Thursday, March 22, 2012

With Love

It's just over 2 weeks now since my Online shop for Julie's Little World has been launched (^_^) and so far it's been pretty good with business! I'm blessed with having custom orders from the most friendliest of people, who are very understanding and lenient on me with the time constraints of their paintings. Makes me happy to paint for them! And I've had a few overseas orders too with my Etsy store from United States and Singapore (heyyyy MwDee! :D), and that's just wonderful! I really do hope they'll enjoy the goodies I sent them and give them good homes (^_^) 

I've also recently officially registered the business name of Julie's Little World with Business Victoria! I was happy to find I received an actual certificate for the business name registration today! :D I think I might frame it up just for the sake of it! hehe :) 

Thank you thank you & Thank you! 

I know I've said it so many times before but I honestly don't think I can ever thank you enough! 
But here I go again :) Just wanted to say thank you endlessly to all of my friends and family who showed their great support before and since my shop launch! The kind words and feed back was highly appreciated! Because of you, I was able to make changes to my online shop to make it easier to follow and navigate! (^___^) You've also given me the courage to keep soldiering on with my little business! I'm inspired to try and create more goodies for the shop in the future! :D

 Thank you so much for your love and support, always <3


It's been a while since I've updated my little blog (>.<) I've been wanting to for a while now since my shop launch, but never can find the time, or in other cases the strength, to update (>.<) Life does get a little busy some times, and I've been really feeling that lately! I finally started using my 2012 diary to organise myself because I tend to forget to do things when my head is constantly buzzing (@_@)" I really need to sort out my priorities more and have a better routine!! Ahh.. balance would be good! And a better sleeping pattern too... it's 2AM atm lol. Perhaps I'll give it another go tomorrow :P So I think it's best for me to go to bed now (>_<) I'll have to slowly update with what's been happening another time :)

I'll end this post with a few sneaky peeks of a series that I'm currently working on 
featuring both Little Julie & Dragonboy! Enjoy! (^_^) 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. They're kind of in love :) 

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Candypop said...

Congratulations Julie on obtaining the business name registration with business Victoria =o Thats such an achievement and its really making a name for yourself! Next thing you know you'll have a store set up hehe ^^ This is quite amazing your own lil business i swear you will go far in life and make your mark that stands out from the rest of the crowd! Im so proud of you and your motivation ! is inspirational =)))
I have yet to order something from you but i keep feeling as though im making it more hectic for you >_< I shall wait it out abit =) Since im busy saving for the NYC trip ~ But goodluck with the business and your lovely works of art <3 <3 <3 hope to see you again soon if you come down for another visit <3333


julie's little world said...

naww thank you so much as always for your love & support Pris (^___^) so sweet! i sure do hope I can go as far as setting up my own little shop :D if I do, omg.... i can't wait to DECORATE IT @____@;; haha i'm having a hard time fitting all the artwork prints (that i recently bought online) in my room right now @___@;;; but yes! save your money for your NYC trip man!!!!!! omgosh, I really do wish to visit there one day, and just witness the bright lights and broadway feel etc... *SIGH* >.<
all the best with your uni work too man! :) keep studying hard and you'll be flying to nyc soon enough :D :D <3 <3

thoughtsbasket said...

i cant believe i just found your blog!! i literally read through every post of yours, even back to your first post!
reading your blog has given me so much artsy fartsy ideas, and i am itching to start on something ><
congrats on registering your business, and i hope it blooms like your uplifting paintings and yourself! (when you open it, haha)

Cathy said...

Your shop is amazing, some of the designs are just too adorable ! :) all the best with it ! :)

julie's little world said...

Thank you Cathy! (^____^) <3 hope you've been going well love! :) xx

julie's little world said...

Naww! Thank you so much lovely! (^___^)
hehe makes me happy to know I've somewhat inspired you to be more creative! :D that's what I aim for!! I'd be interested on what you get up to with your future creative projects! :D (checking your blog now) hehe thanks again bubs for following too!! :D :D xx