Friday, March 5, 2010

One and the same

Back when I was young, really young, I'd wish that I was born with a twin sister, so that my lonely days wouldn't feel so lonely and long. Growing up in a house with three older sisters, it's easy to be left out and forgotten by them so that's why I felt that way. Even when my little brother came along into the picture, I was still the odd one out, the one that's always 'too oblivious' to care. That hurts when she says that. I'm sorry if I can be stuck in my own world for longer than others, but you're really one to talk. Everything that has got to do with you is always TOP PRIORITY, and anything else is just in the way. That pisses me off...Sigh, I hate arguing with my sisters. To deal with the aftermath of a shouting match is the worst. The tension, the awkwardness - and it doesn't feel like it will end either. Whatever. I'll move on, and get over it.