Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anna's Graduation!

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My graduation gifts for my sister Anna :) A painting to act as a reminder to always bring her own sunshine, her own special qualities to light, wherever she may be headed in life. And a memory board to hold all of her graduation instax/photos :) 


Today I finished work early for once @ 2PM! Had to quickly get dressed into pretty clothes so that half of my family and I could attend Anna's Graduation @ Deakin University in Geelong! That's nearly an hour's drive away from Melbourne (>_>) but the weather was nice, a little windy, so it was okay! I was able to grab a quick nap before arriving, which was very much needed because I've been exhausted lately from working and late nights. 

The ceremony started at 5PM, but my parents and I were allowed to go in earlier because my dad's in crutches, so that makes him special :) It was probably a little boring for me only because I didn't know anyone but my sister that was graduating, plus, it wasn't my own graduation! But I was very proud to see my sister stand up there on stage, receiving her diploma for her bachelors :) She had the dorkiest smile on her face once she had spotted us sitting in the audience, waving to her! LOL 

1. She's like my best friend <3  2. She loved her gift (^_^)  3. Anna reading the Deakin Ceremony guide, looking for her name ~  4. Found it! :D  5. My gifts for her ~  6. Graduates standing up at the beginning of the ceremony, everyone looking so spiffy!  7. My sister on stage, smiling for the camera after mum embarrassing called out to her while all was quiet (=_____=) lmao  8. One day it'll be my turn! :) Let's hope it's next year!  9. My little memento from the evening <3 


This week has been hectic, and I feel a little behind on a lot of things, but after getting home tonight from Geelong, I've been able to take care a few things. My heart is a little more at ease now, especially since my room is much tidier than it was the previous night! Don't you find that you're more stressed when your room is a mess? I always feel a lot better once I start folding all my clothes again, pack them away, and just sort things out to where they belong. Less clutter, less stress! 

On top of everything that's been on my plate, I'm napping more than I should after work :( so I tend to wake up at 10pm, when everyone sleeps! (=_=) and I miss dinner.. and yeah, better take better care of myself! Come on Julie! You're not a freaking machine! (>_<) 

Welp, best continue with getting things done, so my weekend won't be so jam-packed again! :) And I can't believe it's not even 11PM yet! Woo! I might even be able to get a good night's rest tonight! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :) 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Watched Crazy, Stupid Love with my cousin on Tuesday night, and I LOVED IT! <3 Ryan Gosling is so freaking hot...I couldn't help but punch my cousin with excitement when he first made his appearance LOL. So sexy (*__*)

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Candypop said...

CONGRATS to your sis! And your gifts to her are so lovely! I wish to be as creative as you cos then making your own things and giving them as presents is usually the best thing cos you made it yourself!
I have yet to see that movie, but ive heard good things frm my friends who have seen it!


jessieirwanto said...

you and your sister are adorable!
congratulations to her for graduating - it must be so surreal!

and yes i definitely have to clean my room before i can get any study done, i just feel like i'll be preoccupied otherwise ><
ryan gosling *SWOON* i've been in love with him ever since the notebook heh...
jessie x
the weekend project.

its truccie said...

Your graduation gift is so very sweet Julie! and yes, Ryan Gosling is to drool for. I love that movie. So funny and great twist in the end! I didnt see it coming at all.

jujunstoppable said...

hehe Thanks Pris! :) :) I love making gifts for people tbh! (^-^) Coz when giving them away, I know for sure that I've put effort into creating something just for them to have :)

and definitely go watch the movie when you're taking a break from all your uni work!! :D Ryan Gosling man.... don't miss out! XD

take care of yourself too Pris :) :) have a lovely weekend!! xox

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Jessie! ^-^ And you're right! It was surreal! Even for me, and I'm just part of the audience! haha! Mmm, we'll get to our graduation one day too man! :) Rahhh I'm excited!!!

haha! Yes! I always had to clean up my room before I could even think about concentrating on my hw! (-__-) I swear, I can be so messy, yet people tell me my room is neat! Hahaha! It's only coz I tell them to wait out in the hallway for like 5 minutes before I let them in :P muahaha

and yes.. Ryan Gosling in the Notebook...(x___x) that's where I first fell in love with him too!!!! he looks so different in Crazy Stupid Love!! Looks younger, how does he do it! @_@

Have a lovely weekend Jessie! :) :) xoxox

jujunstoppable said...

hehe Thanks Truccie! :) and YES OMG! The ending for Crazy Stupid Love was freaking awesome! XD hahahaha! I couldn't stop laughing man.. too good :) and when ryan took off his top....*faints*

mwdee said...

Your sis and you both look so pretty <3 :)) don't be worried about feeling a lil behind things. take it easy and enjoy every bit of life! :D hahhaa i prefer to live in a messy place tho :x even if I spent a whole day packing up, within a few days, it'll get back to it's original state :p hahahah

jessieirwanto said...

gah i'll be excited and scared to be in the "real world" D:
my gosh i don't know, but now i want to go watch the notebok again :3 hehe
you're so cute thanks julie!
ohh hazelnut! yum, i've heard hazelnut bubble tea is really good too :)

jessie x
the weekend project.

Danii S said...

You're so artsy and creative! Lovely blog :) how come your sister graduated in october...?

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! I actually watched the notebook recently, oh the tears... and it was on TV some weeks ago too! XD i just love watching the beginning, the sweetest moments :) and i should definitely try out this hazelnut bubble T! :D

my weekend was good :) relaxed out! now I can't wait for this weekend!! (>___<) rah rah rah! hope you're having a good week so far Jessie! study hard :) xox

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks for your encouragement mwdee dear! ^-^ I'll try to take it easy, take it as it comes :) and you're so right about cleaning up, as soon as I want to go out, my clothes are all over the place again because of my indecisiveness lmao! XD xox

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Danii! :) and my sister finished her studies last semester, in June, so I guess she applied to have her graduating ceremony at the end of the year :)

Marlene Bürgi said...

i'm completely lovestruck by your sweet illustrations.
you and your sister seem to have so much fun. those polaroids are brilliant by the way.

xx //