Thursday, December 1, 2011

Suzuki Night Market

Suzuki Night Market @ Queen Victorian Markets / Every Wednesday Night :) 

I went to the night markets last night with a couple of my friends and it was so much fun! There were mass lines for food stalls everywhere, people who had just finished work enjoying a good time and so many cute little stalls full of random things for sale :) I spoiled myself with a few more  pairs of rose earrings (love them!!) and a cute owl necklace from Mecino! I even got myself a temporary tattoo (how hardcore am I? HAHA) I was really proud of it last night, but when I got to work today, I got all self conscious exposing my right wrist while serving customers hahaha, such a dork (=_=)" But I kind of like it there for now :) love the colour <3


Hello December! Christmas is nearly at our doorsteps already (>.<) I can't wait to deck the christmas tree for our living room, and give it some life with coloured fairy lights during night time :) 

I'll be heading out to the city for a work christmas dinner tomorrow! I'm excited! It'll be the first time all the new staff workers will be gathered together as a massive group! :D And it'll be korean BBQ dinner too, so this will be interesting lmao! (^-^) 

Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely weekend a head of them :) 

Love, from Julie xox

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Candypop said...

omg the mass food stalls sound great! =O i wish i had heard of these when i was down Melbs would have been a fun wednesday night! Those earrings are so cute man! And that owl too hooot hooot :)
AND AHAHAHAH you're so hardcore juju! And feeling self conscious i think i would too even if it were fake cos some people would think its real and be like omg this girl isnt innocent after all shes hardcoreeeeee and has a TATTOO....OF......................... A CUTE BIRD LOL >_< hehe Melbourne trip possibly in mid Jan <3 hopefully can pop by your cafe when your working or something hehe

khatsii said...

i still haven't been! i seriously wanna go though >_< when i has monies!

Chloe Nghiem said...

that's a sickk tattoo ;) hahaha those earrings look way prettier than the ones I bought at sportsgirl agesss ago. market stuff are definitely the best :D

Truccie said...

ohh those earrings are beautiful! that owl necklace I actually have a very very similar one too but I got mine from etsy. and that tatt is very cute ;) I still haven't had the chance to go night market cuz of darn work! lucky it's on til feb :)

jessieirwanto said...

aweeeee such cute purchases :D
and especially love that sparrow has always been my favourite, you should think about getting it for real ;) heheh just kidding
so glad you had so much fun! did you stuff yourselves with lots of yummy food?
i haven't been to korean bbq in so long, hope you have a lovely time with all your workmates! take photos to show us hehe :D

hope you're well juju!
also i was wondering how much it would cost for one of your cute paintings? was thinking of getting one for me or a friend for christmas :D
jessie x
the weekend project.

Saera said...

hahah awww you are such a cutie julie <3 Hard to the core! hehe
I miss yeww, please let me know when you are free!! I shall be free after this weekend so I can take you out to a brow-mantic lunch <3

julie's little world said...

hehe! miss you too brow! :) and it'll be great to catch up with you some time on the weekend, hopefully before this year ends (>.<) i'll keep you posted okay!! can't wait for some brow-mance ;D

julie's little world said...

hehe! my sparrow is fading away already LoL! boo! i actually wouldn't mind getting a tattoo one day... when I'm super brave and game and confident enough to get one (O_O) haha! THEN i'll truly be hardcore ;) hahaha! I was thinking I'll just go back to the night market every week to get a new one once it rubs off HAHAAHA... (=_=) *shakes head* better not.. but yes! I wish I had tried more food haha, but I did have a bite of an ostrich burger (o_o) it was interesting haha!

and i hope you've been all good too jessie and enjoying your summer :) woo! and thanks for enquiring about my paintings :D it depends on sizes, but usually a standard 8x10"/a4 size is $35 (including the frame) :) if you are interested in a painting as a xmas present, you can fill out my online order form (it's still a little sketchy, but it'll do for now :D) with your details etc (^-^)

order form:

it's a little short notice but if you would like one as a gift, i'll do my best to deliver before xmas comes :D :D i'll be happy to serve :)


julie's little world said...

