Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life Has No Limitations

1. One of my favourite cards that I painted, to be sold from my little stall at STAGE FRIGHT - 25th Feb :) lil sneak peak!  2. My little Julie painting for my business card, to be printed soon thanks to my lovely friend Cat (from khatsii's adventures ) for my birthday present (^____^)  3. My first commission painting for 2012, and actually my first customer who wasn't connected to any of my friends or family! :D I hope the birthday girl that this was intended for liked it!  4. A commission memory board created for Anna's boyfriend, Paul - to be put up in his new apartment :) 


Aiiyah! It's been a really packed week since I've returned to Melbourne (>__<)" hence explains my lack of blogging.. I feel so sad :( but at least I know I'm getting a lot of work done that I can be proud of! :) Back to work = early hours, longer days and less sleep! 


I've also been kept busy with a lot of STAGE FRIGHT business, with 3 scheduled meetings this week. I'd like to say we got a lot done, and I was really happy to see my fellow creative team members again :) 

Last night was the first time meeting the first group of artists and stall holders of Stage Fright - where terms and conditions were explained. It was a little nerve wrecking but pretty exciting to finally be able to talk to some of them face to face! I've also been collecting a lot of artwork and handicrafts from talented artists - which is all being donated to the hampers, raffled off to raise funds for Stage Fright! :) I'll be updating the latest advertisement soon! 

Free tomorrow morning? 
If you're a Melbournian, come along to the Camberwell Markets on Sunday to support our Stage Fright performers, who will be busking to raise funds (^__^) Look out for this sign! 

Your change may be small, but it will make a big difference for us for Stage Fright! :) 


I've recently started to watch Charmed again, and I'm still very much in love with watching it! Even though now that I'm older, all these villains and warlocks do look ohso lame, and their spells are pretty tacky! Haha, but still good! My cousin gave me all 8 seasons :) So if you can't reach me late at night.. this will be why lol!

Alrighty, expect another post from me soon about my Chinese New Years with my family (^_^) I just gotta head to bed now because of work tomorrow morning @ 8AM! With the Australian Open happening at the moment, the cafe has been super busy non-stop (>.<) 

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. I didn't really make new years resolutions for 2012, but I will for the Chinese New Year of the Dragon..time to make some changes around here for better things to come!

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Sophpower said...

Juju I just discovered your blog! You crazily super talented girl! Your pictures are amazing, I might print the top one out and hang it here in my bedroom in Sweden :) If that's ok with you! Wish I could come to your stall to buy them all haha! was great seeing you the other day. Keep up the good work lovely! xx

julie's little world said...

Of course that's okay with me! I hope the photo will inspire you to go on many adventures while you're in Sweden! it really was a happy coincidence to bump into you a few weeks ago!! seriously been too long Soph!! :D Thank you so much for your support!! and don't worry about missing out, there will definitely be future stalls! (^____^) that's what I'm planning!! hehe! hope you're having a blast over there in Sweden man!! <3

Elisa said...

omggggg, you´re so talented^^ those pictures are so so cute !!!

feel free to join my camwhore contest. :
and current giveaway:

miss tea said...

zomg I'm so excited to come visit your stage fright store - I want a piece of your work hehe xo

Jessica said...

Wowww, I love your artwork!! They're really cute and I love all the colors. Especially the birthday card, I'm sure the birthday girl loved it! I love your blog, I'm your newest follower :)

Twee said...

All your paintings are really lovely Julie~!! Congratulations on your first comission painting in 2012~ I'm sure it's going to be a busy-painting year for you =)

Thanks so much for your sweet message by the way~ I love it =D

SHOP Ezzentric Topz

julie's little world said...

naww! thank you so much for your support Twee (^___^) it's always so good to have you visit my blog!! all the best with your new year too! :D happy chinese new year too! xx

julie's little world said...

Thank you so much Jessica for following! :D and for your support (^-^) stay tuned! there's more to come! :D i'm itching to post up more pics of paintings but i can't, gotta wait till their intended purpose is fulfilled! haha i.e. given to the friend etc :P

julie's little world said...

Naww! thanks Fiona!! (^___^) can't wait to meet you then! your support means a lot :) xx

julie's little world said...

Thanks dear Elisa!! :)

Jessica Alberto said...

Wonderful paintings! Good luck with all the work Julie :) !

Jess Johnson said...

aw these are so cute! x

Blaze said...

Your cards and blog are adorable! So sweet!

julie's little world said...

Thank you dear! :D xx

julie's little world said...

Thank you Jess! :) don't be a stranger now! xx

julie's little world said...

thank you Jessica for your support and good luck! :D xx