Sunday, November 6, 2011

Camera roll update!

1. Life can be amazing when you take risks (so don't let them pass you by <3) - one of my latest Little Julie paintings, I liked it so much, it's one of my framed favourites for my own wall :)    2. origami crane photo #1 for the Red Cross Target: 1,000 Cranes Photo Competition     3. Another beautiful bouquet of yellow friendship roses from my lovely friends for my birthday! (love from Cat, Kim, Juan, Alice, Sarah and Tri! >.<)     4. A birthday present from my best friend back in Adelaide, Steffie, miss her so much >.< It's a Dior charms bracelet, with a little secret lip gloss compartment :)    5. Happy Birthday balloon from Julz, in Adelaide, and it came with a box of yellow flowers too! (>.<)   6. origami crane photo #2     7. My lita replicas purchase from Badbarbie shop from a month ago for $75aud :) I wore them for my birthday night out, and they were comfy for most of the night! :D definitely going to buy some real Jeffrey Campbell ones in the future!  8. A Mimco handbag from my sisters Anna, Jenny and cousin Vinh for my birthday (>___<) omg, you have no idea how shocked I was to open up this present from them... they really did spoil me this year (>_<) Thank you guys!!   9. My love for Mimco started years ago <3   10. origami crane photo #3, i likey the shadows in this one :)   11. my little paintings watermarked with my 'Julie's Little World <3' stamp! hehe, so in love with it~  


Less than a week away from my sister's wedding! 

Time's just flying by now, and the first wedding in our family is fast approaching. It's this upcoming Saturday for crying out loud! XD I'm excited, and yet all over the place feeling unprepared still i.e. what make up I should do, what earrings to wear, how will I do my hair?! 

Maybe you girls can help me out :) My dress for the night will be silver/grey, and it's a longggggg one! My first ever long gown dress (^-^) Here are some photos! 

I'm pairing this dress with some black heels that I bought on sale from Forever New a couple of nights ago! :) But really, it doesn't matter what shoes I'll be wearing since they'll be well hidden under all this!! You can tell from my 2nd photo that there's a massive train going on there LOL, looks like I'm the one getting married lmao, but sad story, my mum will be cutting it off when she's altering the dress to be shorter (coz I'm a lil shortie :)) - oh well! it would be majorly difficult to walk around like a normal person with a massive train behind me LOL. My brother didn't want to be the one to follow me all night, and hold it up for me :( no love. 

And I guess the wedding prep is finally coming together! Not so much drama anymore for the past week, so it's all good! Anna, Quang and I started putting up decorations around the house for the morning tea ceremony :) Anna found these awesome tissue paper puff balls, that we had to assemble and puff ourselves, to hang around the house! They're actually really easy to make if you've got enough tissue paper! :D Don't you just love them?! They seriously remind me of the scrubbing thing you use to wash your body lmao x) We'll also be sticking on red flowers all over the staircase :) These are all great ideas from Anna, good work man! :D 

Hehe, my mum just came into my room asking what shoes should she wear!  XD and went through my lil heel collection :P so cute haha XD 


On other news! :) 

I've recently completed a painting order for one of my good friends, Sarah, to be used for her xdollhouse blog! She asked me to create a little doll character for her blog header as it'd suit her site's name. It was a lot of fun for me since I'm not really accustomed to drawing dolls, but I am with drawing chibi characters! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out after finishing :) hehe, I added Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece because I know she's a fan of One Piece, I mean seriously, check out her car! XD I'm a big fan of Chopper too! So anyway, I thought it was very appropriate to have him as a little toy as part of the painting :) I love adding personal touches to my paintings. 

Check out Sarah's blog :D

Thank you again Sarah for this opportunity and for being such an easy going customer (^_^) 
It was my pleasure being able to paint for you! Muah xox


I'm actually up to date with my commission orders :) And I'd just love to post up my photos of them, but I won't until their intended purpose (i.e. given to the friend I painted for) is fulfilled! I wouldn't want to be the one to ruin a surprise gift :) 

You know what my favourite part is when I do an order? It's the moment when I can place my painting into a frame that just compliments it <3 I feel quite accomplished when I see my paintings in pretty frames :) That's probably why my room is currently filled up with a bajillion photo frames at the moment... (=_=) I might have gone a little overboard with the frame shopping... but it's only because I've got purposes for them now! :D And I'm excited to when I can fill them all up and find them good homes (^____^)

Haha, I make them sound like lost children.. :P 


Alrighty then! this was a major update with images galore! Just so much has been happening lately, and it's a little hard to keep up and have energy to blog about it >.< Next 5 days will be working, and then BAM wedding time! :D Can't wait to see my cousins again from Adelaide too! 

