Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thao & Loi's Wedding Celebrations!

So last weekend was my eldest sister's wedding! 

We were so fortunate to have such beautiful and flawless weather for the entire day during our wedding celebrations :) It all started out from 5:30AM for me and the other girls, but for the bride and mum, the day started from 3AM (>.<) due to make up and  hair! OmG! You can imagine how tired everyone was, but that didn't stop us from smiling non-stop for photos through out the day! hehe (^-^) 

The tea ceremony commenced at 7:30AM, but we were running a little late as the boys took their time arriving at our doorstep! As you can see from the super hot pink and electric blue ao dai, it was a traditional tea ceremony between two families, where the wedding couple offers tea to the elders, and exchanges gifts :) Perhaps it was a little unrehearsed, but no big drama and the photos from JWP Photography turned out lovely! (^___^) 

Here are more photos from the morning tea ceremony on Facebook! (here)


Once the tea ceremony was over an out, it was only the girls that were left at the house, while everyone else had to head on over to the groom's house for continuation of the tea ceremony :) and guess what we did while we were waiting to go to our hair/make up appointment?! 


Hehe it was probably the most fun I've had in a long time with my sisters and cousins (^-^) we were all still dressed up in our ao dai, so we took pretty photos along the stairs, and then all changed into our night dresses for a quick photo shoot with them too ;) how can we not?! The lighting in the front room was just perfect! 

As you can see, we were just being complete dorks in our photo shoot LOL! :) 

Here are more photos on Facebook (here)


Hair and make up time!

At 10:30AM, we rushed off to Glenny to get our hair and make up done by Aqua Hair Salon :) I just told them to make my hair curly, and put it up in a classy up-do! It kind of took me a while to like my hairstyle (>.<) especially the fringe curl, but I came around after a while :) But it's a shame there isn't a clear photo of my hair done up from the back, but apparently it looked real cute/classy according to everyone :) haha!  and the make up was pretty! But this all took about 3-4 hours for everyone to completely finish (~_~) and so, I do what I do best in times like these, I napped on the couch LOL I waited a good 2 hours to get my make up done (>.<) couldn't help myself! 

Rushed back home by 4:00PM, get changed quickly to catch a maxi-cab to Preston, which was where the night wedding reception was! It was nearly 45 minute drive.. so I napped again LOL :P 


The Wedding Night Reception! 

We arrived at the venue by 5:30pm, which was a little late (>.<) and already, my feet were starting to hurt from wearing heels! Boo! They were comfy when I tried them on in the shop (-_-) Anyway, everyone was just running around trying to get last minute things done, and organising tables! Our mission was to guide all the guests to their tables, after signing their name and getting a photo with the wedding couple :) Virginia and I did our best, till our feet killed (-_-) so we were told to just go sit down LOL

Food was served not long after most guests have arrived, and we were just STARVING!! So you can imagine, our whole table just gobbled their food down every time a new banquet dish came out! I must commend on the restaurants quick service! Every time any one finished with their plate, BAM, the plate was gone! LOL I was usually the one they were waiting to collect from coz I'm a little of a slow eater hahaha! XD My bad! It was a 10 course banquet, and we were just stuffed afterwards :) some odd dishes here and there, but I was satisfied! Didn't take photos of the food though >.> oh well! :) 

Through out the night's banquet, there were speeches and little festivities hosted by the MC! There was even the toss of the bride's bouquet! LOL It would have been okay... except for the fact that the MC kept saying: can all the single ladies step up, ALL SINGLE LADIES PLEASE STEP UP!? (this went on for a bajillion times more before our table stood up looking super embarrassed LOL) 

And it was Anna who caught the bouquet hahahaha XD good job man :P 

As the reception started to draw to a close, the restaurant finally played Jenny's CD mix for the night, and we all started dancing! (^___^) At this point, we all changed into our flats from our heels, and we were just dancing up a storm!!! Omg, the chef from the cafe,  Greg, was just a dancing diva! LOL And I had no idea my little brother could be such a good shuffler ;D I sure hope he keeps it up, that boy has potential!! 

Here are snaps from the night (^0^)

Here are more photos on Facebook too! (here)

My sister Thao looked beautiful on the night :) Her wedding dress was just so pretty! I didn't get to take a full shot of it though, but I'm sure the professional photographers did! The rest of the girls in my family, sisters and cousins, all looked gorgeous too! Rahhh!!  (>___<) I mean check out Jenny's hair!?!! She looked like a freaking movie star! XD hehe! 

