Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Saturday Night In

#11 Little Julie - Little tribute to one of my favourite gLee songs from Season 2 :) 

Personally, when I listen to this song, it's more about how people personally make me feel about myself in terms of my looks. It's only on a few or so occasions but it's not that much for me to be so fussed about, but doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. It probably hurts because I believe I'm fine just the way I am, until someone points out something wrong. I actually had a dream last night, and I came across this girl from high school, and she was just being horrible with bagging me out for what I was wearing (_ _") With that said, I just left the slumber party! (Lol, that's where I was in my dream) 

I also listen to it in terms of how I make myself feel about myself. I wouldn't say I have the highest self esteem, I've got my issues too - I let my bad hair days, days where my skin is just irritated ruin my mood (-_-) and sometimes I prefer to wear my contacts so I won't look so dorky at work, or whenever I'm going out. But I'm slowly and surely coming to terms that my glasses is a part of me and people do notice when I'm not wearing them - maybe coz my eyes don't look so big behind my big frames LOL Neh.. hate to admit it but I do feel more confident without my glasses. Kind of feel like I'm a different person, it's always been like that since I first got my prescribed contacts for my screwed up eyes since year 7! Mmm. But I do love wearing my glasses, I look smarter ;) harhar

But then there are also days where I just don't care, whatever goes - I like those days best :)


End of another week of work, and tomorrow's my day off! (^-^)

I've been doing a lot for my painting and etc this weekend so far. While others are partying and drinking up, I'm at home doing arts and crafts in my little work shop LOL Wish I could go out, but hopefully I will be tomorrow :) Anyway, I'm really excited now for 'Julie's Little World', it's still so small right now, the idea, but it's growing, and I'd say that things are starting to come together!! Whoop whoop! I'll post up some photos of what I've been up to sometime this week :) :) 

And, can you believe, it's already 2am (-_-) time for bed, maybe a little reading. Started reading Jodi Picoult's - My Sister's Keeper - because I bought the DVD as well. Didn't know whether to read the book or watch the film first, since there's pros and cons - but bleh, that led to too much thinking, so I just started reading the book! It's pretty good so far, a more heavier read than Perks of Being A Wall Flower (loveeeeeeed it) but I can manage :) 

Anyway, good night lovelies! And Hello to my new followers! Thank you for stopping by my page and deciding to follow! Makes my day (^_^) don't be a stranger! <3 

Love, from Julie xox

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Kimu said...

haha don't worry Julix <3 I am also up and it's 2.10am now! I was actually working on revising my group assignment with my classmates for our Korean speaking test >_< omg we wished that we had made it this awesome the first time around so that we could have gotten full marks instead of 3.5/5 -_- oh well.. we will freaking kick ass in the speaking test.. i hope~

PS. I think you're beautiful. Just the way you are.
(..and I'm not just talking about skin-deep)

jessieirwanto said...

aw julie, you have nothing to be insecure about, you're gorgeous both inside and out and you've got amazing talent to back it up you should be incredibly happy with yourself :)
everytime i read your posts i end up with a smile on my face because of how you manage to convey yourself, its just so refreshing and genuine. i just thought you should know :D

also my sisters keeper is a very intense story, i was sobbing watching the movie with my friend :(

enjoy your day off tomorrow dear! you totally deserve it :)

jessie x
the weekend project.

Vale said...

I also wear glasses and love them, make me look smarter, lol...but I wear contacts very often, too :) One thing I am sure of is that we all see ourselves with negative eyes, we should learn to appreciate ourselves more and have more self esteem ! I like those drawings, so cute :) and I'd like us to follow each other, if you are interested ! Kisses

Fashion and Cookies
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jujunstoppable said...

nawww my gosh man! You were up late too! (>_<) and studying hard, such a good kid. Hope your speaking test goes well too! sounds like you practiced hardcore, so you'll kick butt ;) and thank you for making me feel all warm and bubbly inside with your p.s. (^___^) love you usher, hope you're a nice day so far on this nice day in Melbourne! xoxo

jujunstoppable said...

muah muah (^_^) you are so sweet Jessie! and i read more of My Sister's Keeper last night before bed, and oh my, it's getting to the part where they expose Kate's leukaemia as a child :( had to stop reading, too heavy for me to have sweet dreams (>____<) xox

jujunstoppable said...

hehe hi there Vale! I definitely agree with you, you've gotta love yourself more, even if we're our biggest critic - life's too short to worry too much about these trivial things huh! and thanks for liking my paintings! just checked out your blog, and you've got a wonderful fashion/life blog going on, and I like it! ^_^ definitely gonna follow xox

Kimu said...

