Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platforms


I'm definitely going to buy the mustard pair :) probably in the next couple of months! Rah rah rah! They're so pretty. Seriously love them!! Would love to buy the patchwork one, but haven't found a site with my size :( haha, man.. this is just my materialistic side shining through.. retail therapy <3

First discovered them from Willabelle from Pale Division a while back (here) - love her style :3 - and I kept seeing them on random tumblr posts. Couldn't help but fall in love with them! My friend Kim (aka Usher, who writes reviews! Check her out here) bought a pair recently too! Looked gorgeous when she wore them out to dinner a couple of weeks back! >.< It's a shame the heel was a lil dodgy on one of the shoes. But she did let me try them on and they were comfy :) :) Can't wait to own a pair!


khatsii said...

i want all of them!!! homg! so pretty! blahhhhhhhh i want more shoesssss! XD

Candypop said...

hehe jeffery campbell makes really rad shoes, i once too fell in love with the Litas but i think im too freaked out they wouldnt suit me to purchase them >_< as my legs r like twigggs haha