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend so far, and got plenty of study done if you're under going exam revision! Make it count and good luck for your exams! :) 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. My 22nd birthday was the best ever because I was just spoilt rotten with love from all my family and friends, from Adelaide and Melbourne (>_<) Definitely felt the love that day and well worth the wait all year long because you're reminded in an overwhelming wave of gratitude on how important you in everyone's lives. Even if it just lasted for a day, how everyone made me felt, I can still feel it now just by thinking about it :) Thank you guys <3

(hehe okay, I'll stop with my essay writing! :D)

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Kimu said...

There's too many things I wanted to comment on while reading your blog entry.. but then I kept getting lost in the thought the more I read LOL Let's see if I remember everything.. I'll put them in dot points XD

1. I adore that white frame for the first photo! "Life can be amazing when you take risks" -- very true! I think I need to take more risks. Actually.. I think I am risking a lot right now trying to start 2 new jobs this summer.. but fingers crossed that I'll be okay!
2. The colour of your Mimco bag ... *continuation of discussion from our never-ending giggle fest convo over the phone* ... is a mocha beige. That's the best way I can describe it O_O;
3. Your dress is so extravagant and beautiful! It's like looking at a fairytale! WOW...... I think because the dress is already very bling, you should stay away from necklaces (or otherwise a very thin chain with small pendant) and perhaps wear studs or something small. You can even use the earrings as a way to add a tiny splash of colour to your overall outfit. I'd say a very sophisticated up-do would be really good for your hair. You can curl it messily first and then put it in a bun.. try to volumise it a little. yup! The curled hair will help with the volume and it'll probably hold better because your hair is naturally straight (and therefore slippery, like mine haha). Makeup ... you have a few options. Do you want a more mature look, or a really girly look. If you wanna go a bit more mature, try natural eyes with a bold cat eye (using liquid liner) and a bold lipstick :D if you want a girly look, try an apricot/peach or pink lips with brown eyeliner for the eyes.

Ummmmm.. yeah I can't remember what else I wanted to say because I rambled too much for my 3rd dot point hahaha. Hopefully it's helpful >.< If you need more advice or need help trying to imagine what those looks are meant to look like... let me know~

mwdee said...

Im so late! But still... HAPPY BELATED 22ND! <3 hope you had a great one! :D

Those paper cranes are so pretty! And the lita replicas are awesomee! so much like the real ones. hehhe keep up the great works of your painting! hoping to see more from you again! ;D

truccie said...

That's so very exciting that your sisters weddings coming up so very soon! can't wait to see the photos you'll put up :) the frames really do compliment your paintings. and those flower tissue paper things ARE very pretty ;) tiny tiny chopper is so adorableeee!

JoyceHuang said...

I like that paintings quote! It's so true what's said~~Have fun at your sister's wedding. The dress is beautiful. Lol I know what you mean by feeling content when you find the perfect picture frame to put a painting in..simply bliss :D


khatsii said...

wonderful post here my dearest + so happy to hear your painting business is taking off! uber proud of you!! that dress looks amazing! does it fit okay btw? i know you were worried but seriously! AMAZING + GORGEOUS! i agree w. kimu as well. simple make up + simple accessories since you already have elegant decor downpat :D <3

jujunstoppable said...

HAhaha! loving your dot points Usher! XD it's a massive post, kinda all over the place lmao, can't blame you for getting lost in what you wanna say hehe :P


1. all the best with your two jobs man! :D I hope the rosters won't overlap too much and you will still have days off where you can party with us girls!!! :)
2. hehe mocha beige! alright that's what I'll be saying when someone asks me from now on haha XD thanks love!
3. i love my dress too! :D bought it online, so size is perfect since it's my measurements (^-^) i'll link you the website if you ever need a pretty gown/fancy dress in the future! :D
and I totally agree with you with minimal accessories and make up. I'm always good with just natural make up and a lil splash of colour :) I was thinking the same when you said about using the earrings to add a lil colour! I just haven't found the perfect ones yet (>.<) I'm thinking mint colour! hehe Tiffany and Co style ;D
As for the hair, I was thinking having it up too :) only because I think I look better with my hair up! but maybe a lil messy to give it more texture.. >.< thanks for the make up ideas love :) i'll pass on info with my sisters/cousins on the night before :D