hehe! the owl necklace is just adorable! great taste truce ;) hehe! i haven't bought anything from etsy yet but would love to one day :D all the crafty home made things are just beautiful <3 and i hope you'll be able to get a night off to have fun at the market during the summer, you're right, it's great that it's all till feb! i'm definitely going again hehe, gotta try more food! O_O

julie's little world said...

hehe there were so many other pretty earrings too, just wanted to buy them all! (>.<)

julie's little world said...

it's all good Cat! :D it's on till Feb! so we'll go together one night whenever we're all free and try all the food there is when we have the monies! hehe :) we'll all get temp tattoos too ;D oh yeah!!

julie's little world said...

OOoo! don't worry Pris! the night market is still on till end of feb, so you'll get to go if you do end up booking a flight for mid jan! YAY! :D yes definitely pop by, or we'll meet up for some yummy desserts :) and i'm so in love with rose earrings lately (>.<) got all sorts of colours! still want to buy more! haha!! and yeah, totally so hardcore with my blue bird tattoo hahaha XD I got weird looks every time my wrist was exposed LOL, oh the difference it makes :P next time i'm gonna get a dragon LOL! ... that was actually my first preference lmao, thank gosh i went for the bird >_>;; lmao!

Willabelle Ong said...

Aw, looks like fun!
Happy weekend dearie dear :)

Cathy said...

Is the first image a tattoo? Looks amazing !! and markets are always fun ! the atmosphere is so alive :P Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

jessieirwanto said...

awh no! D:
hehe i think i would only gat a tattoo if it was somehow related to family and mean a lot, but then i'd probably chicken out in the end too >< heh
oh ostrich burger :| what did that taste like? haha

i just realised how rushed you'd probably be for xmas but i'll definitely think about getting one for myself heh, just gotta find a really good quote/inspiration :)
thanks so much julie :D

Kimberly said...

Hey !
Your tattoo is super cute, don't be ashamed of it !
Love the owl :)


followafteralice said...

woah awesome tattoo Julie! haha hardcore indeed! Loving the owl necklace, I have a thing for owls! XD

julie's little world said...

hehe owls are pretty cool! except some actually look quite scary in real life (o_o) their eyes are a little intimidating lmao! XD spooky!

julie's little world said...

haha yup! it was a temp tattoo :) that's how i roll hahaha! but yeah, definitely going again and exploring more next time :) and thanks Cathy! hope you're having a nice week so far, another weekend here already!! xD

julie's little world said...

Thanks Willabelle! :) hope you're having a fab time in Singapore so far! :D :D xx

julie's little world said...

You're very welcome Jessie! (^_^) if you're stuck for quotes, I've actually compiled a list of nice ones that you can look at! :D but you gotta excuse my lack of making it look pretty haha, I've pretty much just copied and pasted it for now XD


:) and the ostrich burger tasted like lamb... LOL i actually didn't know what I was eating until after.. and when I found out, (=_=) I was like..erGUuHh!!! hahaha! and yeah, been talking to a girl at work about tattoos, she didn't get hers done until 10 years after she was sure she wanted her tattoo today! hahaha! XD sounds like a good idea to me :P hehe! hope you've been well Jessie! I'm sorry for my delayed response! >.< xx

miss tea said...

omgosh I'm actually planning to go to queen vic night markets this thursday :D reading your post is making me so excited for it now- I want to find bits of pretty jewellery too :D :D

julie's little world said...

hehe! that's awesome! I hope you have a fab time! you'll definitely enjoy all the cute/crafty stalls there! :D and i think it's wednesday night >.< haha~ and don't miss out on getting a temp tattoo too ;) hehe

InspirationandBeyond said...

cool necklace :)