Monday, August 15, 2011

Closest thing to magic for me

I broke into my new water colour sketch book on Saturday night and decided to paint a photo of which I found on tumblr - a girl with her eyes closed (here) I started out lightly sketching out her facial features, keeping in mind that these lines will help me a lot when I start painting.

Once I got the feel of the brush, I started to delicately paint her eye lashes and I pretty much continued on - always referring back to the original photo, where it helps me to distinguish the shadows and crucial lines that make up her face. It's a black and white photo, but I decided to improvise with additional colours for her lips and cheeks, to really bring her to life, and it turned out better than I expected! :)

As you can see, I continued to just play with the colours as I started painting little purple/violet flowers in place of her hair! It was so much fun mixing the colours purple, violet, blue etc all together and see what they become once they touch the paper :)

I'm pretty proud of what I did so far for this painting (^_^) the great thing about water colour painting is that I can easily go back to painting more to an oldie, as the colours are so delicate, gentle if you want it to be, and vibrant and bright too if you choose! I love it! :D I couldn't help but spend the rest of the night, till 2a.m. just playing with the colours.

I believe this is new love affair of mine is here to stay...

Uploaded some more of my water colour paintings on Facebook :) (link)


Candypop said...

=DD theyre absolutely beautiful!

saera said...

Julie that painting is amazing! I really admire your painting skills! You gotta teach me!