Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Resist Nothing!

This painting was for my first customer's order - fulfilled and delivered today! :) 

I guess it's safe to reveal who my first customer was since the painting has been given to her friend already (^-^) It was Phuong! and she called me up over a month ago asking if I could paint her good friend, Viet-My, a painting that would lift up her spirits. She noted that the words - "Resist Nothing" - is Viet-My's favourite saying. I was a little slow on understanding what it meant, but Phuong helped me along the way. She gave me a handful of ideas of where I could start off illustrating the concept of 'Resist Nothing'. 

It basically means, go with the flow, set yourself free from trivial matters so that the bigger picture of life can be appreciated more. The more I worked on the idea, the more I grew to like the idea of 'Resist Nothing'. Whenever I would think about those two words put together, I could feel a small feeling of empowerment growing inside me, giving me confidence that I'll be just fine if I were to allow things to just be, and keep moving forward. There's no need to make a fuss over small matters right? :) Just let it roll off your shoulders and appreciate how great it feels to not carry such an unnecessarily heavy burden on yourself everyday. Life's too short! 

In the painting, Viet-My is happily falling with her arms up high, not caring wherever the wind may take her through life. A flock of birds accompany her through her free falling because what represents freedom more than seeing birds flying free through the blue skies? 

This commissioned painting was definitely a challenge, because there were so many ways in which the concept could be drawn out.  It was tough, but I'm really proud of the outcome, and I'm really happy that Phuong and Viet-My were very pleased with it too! :D I didn't think that when I was delivering Phuong's painting today that I'd be there when she gives it to Viet-My! Yup.. I was definitely nervous (>_<)" but she was happy with it! Phew* :)

Btw, Viet-My is a freaking awesome digital illustrator! 

If you have time, check out her deviant page (ravenskar) for her wonderful and intriguing illustrations! You'd be blown away, I promise you! Was definitely inspired by her work. It's impossible not to be :)

& Thank you again Phuong for giving me this opportunity! :) 
Definitely pushed my boundaries with this one! Now I'm excited for my future paintings :D 


It just struck midnight, and my tummy is just rumbling and grumbling like a washing machine.. (=_=)" but I should definitely hit the hay early tonight. Been sleeping at 2am or later lately, and it's kind of messing up my sleeping pattern lol, and I'm just exhausted when I go to work too! How silly of me! 

Well I guess one of the reasons why I've been staying up so late is due to me really getting into setting up my online shop for Julie's Little World. :) When I think about it normally, it's nerve-wrecking, my mind is just buzzing with ideas and I can't believe that I'm actually going ahead with this! But when it comes down to it, this nerve-wrecking feeling, I believe it's actually excitement and it's exactly that that's feeding me the strength to continue with this new adventure! 

I'm aiming to have it opened by the end of this year, ready for the new year 2012! :) 

And also in the meantime, I'll be kept busy with more commission painting orders that have come in this week (>.<) Ohhh.. *big smile!* I can't help but smile, knowing that this is really happening! (>_<) Rah, I'm a little goofy like that haha! 

Alright, enough of my rambling.. as per usual! Time for me to get some rest! Hope everyone is having a good week so far! Seriously, the weather in Melbourne has been so emotional lately lol (-__-) I just hope this Saturday will be a beautiful day for my sister's wedding! (oh yeah, the train for my dress is gone now, it's so much easier to walk in :)) 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. If you're living in Melbourne and you've got hidden talents in music/arts/creative arts or any art you can think of!!, take some time to check out this wonderful event (link below) that my friend Phuong, Viet-My and a few other of her friends is organising for next year in February! 

February 18th 2012
Cross Culture Church (Swanston Street)

Cute name ay? I'm definitely going to be a part of it! (^-^) I'm actually very excited about this! It's basically a festival day that artists anywhere can showcase their talents to boost their confidence in themselves, and to allow the community to learn more about them. Any money that we've raised for the day will be going towards charity :) Everyone is welcome to be a part of this event! 

Let's get over our stage fright together, shall we? :)

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Saera said...

haha aww brow<3 that painting is amazing and the hidden meaning within the words are quite powerful no matter how you look at it. I think just by reading your entry I've gain some strength ^^ The world is a tough place :( but pull on through!

I'm glad to hear that your commission paintings are coming along well! I can't wait to see more of your work and see your passion grow!!

jujunstoppable said...

thank you so much brow!!! <3 makes me happy that you were able to gain something from reading my essay of a blog! XD muahaha! and you're very right, life's tough, but you're tougher :) and thanks for your encouragement love! Definitely gonna work hard every spare moment i find (>.<) life's getting too busy again!! :D

and and have a wonderful trip in Sydney man!! and enjoy yourself at the concert!!!! <3 <3 :)

Chloe Nghiem said...

I knew it! Since your last post with the wip photos, I had this funny feeling that you were doing a commission piece for Ravenskar! You're so lucky and I'd be really nervous as well hahaha :)

dinavanessamercado said...

nice passage, very meaningful. if we learn to resisit nothing and always be positive with everything in life and remain faithful to God am very sure that we will be succesful with this journey... love love love your blog.. following you now.. hoope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! thanks Chloe! :) that's funny you were able to figure it out! XD i really had no idea she was such an idol in deviant art until my friend told me! @___@;

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks love! ;) and you're definitely right about always being positive, so you can move forward :) thank you so much for coming by my lil blog! :D definitely checking out yours too!! <3 <3