Monday, September 19, 2011

Camera roll for my Adelaide Trip

1. road trip started 3:30am, roarrrr we were tired! 2. Virginia's yummy birthday cake from the Cheesecake shop :) 3. My beautiful cousins Virginia and Sylvia, along with Quang lol - err.. that's not our six pack! :P 4. Mini Cooky Bear enjoying his piece of the birthday cake! 5. Back on the road on our way home 6. Visited our old house, the roof top that I used to climb on all the time to watch fireworks and look at the stars 7. my rubi flats (^_^) 8. ninja rabbit makes a come back <3 9. my road trip survival kit for entertainment :) 10. Sylvia lent me her copy of 'Perks of being a Wallflower' - good read so far! 11. It's Never Too Late... - a lot of food for thought for the trip.. 12. beautiful sunset photo taken by Quang 13. Didn't arrive home until past 10pm - we were exhausted, just went straight to bed - ready for work next day at 8:30am (>_<)

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