Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Not Giving Up!

So I just did a little painting to motivate myself since I've been feeling like a little stressball lately (>.<) The past week has just been hectic, and not as productive as I would have liked with uni and shop work. But happy to say, even though this day started out rough, it became a very productive night with my painting orders :) So I'm feeling that little warm fuzzy feeling inside of me again, that lets me know that I'll be alright as long as I refuse to give up and give in to all the work that's got to be done! (rah rah rah!!) 


So what's been happening lately? 
I think it'll be better if I just show you photos rather than ramble on with the details (^_^) 

1. First page of my sketch book project for Art House Co Op. :) finally getting some where with this project!!  2+3. Photos from DanTay's 25th Birthday - themed classic 50/60's (^__^) these were photos taken from his photo booth set up! :D 4. One of my paintings that I recently just finished :)  5. Instax snaps from the night I caught up with the ol' time uni ppl for Malaysian Food and Coffee (^__^) So good to see them all again!!  6. Jiji being so cute! She's grown to be so big and chubby since we bought her in early Feb >.<  7+8. Boon's photos from the night we went karaoke with the Stage Fright Crew! :D Lol at how Viet-My got so drunk :P  9. Ice cream cubes from Tom Turtle from the night we watched HUNGER GAMES (whoop whoop, loved it) :) Yosh... it's only ice cream in cubes, but it was still a fun experience to choose from all the flavours ^_^  10. Paper planes for my sketch book project :)

I'm also missing out on quite a few photos from other outings (>.<) 

(via tumblr) 

So... who's watched the HUNGER GAMES?! :D 

I watched it last Saturday with a group of friends on xTremeeeeeee screen (^__^) and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome of the film! Even though, yes, the film did miss out on quite a few details from the book (that's always a given), but they also added more to the story as well, which excited me in my seat while I was watching! :D Very much looking forward to watching the 2nd film in the trilogy (>_<) That's definitely my favourite book in the series! I still need to finish book 3... everyone who's started reading the series has already finished it before me (=__=) hahaha slow down people! :P 

Btw... I'm a Peeta fan ;) 


Alright, now it's time for bed, here's to trying to fix my radical sleeping pattern :) 
It's my day off tomorrow, so I'll be working hard on my painting orders! I'll do my best not to forget my uni work amongst all that (=_=) sigh. Priorities, priorities... 

Keep smiling everyone! :) Hope you're having a nice week so far! 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. This weekend I'll be part of the Pop'M'Art (Pop Up Movable Art) with my friends! :D Thanks to Truccie to introducing it to us and for organising a group booking for this Saturday! It's basically an arty event that happens every weekend, where you meet at a secret location and for 2 hours, you paint upon a 12"x16" canvas, you can paint whatever you like! - once the 2 hours are up, you hand in your work, and it'll be made one of the building blocks of an art installation, made to represent Melbourne!!! 


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khatsii said...

so action packed O_O i dunno how you keep up with it!! i wanna read the book before i watch hunger games ^_^ for the mean time. have you heard of 'the starving games'? hamish + andy made a game up and its pretty epic XD we should do it one time keke. cannot wait to hear more about your adventures sweetie! but missing you heaps!!! >_<

julie's little world said...

hehe!!! thanks for commenting Cat!! <3 and yes! I reckon you should read the book before watching hunger games :) coz it would give you a better understanding of characters >.< i reckon that's why I still enjoyed it! some ppl were a lil lost. hahahaha Starving games... never heard of it :P tell me about it next time yo! hahaha XD and I MISS YOU TOO! >_< so good to hear you're back from Adelaide! I hope it was a fun trip man! :D blogggggg about it! <3

khatsii said...

oh i will definitely tell you about the starving games XD pretty epic keke i had a lovely time in adelaide though :] very relaxing so it was an overall good experience going there :D i'll be blogging about it soon :D DEFINITELY! <3

Spencer. said...

Beautiful illustration lovely, hope you had fun at your friend's party! Oooh I'm soo psyched to see the hunger games, really hope it lives up to the hype

julie's little world said...

Naww! thank you so much Spencer for your comment (^____^)
I hope you did enjoy the Hunger games! :D I know I did, even though it's not as detailed as the book, still enjoyed watching the story come to life :)

miss tea said...

You should bloggggg juliieeee :D

julie's little world said...

hehe! thanks for the lil push Fiona!! >.< I've been wanting to blog for a while now @_@ hope you've been well beautiful!! :D <3 xx

ravenskar said...

lmaooo. i never realised you posted the photos from karaoke. oh god.