping for our older sister's, Thao, wedding in November! (It's only just over a month away now, omg!) We were specifically looking for a dress for Jenny, and we found the perfect one after browsing through a couple of really nice dress stores (we even checked out gasp, lol) - Mariano was our last stop, and it was Jenny's favourite dress shop too! She didn't even try on the other dress she selected from their range! It's a long gown, with a bundle of small sequins around the chest area (shaped like a heart for her boobies lol) but there's a sheer neck bit .. hard to imagine with my lame description but it's beautiful :) 

Now it's time for me and Anna to find our own dresses! Time is seriously running out!

I went shopping for other things too, like looking for the perfect scrapbook/album where I can keep all of my paintings together in one place, more books to read (even though I'm still reading Perks of Being a Wallflower - great read though!) and yeah... I bought more accessories (>_<) and clothes.. and an electric blue clutch from Sportsgirl.. and that's about it. Phew. I guess the only thing that makes me feel better about shopping so much is that I know I've worked for this money :) No regrets! 

& thank you so much for everyone's support :) 

It's been about 4-5 days since I've made my Facebook page for my artwork, and I was seriously overwhelmed with happiness when people, from close to distant friends, to randoms and fellow bloggers, liked my page and gave me encouraging feedback! Made me so happy that I was close to happy tears, and that's definitely one of the best feelings. Since then, I've been getting more followers to this little blog of mine too! Thank you so much everyone, you've made this little girl's dimples hurt from all the smiling and her heart feel very warm ♥ 

This is how you made me feel guys, 'infinite'. Just like how Charlie felt when he was sitting in the car with Sam and Patrick on his way to his first school dance. :) 

It makes me feel excited about my future..


Now it's time to get our girly on!

I think it's about time for me to start getting ready for my girls' night sleep over at Kim's house tonight, with Alice and Cat (and hopefully Sarah too, come on browww!!!! RAHHHHHHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED! ( ^0^ ) It's been so long since we've had one! And since I don't have to work this Sunday, it's even better :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend, stay warm and keep smiling :)

Love, from Julie xox            

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LORETTA said...

I love all the mustard yellow items you have! xx

Saera said...

awww broww <3 I'm sorry I couldn't make it T__T I ended up drinking quite a bit LOL but next time there is a girls' night in, imma make it to that!
PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos, you look so gorgeous <3 i really really really really and really miss yewww

jujunstoppable said...

Nawww it's all good Sarah! it's great that you had a great night though with all your drinking!! :P Sounds like fun! I haven't been drinking for ages, let's go next time yeah yeah yeah browwwwwww?!!!! we can dress up real pretty too ;) hehe and thanks for loving my photos! ^-^ and i really miss you too! it's been so long brow! come back to meeeeee! LOL! :P hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks dear!! :) it's my favourite colour since forever! couldn't help but splurge a little on some mustard items hehe! p.s. just checked out your blog, and I'm gonna be a new follower! :D :D you are adorable! <3

Cathy said...

I love the simplicity of the artwork for your scrapbook! The thought of a wedding sounds exciting ! all the best in finding that dress ! :)

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Cathy! :) I sure hope I'll be able to find the perfect dress for the occasion! first wedding in my family so it has gots to be good LOL

Willabelle Ong said...

Such a cuteeeee painting hehe. :3
Love the photos by the way!

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Cute photos. Love the yellow lace top. Very cute.


Jaysil Sararana said...

+1 follower please follow mine too thanks...