Haha not such a good kid :( one of my assignments.. you know the one I told you about when we were at Alice's? Yeah... it was due last Monday and it's not finished yet !!! Argh I just can't finish it.. what's wrong with me!? I think I just need to take a deep breath and just do it~~~~~~

Have a good rest for the rest of this lovely Sunday ^_^ PS. I got the job at Cotton On! But I'm still waiting on Myer and Telstra to get back to me~ haha that's why I called.. I wanted to share the news with you first >.<

jujunstoppable said...

OMGGGGGG USHER CONGRATS YOU LIL BUM!!!!! XD LOLLLL I'm so excited for you for your new job at Cotton On!!!!!!!! :D :D:D :D :D:D Definitely gonna come visit if it's at glenny, or somewhere close (o_o) nawww now i feel silly for napping through your happy times!! (>_<) i'm proud of you Kim :) :) for not giving up! Hope you hear good news from Myer too! not so much Telstra... :P but yeah, do your homework man! dw.. i get like that for some assignments too.... (=__=) its like some of them are my lowest priority haha.


Saera said...

Julie, you are beautiful and don't you ever forget that! But being insecure is a part of life, me as your friend, I think you are awesome the way you are and would never want that to change!

I wear glasses too XD we can be dorks together coz you know why? Dorks are CUTES!!

Love you baby!

Candypop said...

Hey juju! I love glee and watch every episode religiously and that song does have a strong message behind it and us as girls have all sorts of insecurities which is dumb lol because its stupid how things soo petty get to us :( I understand this very well whether its my skin my weight or the sorts of clothes i wear.
Lol but lets hope we have more of those days where we just dont give a crap because we are who we are and there are people who love us for that and our individuality is what makes us stand out :)
I love you and your glasses =OOO i dont think you look dorky at all~ I just wish i looked as good with mine on -_-"
I hope you enjoyed your day off ! Hopefully i come down and visit you soon ?!

love you lots !

Vale said...

Thank you so much for following my blog, I am now following back and I am glad to keep in touch with you ! :-) Kisses

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jujunstoppable said...

Love you too Sarah brow!!! and thank you for making me smileeeee with your comment man! (^_^) and for thinking so highly of me <3 you're pretty awesome yourself dear and I wouldn't want that to change either! Otherwise, who would I call my browwwwwww if she ain't like my browwww brow?? harharhar :P couldn't help myself! XD And yes! Dorks are cuties! let's wear them together yo ;)

muah muah!! xoxo

Kimu said...

YES I've been allocated to the Glen store xD Why not Telstra? They pay freaking good ass money and it's not just a Xmas Casual job! Myer and Cotton On are unfortunately..

jujunstoppable said...

I loved what you said about there are people who will love us for who we are, because that's so right, and they're the ones who are important and who matter too :) and yes! Individually sure does make us shine a little brighter! Insecurities are silly, but it's normal huh >.< we'll be alright :) :) and thanks for thinking i don't look like a dork with my glasses LOL! XD but tbh, i do look like one when i have to use my finger to constantly push it up LOL!! :P and I'm pretty certain you look hot with your specs dear! you've got that modelling image going on ;) no kidding!

and yes! come visit!! :D btw, what do you think of season 3 of glee so far?? I just watched the first ep yesterday and it was pretty good! ^-^ but i heard the 2nd one was boring lol =_=;;

love you too pris :) :) keep smiling xoxo

jujunstoppable said...

OHHHH YES! I can come visit you at Glenny then! I'm gonna disguise myself to see if you can recognise the infamous Lil Jon ;) And I think I was thinking about your telemarketing job in terms of Telstra haha (>_<) but you'd be in an actual shop! :) FINGERS CROSSED THEN!! <3 <3

Kimu said...

lmao you goose!! Telstra customer advisor XD So I'll be working in the Chadstone store haha I actually wouldn't mind if it was a telemarketing job for Telstra either because most of those would be inbound calls xD

Candypop said...

yeah the eps for season 3 arent as great its so weird. but i guess i'll keep watching to see what happens next >< hehe