Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabrics & More!!

I seriously can't get enough of looking at all of the fabrics that are made available at Spotlight!! (>_<) I went last weekend on the Saturday afternoon to buy my first batch of fabrics that will be offered for custom-made memory boards/photo frames made by yours truly :) It was such an exciting hour or so for me! LOL I couldn't stay still in one spot for too long because there was always something that caught my eye, making me run to the next spot and so on. It took me ages to finally settle on a few patterns/textiles that will fit within my budget (>_>) but I'm really happy with my finds :) <3

My favourite would definitely have to be the heart pattern (most expensive >.<) and the 'whale' pattern! All I can think of when I look at the latter is 'Whale you be my girlfriend?' .. 'I Whale.' LOL 


My weekend was really good in terms of relaxing and getting some things sorted out :) 

Yesterday I got to meet up with Sarah (xdollhouse), Kim (xxshinrai) and Cat (khatsii) for some lunch in the city! Haha, now before you think it's some kind of bloggers meet up, you should know that...IT TOTALLY WAS LOL (nah nah, I'm just kidding, these girls would kill me if I kid like that for reals :P) I just couldn't stop laughing at that idea the whole time at brunch! XD  

Anyway, it's been so long since I've gone out during the day, dressed up and not in my usual work clothes! The weather was beautiful, despite the chill in the air. We settled to have lunch in one of the alleyways next to GPO near Bourke St - called 'Ca de Vin' - and I really enjoyed the experience! 

One, it wasn't Asian cuisine, which is what we usually go to! It was italian based(?) so we had a couple of fancy pasta dishes (I like to think they were fancy.. :P), a margarita pizza and salt/pepper calamari <3 It was pretty delish :) Two, it was placed under this marquee, so you could still feel the nice breeze every now and then, while being under cover. Three, the service was so friendly! I was given free ice because a waitress was worried my drink was getting too hot! SO SWEET! XD 

Here are a few photos that I've stolen from Sarah's xdollhouse blog hehe :) 

Don't these photos look dreamy to you? :P hehe It's not just you, it's actually one of the settings on Sarah's new camera! haha! Seems like a pretty fun feature! XD 

Afterwards, we just wandered around the city for a couple more hours till we had to head home. I got to train home with Sarah, woo hoo! :D I walked around Chaddy for a little while before their shops started closing. I ended up buying a large photo frame for my family's living room :) it can hold up to 9 photos, and has the word 'FAMILY' as part of the frame, love it! I also got into a really nice convo with  the girl who worked in that particular shop (^_^) I like holding conversations with strangers and feel like you're talking to an old friend, made me chipper as I walked home :)

Made myself another moodboard for my desktop couple of nights ago :) It's basically just a collection of my recent favourite pictures/photos and quotes that I've found on tumblr, put all together pretty like for me to look at, to inspire and motivate me to just keep moving forward <3


Not much else to blog about, except that I'm being kept busy with doing commission work for my friend, sister and couple other friends now too! :D Going to work hard on them now, anything to keep me awake till I can sleep at a normal hour tonight! Been napping at 5pm, and waking up at 10pm lately... NOT GOOD! (=_=) I wake up when everyone else is going to sleep! Need my sleep so I can function properly at work haha! 

Oh yeah, it was definitely Monday Madness today at work (=_=) rah, and that is all I can say. 

Hope everyone will have a lovely week a head of them! :) Study hard, so you can play hard! 

My favourite song to listen to atm, I Got You - Leona Lewis <3

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. I finally got my package from BadBarbie! My copy Litas have finally arrived! (>_<) 

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Kimu said...

OMG blog post on your faux Litas! review~~~
The waitress at Ca de Vin was soooo sweet and I loved her french accent. So sexy XD Now what was that 'fancy pasta' we ate again.. blahblahblah veal ragout! YEAH! lol

PS. loving the iWHALE fabric ^_-

jujunstoppable said...

her accent really was sexy! XD No wonder they hired her! She's sucha sweetheart!! hehe dw, I'll take some photos perhaps this week or after with my Lita's :) busy busy with paintings now >.< rah, Anna gave me more orders LOL and i seriously LOVE the iWhale fabric hehe :P wanna keep it all to myself! drape it around my shoulders and fly off to whale land........... hahahahaha :D xox

jessieirwanto said...

firstly, can't wait to see how the shoes look! :D
ahahahah you're so cute i actually smile so much reading this post! "i whale" hahaha awww
the whale one is my favourite!! its so cuteee
you're just a whole bunch of cuteness overload
hope you have a better day at work tomorrow and its not so busy <3
jessie x
the weekend project.

Belle Dinh said...

Aw, you're so creative! I love the what you're wearing and the song too ((:

Kimu said...

Good uck with all your painting orders! I really hope it doesn' overwhelm you. I dn't know how you can manage when you're working so much >.< Go Julehhh GOOO~

Saera said...

haha naww the fabric choices look amazing!! i can't pick a particular favourite but they're beau! can't wait to see more of your own creations!

Willabelle Ong said...

Aww the fabrics are so cute :3
<3 <3 Can't wait to see the end products!

Chloe Nghiem said...

I love what you did with the ribbons and polaroids! Your blog makes me feel soo uncreative hahaha :(

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! The shoes are so comfy! And even if they're copies of the original litas, they're still pretty to me >.< and i loveeeeee the whale one! wana keep it all to myself! :D such a lucky find, cheap too! and this week at work has been kind of full on, but tomorrow's friday, phew! :) hope you're been having a good week Jessie dear! xox

jujunstoppable said...

hehe! Thanks brow! :) I can't wait to use them fabrics too!

jujunstoppable said...

Thanks Chloe for visiting my blog! :D They're memory boards that I'll be making for my little online business (^_^) you can order to be custom made too! and don't feel uncreative, feel inspired :) I'm inspired by your blog with all of your reviews! Keep up the good work xox

jujunstoppable said...

Me too! Love the cute fabrics! Just can't get enough of them! :) :) xoxo