Monday, November 28, 2011

Camera Roll Update #3

1.  A gift for my cousin's 24th birthday, because he's involved in a never ending love affair with all the high class brands :) Seriously, his credit card suffers every month from his spending habits (>.<)  2.  A birthday gift for Greg, the chef at my family's cafe :) it's a memory board that I made from a tea towel (bought from Typo!)  3.   and I got everyone to sign on the back (^-^) he was ecstatic about it!  4. a snapshot memento from the lunch I had with Vivian and Leah along Chapel street last weekend @ Soda Rock Diner (^-^) it was an old school diner setting, with the table juke box and everything! Loved the experience and the burgers were yumm!  5.  A handful of stamps I picked up Typo, seriously loving that shop (>___<)  6. A catch up dinner/dessert with my good ol' uni buddies :) It's been so long since we've all got together! Farewell Freda* hahaha X)  7. A birthday gift from Alice & Tri (^_^) it's a wooden jewellery cupboard! Love opening up the little doors and draws! Can't wait to paint it too :) Thanks for the lovely surprise you guys!! <3  8. My outfit/make up for a night out @ Love Machine for one of my best friend Cat's birthday last night :) it was a rocking night hehe!  9. A birthday gift from Serinna (^-^) such a pretty necklace! Wore it to Love Machine too :) Thank you lovely!! 10. A parcel delivery from Dear Monday (^-^) woo hoo! New shades and black bondage leggings :)  11. Part one of my birthday present for dear Cat! (^___^) isn't it cute?! so happy she loved it!  12. Instax photos from my day out for Cat's birthday with karaoke and dumplings for dinner! <3 


Wow! Major photo update of what's been happening lately for me and the past couple of weekends (>.<) Which explains why I haven't been able to find much time to blog much, and when I do, I'm too tired to even think about going on the computer (>.<) And it's sad to say but I'm a little behind on my paintings too! (ultimate sadface) :( No kidding, it makes me sad thinking about it.. But it's good that I carry a sketch book around with me whenever I go out, so that I'll be able to draw down any silly ideas that run through my mind :) So far it's been proved productive! 

Also, things are starting to move forward with my friend's event: Stage Fright that I will be a part of as one of the showcasing artists. I'm now one of the hamper basket organisers! We'll be compiling up to 3-4 raffle ticket baskets (filled with home-made goodies and artworks from the artists) to be won to raise funds for the event, and then baskets to be won on the day of the event! I'll be donating a few of my paintings/frames and memory boards for the baskets :) // Last week we had a meeting on Sunday, and it was good to meet other crew members that are all helping out with making this event happen! I met another artist, who will also be showcasing her work on the day, and it was great! She's a hardcore illustrator who works for Madman! It felt so nice to meet someone who has the same mindset and be able to talk about it with them :) She was an inspiration and encouraging with my work when I spoke about my insecurities and worries. (>.<)

Anyway, it's already 1:30am now and I should really hit the hay (~_~) as I do have work tomor, wah. I hope everyone will have a lovely week ahead of them, and enjoy their holidays if they've finished their exams!! :) and OH! Hello hello to my new followers! :D It's nice to meet you!

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Just want to say a quick little something for the birthday girl <3 

Happy 23rd Birthday Dear Cat! :) 

Isn't it crazy how time flies? It's already your birthday again, and I swear it felt like it was only yesterday we went to the Filo festival for your 22nd! But it means that I'm lucky enough to still have you as one of my best friends today (and forever more man!!) You are one of the greatest people I know and you deserve all the sunshine life can give! You've always been such an inspiration with your passion for life and I admire how you find the strength to fight for what's right. It makes me want to be more assertive and strong too. So thank you man, for always being there to lend your shoulder for me to lean on through tough times, and to share a random fit of giggles over something stupid (-_-) for our fun times together :) Love you Cat, I sincerely hope you did you enjoy your birthday weekend with your loved ones <3 *muah muah* 

Love from J xx

P.S. Part two of your gift will be coming soon :) woo hoo!

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Kimu said...

hhahah when i first saw your entry on my iphone, i looked at the first picture and thought... is that vinh?? HAHAHAH

julie's little world said...

hehe one of the girls at work had the same reaction :) awesome!

mwdee said...

I've the bird cage frame from Typo too! They're stuffs are so addictive yea? :D

Emily said...

Oh my goodness. That picture you made is adorable. "As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled." That is so true! I want one for me! Your outfit is precious. You are so freakin' pretty! And that is the sweetest birthday post for your friend. She is lucky to have such a sweetheart in her life!


julie's little world said...

Naww! you're so sweet Emily for your kind words! (^_^) and yes! the dress is lovely, wish I had more like those that I could just slip on, coz it's so comfy to wear too! (>.<) and true shopaholics would understand exactly what that quote means hehe ;) xx

julie's little world said...

it really is man!!! (>____<) I seriously wish I could buy the whole shop!!! It's always hard to walk away, not having bought anything from Typo (-___-)

miss tea said...

julie you have such a sharp eye for space, detail and what looks good.. like in your louis vuitton birthday card and the collage in your last photo- it's so aesthetically pleasing! xx