Sunday, March 4, 2012

Online Shop Opening Soon


Hey there everyone!

I'm excited and I'm stressed about my online shop being launched in the upcoming week! 

It was originally going to be launched this Monday, however due to time restraints and never ending work shifts, I have to push d-day to this Wednesday 7 March! (>_<) It was pretty hard decision to make, but I'm stressing and lacking sleep to the point where something needs to change. I'm sincerely sorry for the wait but I know you guys who are anticipating the launch (who ever you are >.<) will understand, because you're all lovely :) I've never done anything like this before, so to me it's important that I get this done right! Well as close to right I can get! I'll be making sure everything is covered, and straight forward enough :) *fingers crossed for the best*

Since there's a delay in the my shop launch, I'll leave you with a few sneaky peeks of what you can expect this coming Wednesday (^____^) Hope you enjoy!

Alright it's 2am now >.< and it's best for me to get some rest before work tomorrow morning! I'm excited for tomorrow because I get to see my girlfriends and cousins again for one of my good friend's 25th birthday at night time - themed classic 50-60's :) It'll be my one night off from all this work so yay! (^_^) time to party hard! Not too hard though, since I've got work early on Monday too (=___=) why oh why?! 

Anyway, hope everyone's having a lovely weekend so far :) 
Stay nice and warm, away from the never ending rain in Melbourne! 

Love, from Julie xox

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Kimu said...

I can't wait for your website to launch ^_^ Things have been so stressful for you lately, but chin up and work hard! It will be rewarding at the end of it all. Haha OMG I still don't know how to style my hair for Dan's birthday tonight. *streeessssss*

Candypop said...

Launch should be soonies? =o i cant wait!! My sleep hasnt been much better since Uni started but its been abit better i guess. I would love to buy something from your shop :)) Weathers been sunny here in Adelaide lets hope things are sunny in Melbs too ox Miss you juju you busy beeeee

jessieirwanto said...

julie! i'm so excited for you
all the best of luck for the grand opening hehe
i hope you've been well and not working yourself to the bone! take a day off and relax lovely you deserve it :)
jessie xxx
the weekend project.

Alex said...

Your stuff is sooo cool. You're very talented. :)


Mintyla said...

So excited for your shop!

Missing Amsie Blog

julie's little world said...

you looked gorgeous at Dant's man ^___^ very classic with the 60's like dress from H&M ;D

julie's little world said...

hehe! sorry for the late reply bubs! >.< shop's been open for over a week now so happy happy :) got some business *thumbs up!* but everything's been so busy besides that @_@;; been wanting to blog since forever, now i'm procrastinating from doing uni work haha =_=;; hope you're doing a better job at keeping up with your studies than I am! :) miss you too Pris! <3 omgosh your USA trip is soon!!!!

julie's little world said...

Naww! thanks for your support Jess, always! <3
and can't say I'm not working myself to the bone haha XD but i'm still always the little stress ball :) oh wells! that's life man haha XD being a little procrastinator atm with uni project... (-_-) it doesn't make any sense!!!!! RAH O_O;; anyway! hope you've been well too man! thanks for dropping by! missed your comments :D good luck with uni man!! xx

julie's little world said...

Hehe hey there Wida! my shop's open now (^_^)
I just haven't had time to blog about it! >.<;; happy browsing bubs :D xx

julie's little world said...

Thank you dear Alex for your comment! <3 :)