Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All wrapped up with love

Took out a couple of hours tonight to paint more with water colours. I feel very serene and easy going when I start to concentrate on sketching and painting, great way to relax after a full day at work today!

I decided to do a tonal painting today with just the colour black, allowing me to practice handling the brush strokes :) and also to practice my shadows and light colours - something I exercised a lot last year while I was completing 2D Design as a course (I got to draw naked people! Weeee!) I'm honestly not very good at shading with shadows with pencil, but I found it much easier to do so with the paint brush! How wonderful! :D

This was my end product, where I referenced a photo of the parcel found here.

Still need plenty of practice but I'm pretty happy with it! Quite proud of how my ribbon turned out! It wasn't even suppose to be black/grey haha! But it does give off a 3D feel, and I'm all smiles :) As you can maybe tell, I really like mixing the pinks/violets together <3 it's sooo purrrrrrrrrdy!

* * * 


No kidding! I've driven home from work listening to her a couple of times now in Jenny's car, and it's the best music to listen to when you're driving. BEST EVER! Especially after the hectic duties of work, her voice is so beautiful to listen to while you're chilling in the car! You should try it out! :D

Favourite songs atm by her: I Do, Brighter Than The Sun, Before I Let You Go 
(pretty much her whole new album 'All Of You' hehehehe)


saera said...

Julieee! Your painting is amazing!!
And kudos to you for driving back home from work! I get nervous thinking about city traffic :(

The Little Weirdo said...

hehe!! I drive home from St Kilda, so it's not really city traffic! xD I'm not super woman just yet hahaha :P and my sister sit next to me while I drive her home haha, she gets all lazy bum now -_-; but at least she's not constantly telling me how to drive anymore since i got my P's ;D hehehe and thanks Sarah for liking my painting! ^-^ love water colours!!