Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Family Christmas 2011

1. Santa and I with all of my presents from family this year!! (^-^) so spoilt!!  2. My gorgeous family, minus my dad who had to work late (sadface) but I still love this photo :)  3. Vinh hogging all of the yummy roast Chicken! haha yup, he's just wearing a headband :P  4. Presents galore!!!  5. My presents from Anna (pretty bracelet) and Vinh (pretty Karen Miller watch) <3 <3  6. Cute and delicious xmas cake from Breadtop!! (^__^)  7. Jenny, Santa and Vicky! <3  8. Cute lil cupcakes provided by Thao and Loi :)  9. A massive memory board that I made for Jenny and Benny's new house :) so happy they loved it!! 


My family and I celebrated our Christmas early this year, like every other year (>.<), but this time we celebrated it at Jenny and Benny's new house in Ringwood! :D And I must say, it's a beautiful and cute little house, perfect for two people (^___^) I loved how they furnished everything, classy! They're lucky too that it's a brand new house that they bought off the market :) everything's so new!! I made a big deal at of how pretty and clean the light switches were LOL, everyone just kind of shook their heads...

Moving along haha! Dinner was so yummy! Roast chicken, pork belly, fried rice and duck/jellyfish salad, an Asian Christmas dinner and I was so satisfied after finishing a big plate of everything (^__^) after cleaning up, it was PRESENT TIME!! I can't believe how many presents there were under the tree this year, everyone in the family really went all out, even with the wrapping! LOL Seemed like we were all trying to top everyone else with our beautiful wrapping skills :P Ben was the Santa this year, and he definitely fit the part, and he made it more Aussie by holding a beer stubby in the other hand while handing out gifts! LOL XD *shakes head* 

All in all, it was such a nice relaxing night after such a hectic week and day!! Every year I'm always thinking the same, at how time is flying by so fast, and how quickly everyone is growing up and getting on with their adult lives. Two of my sisters have moved out now, and I'll be graduating next year *fingers crossed*, and my little brother is not so little anymore (@___@) far out! 

I really do love my family <3 We've had rough patches here and there during this year, but it was obvious that everyone made a great effort this year for Christmas, and it was just wonderful to have everyone having such a fun night giving out presents and enjoying each other's company <3 


It's Christmas Eve tonight, so I sure do hope everyone'll make it home in time to spend a wonderful night with their family or friends :) I'll be spending it with family watching Kung Fu Panda, and eating chocolate ice-cream with lychee! (^__^) <3 

* Merry Christmas Everyone *
Let your loved ones know you love them tonight :)

Love, from Julie xox


Kimu said...

LOL of all things, you focused on the LIGHT SWITCHES?! hahahahahahahaha *only you Julie, only you..*

I feel so happy and in the festive mood after seeing your family celebrating. It looks like it was a really great night with really yummy foods and omg all those presents!!!! It must have been so fun to unwrap everything XD I wish Xmas was like this in my family but we really have lost our festive spirit in recent years :( It's so sad.. hope one day when I have my own family.. we will always make big deals out of all the holidays!

khatsii said...

a lovely post :] awesome santa though! hahah beer stubbie in one hand HAHA! nice XD i do hope you have a lovely relaxing christmas my dear! missing you heaps and cannot wait till i see you next! i have to give you my sunnies! :O

mwdee said...

omgggah. the food looks goooood. hhahah and was totally taken aback by the amount of presents around the christmas tree! it makes me miss the good old times when my family used to celebrate xmas together :((

julie's little world said...

yeah presents were a little excessive this year haha! i made it up this year coz i wasn't able to afford any last year (T__T) but i guess it looks a lot coz we have a family of 5 kids haha XD i hope you're spoilt with lots of love regardless mwdee :) xox

julie's little world said...

miss you heaps too cat (>_<) and i'll definitely see you before 2011 ends :) muah** and i can't wait for the sunnies (>_<) you've really spoilt me this year for xmas Cat!! thank you so much man, really <3

julie's little world said...

hahahaha! seriously the light switches were real pretty :) no kidding!! and that's good to hear my post was able to make you feel happy (^_^) it was a great night! ended a little sooner than expected but I guess that's only coz jenny lives a fair way from our chaddy house >.< and i hope your family will find the festive spirit again in the upcoming years, don't lose hope :) and i'll definitely make it a big deal every year for my future family too XD it's during the holidays family should get together and do silly holiday things together too :) muah* xox

Candypop said...

AWWW everyone looks so happy gah its moments like these and pictures that make me wish that my family were as festive. The food looks amazing and the description of the house sounds cool with the furnishings! hahaha the light switches are so clean i think i tend to notice things like that too however i would have prob noticed the toilet being so new and clean LOL <3

Kimu said...

OMG I just realised... the photo of Jenny's board.. I think she's wearing the dress I was admiring in bariano at Chaddy! But the shorter version LOL