Anyway I can just keep on rambling :) the night reception finished around 11:30PM, and that's when we all got changed for a little birthday celebration for Vinh's birthday afterwards! (but that's just gonna have to be a different blog post, this one is already too packed with photos LOL XD) 

It was definitely a night to remember, and I sure hope my sister Thao enjoyed herself, despite it being non-stop for her all day with all the wedding celebrations (>.<) She had multiple dress changes during the night, and she looked stunning in every one :) Loi is definitely a lucky guy! 


Once again, congratulation to my sister and Loi, the newly weds! :) 
I wish you all the best for your happily ever after guys! 

Love, from Julie xox

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khatsii said...

omg it looks amazing! how exciting! the first wedding in the family! congrats to your sister and everyone looks amazing! i'm so glad to hear the night was successful and memorable :D <3 its kinda a reality check huh? i mean, we're not youngsters any more O_O;

mwdee said...

You looked like you've so much fun!! And you look like a star too! :)) heheh congrats to your sis and her husband! ;D

Candypop said...

Awww man weddings are alot of work! O___O 3am?! GOSHHH CONGRATS TO YOUR SIS MAN!! She looks absolutely gorgeousssssss =O
Everyone looks really happy and the weather thankgod it wasn't rainy ! Your dress looks amazing hehe all the dress shots of dress swooshing looks cool haha the basketball ring one and also the one at the function at night where you girls are jumping in your dresses hahaha :DDD
Im off to a wedding this saturday! But as a guest so less stressful hehe


jujunstoppable said...

it really was a reality check! There were moments during the day where I'm still astounded at how fast tracking our lives are, where there used to be a time when we had no idea who would be getting married first, but now it's finally happened! (>.<) ohh, definitely makes you want to make the most of everything as they are now, because things are gonna change!! I can't wait for the first wedding between friends!! ;D ;D xx

jujunstoppable said...

hehe thanks Mwdee! :) it really was a fun day! I knocked out with sleeping till 3pm the next day! XD

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! Thanks Pris! :) and yeah! those photos were just the best to take with our dresses! XD it's so odd to do so in such formal clothes, but hey, you gotta do it one day toooooo!! :D makes you feel like a princess :) and oh oh!! have lots of fun at the wedding :D and yeah, definitely, it'll be less stressful for you as a guest hehe XD you just gotta eat :P xx

Candypop said...

thanks ju for your comment haha >_< the spiked loafers im waiting from romwe dont seem too hopeful at the moment so im feeling abit hurhhh i keep emailing them and pestering them about the shipping and the whereabouts :( i really hope its not lost in the post!
As for my glitter spike loafers theyre from singapore too :) and im hoping theyre not lost aswell =| would be very devastating!
What are you waiting on from singapore? =O

jujunstoppable said...

oh mans, i sure hope your loafers come soon enough :( i hate waiting for things in the mail! that's the only downside with shopping online (>.<) it ain't instant! *fingers crossed* don't lose hope!! and I bought a few things hehe x) a red skirt/belt, a couple of ysl inspired rings and a gold plated belt!! :D i reckon it should be coming this week, or next!! >.< and err, I just bought a couple more things from a nz shop LOL XD , and more bb cream hehe :P xx

Kimu said...

Congrats Thao & Loi ^___^
Everyone looked like they had a good time and I wish you had taken food pics.. was waiting for drool-time HAHAHA Jenny's hair looks soooo pretty and Ben looked cute in the traditional outfit XD Loved the photoshoot Julie XD so cute and funny! You girls.... hahaha

PS. good idea that you napped when you could.. it was such a long day for you!

jujunstoppable said...

hahaha!! :P nah, the food pics wouldn't have looked pretty (>.<) they divided up the food for us on our individual plates, so it was messy like! :S :S but at least it was nice, decent enough HAHAh :P i had pigeon that night.... (o_o)... tasted like duck XD say wahhhhhh!?

we gotta do a photoshoot too usher!! :) all the girls, YEAH!

Kimu said...

oh true... I forget that asian food usually doesn't have impressive plating when it's banquet style haahha yeah umm pigeon tastes like chicken to me.. duck is more fatty.. yum I'm craving roast duck now DX

truccie said...

haha the jumping photos are best. You look gorgeous Julie!

followafteralice said...

woah I really love what you guys did for the house decoration! So beautiful and artistic. Love the family pictures Julie, all looking so happy and pretty hehe. <3

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Truccie! :D :D

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! it was pretty fun making the decorations, but quite time consuming without realising it @_@ and thanks Alice :) it was a pretty happy day! xx

Willabelle Ong said...

Aww congrats to your sis and her husband!
So adorable... *o*

Guest said...

Love your dress where is it from Julie