Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vinh's 24th Birthday!

These are just a handful of my favourite snaps on the same night of Thao & Loi's Wedding (^-^) But this was all about celebrating my cousin Vinh's 24th Birthday! We all bought a change of clothes and shoes, and got ourselves to the city via train for the after party! :D We went for karaoke, had a couple tequila shots (by then, I was already giggling like a mad woman at everything), and then we headed to Joo-Mak, a korean bar, to continue our drinking party! Their strawberry soju was so yummy, it didn't even taste like alcohol! (^____^) I made a mistake of drinking it with a spoon because I thought it was soup LOL As you can see from the last photo, I'm just suffering from a serious case of the endless giggles, couldn't even take a proper group shot because of me :P It was so much fun! Vinh was totally gone though, we had to take him home with us (-__-) at least he didn't chuck up in my room! Phew* 

I didn't wake up till 3pm the next day (>.<) wah, what a night! The wedding and that just knocked me out completely! Can't wait for our next drinking night with my sisters and cousins (^-^)


I've been so behind with my blogging lately (>_<) but I guess things are starting to settle down now, and I can actually make a good move on with my paintings. I've got so many ideas, so it's time to turn them into dreams come true yo! Rah rah rah! *determined face* :) 

Today I got to see the girls again, along with Tri, and we went sunglasses shopping because of Cat's great deal with Sunglasses hut (^-^) we each had $250 credit to spend! And I decided to use it on a pair of Ray Bans! :D WOOOOOOO!! It was the first pair I tried on and I just loved it LOL! Can't wait to hold them again in my own little hands, mine oh mine (>.<) Thank you so much Cat!!! <3

Okay, I'm gonna NOT nap tonight and be more productive with things! :) 

Hope everyone's having a lovely week so far! 
The weather is just beautiful at the moment in Melbourne , loveeeeeeeeee! 

Love, from Julie xox

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Saera said...

awww the pictures look amazing and it looks like you did have an amazing time!!
time spent with your siblings and cousins is always fun and memorable!!

miss you <3

Kimu said...

It was really great seeing you all again. I felt really happy to be around you guys and I'm sorry for my outburst >_< But all your hugs and support are the best medicine~ loooooveeeeee youuuuuu xoxo

PS. I couldn't stop giggling at the photos of you! HAHAHAH JULIE drunkooooo!

jujunstoppable said...

LOL!!!! you're such a butthead! :P let's see how bad you can get when you're drunk! >:D muahahaha! how I can't wait till our next AA meeting, this time, i'll drink properly :P LOL and we'll definitely go to joo-mak next time too! :D the prices are actually decent too, especially for large number of people!

and and I love you too Usher :) i feel the same too, life's brighter when I have you guys around. I'm glad I was there for you too <3 you're home sweet home will take care of you, don't you worry! :D


jujunstoppable said...

naww! miss you too Sarah!! <3 it's been too long brow, too long!! us girls have gotta go to this joo-mak place and get ourselves drunk, KOREAN STYLE ;D muahahaha!!

Candypop said...

hehe you look so cute haha the drunko juliee :))
Lotsa time in my holidays for these sorts of moments with friends
Ahh my shoes my parents hate them and my bf thinks they look ugly so im abit heartbroken about it lol >_< but i know i can pull em off if i just believe i can and i have paired it with a few outfits in mine :) But yes photo times will come after i detox myself from exam mode. Skin = crap atm lol T_T

Kimu said...

whatever yo! you've seen me drunk before.. I mean.. I usually am at every AA meeting we have hahaha

jujunstoppable said...

hahaha XD would love to go out drinking with you one day Pris :) I'm thinking about coming down for my birthday next year to celebrate :D haha that's a whole year from now though.. and I uno why I"m thinking bout it already LOL (-_-) anyway! sucks your parents/bf aren't a big fan of your shoes, but what matters is that you love them anyway :) they're just scared you're gonna kick their butts with them on! hehe jkjk! and get lots of rest this weekend, amongst going to the wedding! :) have fun love!! xx

jujunstoppable said...

oh yah.. LOL you're pretty giggly yourself :P RAHHH let's do it again!! XD