Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet my little Julie character :)

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've properly blogged about anything :) So if you're looking at my blog right now, you'd notice that I've changed the design (again) haha, but these are my own little paintings :) I'm starting to build a water colour/illustration portfolio online, and so I've created my own little character to represent myself :) If only I was this cute!! 

Been endorsing in a lot of art medium and hardware lately! Bought myself an A3 Multi-function Centre (so I could use the A3 scanner with ease!) last week, which made me pretty much broke for the rest of last week! XD And this week, bought myself the Wacom Intuos4 Medium Drawing Tablet :) It's so sleek and sexy! I couldn't help but express my undying love for it every time I walk out of my room last night! Lmao, how silly! XD Been wanting to buy a Wacom for over a year now, so this is great :) 

Seriously so so so so pretty :) 


Anyway, so I've just been working full time lately at the cafe, hence my big spending habits.. but I'm so sick of work :( I'm tired of waking up so early and having to deal with ongoing customers with their damn coffee/brekkie orders so early in the morning! Haven't been able to sleep properly for the past couple of nights, last night I just woke up at 3am, thinking I had to go to work :( it's so silly man! Bleh.. just 2 more days and then it's the weekend again! :) 

Gotta hang in tight! It's not all for nothing :)


khatsii said...

naw you're so cute! haha i love your new design :D i was thinking of redesigning mine as well buhhhh i got lazy plus i just got my business cards done so i'll wait till i finish those before i can be bothered redesigning XD

i know what you mean about big spending habits. but at least you're using it on things that will come in handy for the future :D keep up the awesome work juju! love you to bits! <3

saera said...

nawww brow! your paintings are so amazing every time i lay my eyes on them! and you are such a cutie!!
well...if you love what you do then the investing should be worth it right? I'm sure something good would come out of it ^^

i miss you juju!

xxshinrai said...

I wanna try out that tablet ^0^ it looks soo sexy HAHAHAHA! Love your water color character. She's so cute! YOU ARE SO CUTE JULIE! Hang in there man, I know you can do it. I know it may get monotonous and tiring to be doing the same thing day in, day out.. but it's better than sitting around at home all day, everyday.

Candypop said...

:) ur so talented juju! & hardworking! i cant wait to see more of ur amazing creations <3