Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas @ Times!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Love, from Times Cafe xox

This was just a little Julie that I painted for my family cafe - as part of our signs announcing our holiday dates! (21st Dec 2011 - 9th Jan 2012! Just one more week!!!!)


1. The Times Cafe Family! (missing Marco & Jennie >.<) after Korean BBQ Xmas Dinner a couple of weeks back :)  2. A couple of memory boards that I made especially for the cafe to be part of the decor for the back dining table (^-^)  3. Yummy and pretty desserts from dinner! Yummy green tea ice-cream!  4. A growing collection of good times @ Times Cafe ;)  5. Nom nom nom! 


Hey there everyone >.< 

 It's been a while since I've updated my blog *sadface* - it has just been hectic with Christmas fast approaching!! I feel like most nights I'm never home, and I'm constantly skipping meals because of my afternoon naps. Generally super sleepy at work because of my silly sleeping pattern (>_<) how did I get myself to be so freaking busy?! 

At the moment I'm juggling work, along with unavoidable last minute Christmas shopping, finishing off  paintings and being part of the creative time for Stage Fright! I'm pretty sure I was hyperventilating silently last night at our latest meeting (>____<) There is so much to do before February 25th is at our doorstep! But...we can do this ;) I'm so happy we've got such a great team to work with :) As much as it stresses me out with all this extra work on the side, I'm truly excited for the actual day!!!

At the moment I am in charge of the arty prize hampers to both help fundraise for the event, and for the charity we are raising money for - Able Australia <3 Hence I'm selling raffle tickets for $2! Message me if you're interested ;) 

Here are a list of the featured artists who are all donating their own arty goodies :D

You won't be disappointed with what's in store for these hampers!! 


Treat yourself to some sizzle this Saturday! 

This weekend will be our first fundraising event - a BBQ @ Alexandra Gardens on Saturday from 11:30am- 2:30pm! If you're a Melbournian, and you're free for the day, please do come on over and treat yourself to a sausage sizzle or some cupcakes to help us raise funds for our anticipated event! :) *fingers crossed the weather will be kind to us!*


There is still so much to say, but so little time but so much to doooooo! (>___<)" But I'm glad I was able to commit some time to update, because I'm still alive, a survivor if you will, so far >:)  hahaha I'm so lame.. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a nice week so far and have completed all their xmas shopping unlike yours truly :) Only 10 more days till Christmas people! 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Hello hello to my new followers (^_^) you've brightened up my day, thank you <3 

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khatsii said...

great work love :D glad to see everything is coming together for you :D sorry i can't make it to support at stage fright :[ i'm in the phils but nail it! uber proud of you my dear! :D

Kimu said...

look at youu~ such a busy little bee! I hope that you aren't neglecting your health too much. I know you've always had a weird dinner/nap schedule lol but maybe you need to do something about changing that. I used to take naps after uni/work in the evening all the time >.< then I wouldn't sleep til waaay past midnight. Somehow, forced myself to be busy during the evenings doing whatever~~~ so now I sleep at the right time hahaha I'll admit though... I super wanna take a nap right now cuz I didn't get much sleep last night because of the xmas party haha.. oh well >.<

Candypop said...

Cutest holiday date sign :D You sound soooo busy juju! I hope that you rest properly and look after yourself !When you come down we have to catch up, long shot but i thought you might be down around x-mas so i sent you an invite to my bday! REST UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF MAN!

mwdee said...

Yes, Christmas is coming soon and everyone's so busy getting gifts etc.. but please do get your proper meals and enough rest! :)) would love to visit your family cafe if my trip to aussie is confirmed next half of 2012! ^^

julie's little world said...

omg you're planning to come to melbourne?! :D that'd be so awesome, will definitely treat you to some sweets or something! (^___^) and i'm so sorry for the late reply dear mwdee! it's just been hectic but things are slowing down now that it's christmas haha XD no more work to worry about!! woohoo! I hope all is well on your end! :D xox

julie's little world said...

hey there Pris!! i'm so sorry for the late reply! >.< it's just been hectic! and yah, my health went a lil downhill the last couple of weeks hahahaha -_- but all good now that it's christmas!! :D :D and i was happy i was invited to your birthday get together! i'm sorry I won't be able to make it though >.< i sure hope you'll have a lovely time man :) i hope your christmas will be awesome tonight!! xoxo

julie's little world said...

I MISS YOU USHER, I really do >.< I've been walking past Telstra all the time now for the past week, trying to finish off my xmas shopping, and you're never there :( haha but I do recall you telling me you didn't have any shifts this week! But yes...I think I caught a glimpse, or a couple of your Charlieeeeee, who's gonna take you to magic mountain ;D hahahahaha! WEEEEEEEE! Yup, i'm chuckling to myself :) muah* hope to see you soon before I go to Adelaide, I'll make sure of it <3 xx

julie's little world said...

MUAH* I MISS YOU CATT!!! It's been so long, even though I saw you last week >_< I really do hope you haven't been too stressed with all the xmas work hours and xmas in general! And that you'll have a lovely night tonight with your family :) I still have your birthday present coming!!!!!!!! I'll definitely get it to you before I go to Adelaide yo!!! muah* and it's all good about you going to Phils, I'll be thinking of you while I'm at Stage Fright ^-^ xoxox

Kimu said...

I actually worked Thursday and Friday! I covered a midnight shift on Thursday and then my manager asked me to come in at 6.30 to 10.30 LOL both those days I worked at cotton on as well!! Wow.. been so tiring .. now I get two days off before work again on Tuesday~ omg please don't talk about him in public LOL. Please. I don't even know him. I need to update you on so much!

mwdee said...

hahah no worries! all is well with far. hahah. yesyes, maybe some time at the mid of next year :)) had been wanting to visit Aussie since awhile back!