Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm all kinds of off balance

The reason behind making a new design based blog is my little secret :)

Naw, I'm just kidding. But seriously. I'm a very self conscious girl, and I can be ohso easily influenced by the people around me, by what is the right thing to say and when to just keep it quiet, by what to think, and feel and express. I don't want to hold anything back with this blog. Hence, I'm not going to publicise this blog until I'm ready to show people who I really am and can be. I'm not always nice and understanding, things in life can irritate me as much as the next person. I start things, but complain about finishing them (but not everyone knows that). I generally wing it, rather than go right into attention to detail (though, I don't want to be that kind of person who leaves many things to the last minute). I can be hardworking, but people always overestimate just by how much of a hardworker I can be. And there are times where I rather not talk to anyone, and just be by myself to do nothing or whatever. I can't help it if I want to ignore you or not in the mood - that's just how I am. I wish I was the perfect daughter, but I'm glad I'm not because I wouldn't know the meaning of fun as I do now. My independence has grown over the past year, and it scares me that I find myself alone too many times these days (that can be changed). I'm a rambler (if you haven't noticed already) and it's not always easy for me to just get to the point (generally because I'm 'too' nice to deal with the truth). And there are always times when I don't know what to say, so I can be a conversation killer, even though I'm a pretty good conversation starter to new people. Anyway, whatever for now. Inside and out, I'm an odd little girl having a hard time adjusting to the changes she's experiencing and still trying to figure out what it is she wants to do with her life.

And as you can see from all that. I'm all mixed up. So for this design blog to be a little secret for now is kind of crucial for me to branch out to say and do whatever I like without even worrying about people that I know, and (perhaps) love judging me for being someone I'm not (or really in their case really - being someone they don't recognise). And that was one really long statement. :)

Thankyou, and goodnight.

Love, Julie XOX