Saturday, August 13, 2011

My new art station :)

Took some time to rearrange my desk so I can make some room for a little painting station! Now all my paint brushes are right where I can just easily access them and I can paint easily sitting at my table! :D How fancy! hahaha! This is me trying to feed my new hobby of painting with water colours :) So far I've just been painting with acrylic paints, and usually I just sit on the floor with the easel. Can you believe how tired your legs can get after a really long while of just sitting on the floor cross legged??

My first attempt of painting with water colours from last night :) 

I still have a long way to go with mastering how to mix beautiful colours together but it's a start! I seriously feel like it's magic when the water colour paints just burst into bright and vibrant colours when it touches water! BAM!

Definitely one of the closest things to magic <3

Spent a good hour or so collecting a whole load of water colour painting inspirations on tumblr <3 (click here)

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