Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spare a mo` for me?

Hehe, a little painting I specifically did for my birthday today (^_^) and please excuse my little mistake.. feel so fob haha (>_>)

And I thought the mo' was somewhat appropriate as we are now entering a new month, November! :D or can also be known as Movember! I'm not a man (well, duh..even though I like to say that word a lot..) but raising awareness for men's health is definitely a good cause. Thumbs up to all the guys who are participating in this worthy event :) good luck! 


So today is my 22nd birthday! <3 

I actually nearly forgot it was my birthday till I started getting Facebook notifications on birthday wishes on my wall! hehe Thanks a lot everyone! :) you guys are all very sweet! 

It's hard to believe that a year has come and gone already since my 21st birthday. So much has changed, but I'm happy that I've been able to achieve things that make myself proud. I guess now I'm well on my way into adult hood..waahh! Before I know it, I'll be 30! (>_<) So I definitely should make the most of what I've got now, and enjoy life as it comes. And if I'm not satisfied with it, let me find the courage to make things happen for myself so I can continue to move forward :) 

haha, this was my event display photo for my birthday :P lovely isn't it?


And I've made a good deal of progress with my commission paintings this long weekend (>_<) Very happy with myself, and I sure hope my clients/friends will be happy with them :) Best for me to get to bed now, since it's back to work for me tomorrow! (>.<) let's hope the chef will bake up a batch of my favourite muffins for my special day! :D 

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! *fingers crossed* the sun will continue to shine today! 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Hello hello to my new followers! :D Thanks for dropping by and following my lil blog! Don't be a stranger and say hello! I won't bite hehe (^_^) xox

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Belle Dinh said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day (:

jessieirwanto said...

happy actual birthday again julie!
hope you get those muffins heheh :D

happy movember ={D !

jessie x
the weekend project.

Kimu said...

Happy birthday GFF <3
PS. You spelt moustache wrong too ahahah

helen said...

Happy Birthday :)
GOODLUCK for the whole year :)

CC Pham said...

OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE! May your 22nd year on Earth be a happy and fulfilling one :)
And I agree that supporting Movember is great, even though I myself can't grow a moustache. It's funny because a lot of male teachers from my school are, and they look a little...pedo-y LOL

jujunstoppable said...

thanks gff :) see you soon i hope!! study hard love! xox

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks dear Belle! :D :D

jujunstoppable said...

hehehe! cute mo` dear Jessie! :P and thanks again for all the birthday wishes!! (^_^) muah!* and today's muffins were Raspberry and white choc, still good coz it's got choc! :D YUM! had it for brekkie.. hahaha so so healthy i know :P xox

jujunstoppable said...

hehe thanks dear Helen! :D :D

jujunstoppable said...

LOL! that's really good to hear about your male teachers getting their mo` spirits on! :D I don't really hear much about male health causes, so this is definitely the males' time to shine! :) and thanks for your birthday wishes dear CC! (^_^) you're very sweet! <3 <3

its truccie said...

doesn't matter about the errors lol, that mo is CUTE!
happy bday again!!

Saera said...

happy birthday again browww <3
haha again i'm sorry i couldn't make it but we will definitely pin a date after sydney okay?
i think our generation is blessed. no matter how old we are...we still don't look a day older! and our height helps XD
its great to hear that your commission paintings are going on so well! im proud of you and i'll be here to continually support you brow!


jujunstoppable said...

lmao! there's more mistakes than one! XD but thanks Truccie! :D <3 <3

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! thank you so much for all your love today brow <3 :) :)
and you're so right! we still look like we can belong in highschool! BUT thank god we don't dress like we do :D coz you know.. we're so mature and everything! (FIST BUMP)
hahaha :P and thanks for your support for Julie's Little World! ^-^ definitely gonna do my best to finish off your painting by end of this week :) :) wow! another weekend is already here! O_O


Linda Tran said...

Your paintings are soo adorable! and I love the clever word play :)
Taking a mo' to check out your blog was well worth it! Happy Movember and Happy Birthday!


jujunstoppable said...

Thanks you so much Linda! :D and for visiting my blog! hehe happy movember to you too! ^_^ let's hope the last month of spring will be a gorgeous one :) xox

Candypop said...

JUJU~ That water painting is the most cutest and amazing-est one in my eyes lolol maybe cos i have lil giggles over moustache things but hehe seriously so cute!

22?! I always thought you were younger than me >< hehe cos you looked so young and im just this age-ing old person haha >< i turn 22 in dec not too far now just so stressed im not even thinking about what to do on my bday!


Michaela Scalisi said...

so cute :)

trishie said...

Happy Birthday! I love your painting, you are very talented, my dear!

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! Thanks Trishie! and for visiting my blog :D <3 <3

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! me too! I love love moustaches! (^ ~ ^ ) hahaha! that was my attempt to a moustache ^-^ face.. :P

and no way do you look like your ageing @_@ if anything Pris, you've got the most youthful face! I mean check out that baby white skin hehe :P you've got nothing to worry about! and yah, you'll be joining me in the 22's soon! hehe my friend called it the two little ducks club! XD so cute!

hope your studies are swell pris! good luck :) xox

Jessica Alberto said...

Ooh! Belated Happy Birthday Julie! It really is strange how time is passing by so quickly, isn't it? Sometimes I still think I'm a year younger than I actually am. Ha ha :]

Have a nice day~

Stefany Withers said...

Happy belated birthday :) x

Juli Photo Diary said...

love your drawings!!

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Jessica! :D and that's true! Sometimes I can't believe I'm not 21 anymore, but then there are times where I feel like I am. How odd hehe :P

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Stefany :) <3

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Juliana! just visited your blog, and all the photos of you are just lovely :) xox

miss tea said...

happy birthday julie!!! your paintings always make me smile.. you inspire me! :D

jujunstoppable said...

Naww thanks dear Miss Tea! (^-^) you inspire me too with your arts and crafts!! :D