<3 <3 <3

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! Thank you so much mwdee! (^-^) it was definitely a birthday to remember! :D
and I was very happy with the lita replicas too! :D they're comfier than they look! so I'm definitely going to invest in real ones one day! (^-^) and watch this space, more paintings will be posted up soon :D :D thanks for your support love! <3

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Truccie! :D I can't believe the wedding is less than 5 days away!!! omggggg!!! (>.<) definitely going to be taking plenty of photos ;) hehe! happy you like my lil chopper ;D i actually have a chopper toy that looks similar to that one! chibi versions are so cute! (^-^)xx

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Joyce! :D I'm so glad someone understands the excitement that I feel when I see my painting all framed up (^-^)

jujunstoppable said...

hehe thanks Cat! :) I really do appreciate all your support that you've given me bubs! and yup! the dress fits perfectly since it's made to my measurements (^-^) Anna found this great site online which sells custom made dresses. She had hers made first, it came in the mail, and it was just beautiful, so my cousin Vicky and I got ours made too ;D hehe! good price! I'll link you whenever you need a dress made for special occasions ;) hehe and yup! :D hopefully i'll have a good idea on what my make up will look like by friday night! XD definitely going for simplicity :) still need to find the perfect earrings though (O_O)!!

p.s. can't wait for your birthday night!!!! :D :D :D xoxo

trishie said...

What a lovely gown, have fun at your sister's wedding!

Candypop said...

CONGRATS on the birth of your shop Ju! And yay for wedding cleebrations <333
omg the dress is so beautiful, cant wait to see it on you! Your bestie is the awesomest sucha pretty charm bracelet!! Lotsa love from your Adelaide buddies <333
Aghhh the replica Litassss =o were they really high and hard to walk in?? I think my main concern with them is looking oddly tree-like tall in them because of my stick legs >_< Which makes me feel abit ehh about purchasing!

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! my shop is still a long way of being open to public! but happy to say I've got a form that people can fill out now online for custom painting orders :D yay!
and the lita replicas are love :) they're actually really comfy to wear! But like all heels, they do start aching after a while but it's comfier than most of my heels, and they give me the height i need to look normal LOL :P You'll look gorgeous with them man! so what if you'll be super tall! :D you'd have fun wearing them, i promise! :)

jessieirwanto said...

julieee you're so adorable!
i'm sorry i've bene a bit mia
hopefully the busy week has been going well and the wedding is tomorrow! a big congrats to your sis and family and all the best to the happy couple
share some pics of the wedding with us, i'm completely obsessed with wedding photos for some reason heh
and the mimco bag! wee i love it! :D
i got one for my birthday from my friends too - the only problem is i'm too worried to use it incase something happens to it D : lol

and you're so lucky you get 50% off with your friends discount! its all about who you know isnt it haha :D
take care lovely! hope you have a really good time at the wedding and have a relaxing weekend after it! <3
jessie x
the weekend project.

Emily said...

Oh, happy belated birthday! I know it's super late. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day! Your paintings are pretty much the cutest things ever. And those new shoes of yours are GORGEOUS! And oh my goodness.... That dress.... It's seriously breathtaking. I'm sure you will look stunning! How unfair to the bride! :)


jujunstoppable said...

hehe! thanks for the birthday wishes Emily! :D never too late! and thanks for liking my paintings (^-^) everyone's support keeps me going :) hehe you're so sweet about my dress too! nah, my sister definitely looked gorgeous that night, couldn't outshine her even if i wanted to! hehe XD

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! thanks Jessie! :D I've finally found time to reply to you love! sorry about my late replies too >.< rah, been so tired and life's just been hectic since the weekend!! but things are starting to settle down now and i'm ready to share some wedding photos!! weeeeeeee! :D haha! some of them are just ridiculously funny lmao! XD

and omg! man.. i took my mimco bag out to use for the wedding day, and I got some cupcake crumbs on some parts of the bag (silly me -___-) and it left dark splotches :(! hahaha oh well, I was like.. what?! LOL damn you cupcakes! :P just gotta be more careful from now on (>.<) hope your mimco bag is still in tip top condition! even so, take it out sometime, it deserves a night out ;)

and i sure hope all your studying hasn't done your head in love!! holidays are coming, holidays are coming! :D :D xoxox

jujunstoppable said...

thanks love! :) it was a beautiful night!! <3

Guest said...

I really like your dress can you post up the link please

julie's little world said...

hi there lovely! I got my dreass from :D they do your own measurements and everything via Online so it should fit you perfectly when you get it in the mail ^^ enjoy shopping!

Guest said...

Thank you!