Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Every ending is a new beginning

First day back at uni for the 3rd year, and I ended up borrowing 5 massive design books to inspire myself with. One of them is called: 'Over & Over' by Mike Perry - and I absolutely loved flipping through it slowly, where every page defied the traditional makings of patterns. Some of them I instantly fell in love with, such as Robin Cameron's work, Kirk Hiatt, Kimou Meyer, Andreas Samuels (oh that's love right there for me) and Maja Sten. That's just a handful of those that stood out for me, while others didn't really cut it with my odd taste (some just creeped me out, but were still interesting to explore).

Robin Cameron -
Kimou Meyer -
Stefan Marx -
Andreas Samuels -
Maja Sten -

I know for a fact that I absolutely LOVE patterns - especially ones that I could just visually with making an awesome quilt with. Imagine all the colours, and gorgeous details that they could be made up with. Over the summer I was taught on how to use the sewing machine - and don't ask me why I was suddenly inspired to do so because I just wanted to(?) Anyway. I do what I do everytime I suddenly have a new thing to do - I go to Spotlight and splurge on a whole load of things that will help me achieve it better. I bought mass loads of cute to quirkly looking patterned fabrics and I love them all. I've made several cushion covers for myself and loved ones, including tiny little (and definitely useless besides for decoration) cushions for my friends for Christmas 2009. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to give them presents like that, even though half the time I don't know what they could do with my creative gifts. OH WELL :D

My tiny cushions for loved ones

Love, Julie XOX

P.S. I need to get my lifestyle back in order. Lack of sleep and mass eating of instant noodles is going to literally kill me one day.