Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cute bunny ears and puppy eyes!

Just came back from my trip to Adelaide this morning! It was a very lovely trip, where I got spend some quality time with Aaron and catch up with some old friends whom I haven't seen for months or for over a year >.< makes me wish that my stay in Adelaide was longer because there are so many old friends that I'd like to catch up with every time I return.

Time always flies when you're happy. 

* * *

So I brought along all of my water colour things and sketch book to continue painting whenever I had nothing else to do and while Aaron was busy. :) I decided to give drawing animals a shot. I haven't really ever taken the time to sketch out animals before. I guess I've always found the idea a little scary, that maybe I wasn't good enough. I mean, I was never really good at drawing faces or human life forms, but I'm still trying. I guess I wanted to test out new waters when I decided to draw this cute little puppy (here), a photo which I found on tumblr again hehe! It was drawn at 10PM at night at Adelaide Uni, while I was waiting for Aaron to finish studying! :) Not bad for an extremely sleepy Julie!

The next night, while Aaron was 'studying' again haha, I started drawing this cute lil bunny (here) that's standing up right with its paws up! I was a little nervous when I wanted to started painting over my sketched lines of the bunny - only coz I must have spent a good 20 minutes or so making sure the bunny looks good with its lil furry lines and shading. But I was very careful with painting the shape of the bunny (you'll notice that I painted a black border around its fur for its outline), and trying to paint the delicate fur lines so it looks fluffy! hahaha :) I'm quite proud with how its eyes and ears turned out! You can imagine how excited I was to show Aaron once I was finished (^_^)

I forgot to take a 'before' photo of the sketched bunny before I started to paint over it >.< but I will from now on to show my process! :) 

I guess I've somewhat conquered my fear of drawing animals a bit, there's still plenty for me to learn and take into consideration when drawing life forms. I look back now, making comparisons to the original photo and what I painted - there are many differences like I made the bunny's butt too big haha, and the puppy's head is bigger than it's body - but I what I do like is that I added my own little style to it, and was able to recreate something real into something that lives on paper (if that made any sense!) I'm also working on drawing/painting this photo of this pretty girl and her lovely looking side profile :) (here

I <3 Water Colour Painting!

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