Monday, January 16, 2012

Time waits for no one..

 Time waits for no one, so don't let it pass you by <3

This quote was inspired by the Japanese anime movie: The Girl who Leapt Through Time - where it's basically about her time travelling and not really appreciating the time that's been given to her as second chances. It reminds me that time is now, it never stops, it keeps on ticking, and yes, there is a time and place to be sad, but good things are bound to come along your way if you just don't stop. You gotta remember what's important.


It's been a while since I did a little julie post (>.<) but I can assure you that plenty will be coming along it's way - because it has been a busy couple of weeks for me to start off 2012 :) I'm sorry for my lack of posting, but I've been away in Adelaide for a little while - getting to catch up with a few friends and hang out with my awesome cousins - along with working on my paintings for the Stage Fright Event to sell (^__^) I'm really excited to show you guys what I've been up to lately, but good things will have to wait for now because it's 1:30AM as I'm typing this, and it's back to work for me tomorrow morning @ 8:30AM :( boo!!! But I seriously do need the moolah, due to my silly spending habits over the summer holidays (>___<)"" 

Hope everyone had an awesome new years eve, and rocking out so far in 2012 :) 
We're over 2 weeks in already?! How fast does time fly?! (>__<)" 

Have a great week everyone, whether you're back to work or not! 

Love, from Julie xox

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Candypop said...

I had loads of fun catching up with you! Must do it more when i go up there or you coming down :)
Your quote reminds me of that movie 'In Time' the one with Justin Timberlake in it HAHA >< look into it, i watched it and i found it a good movie!
Our sticker photos are on my walllllllll heeheee :) I hope you had a great summer break away from everything and are ready to jump back into work and the cash flowing in again will hopefully be satisfying enough ? ><
Goodluck with stage fright i was considering coming down for that but my U.S.A trip coming up seems to be begging me not to do any travelling or spending :( But after that im sure i can come visit in the July break <3


redsquirrel02 said...

i am super agree with that !

khatsii said...

glad to hear you've had fun in adelaide! don't push yourself too hard my dear! we don't want our cute little juju being exhausted all the time!

julie's little world said...

hehe! yes! I watched In Time in the cinemas when it came out LOL! XD it had a really good concept, a little trippy, but clever with how they converted everything to do with money into time, time is money! (>__<)
and my holiday in Adelaide was just what I needed :) now that I'm back though, things are piling up, and there's so much to do for stage fright!!! esp with back to work now..but yes, money is crucial, esp when I'm stressed! because i can always fall back on doing some shopping to relieve it haha ;D
and that's all good man about stage fright! thanks for the thought :D i'm excited about your USA trip!! definitely go to harrypotter world if you can! ^0^ xx

julie's little world said...

thanks Cat (^_^) i'm always a little stressball regardless (>.<), it's kind of my nature hahaha! I'm pretty sure I inherited that from my mum.. -_-" oh yeah! I'm in the midst of creating my business card :) i'll give you a heads up when I do finish it >.< I'm really trying to get it done before Stage Fright comes about! Especially since I'll be in Vietnam for one week during mid Feb!! (>_<) I might need to give you more money for express service or something.. and maybe get it printed on nice textured paper :) i'm not sure if vistaprint offers that but yeah >.<;; xx

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

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Going Places said...

Dear Julie, I have no idea who you are but this post is amazing, it inspired me. Its simple yet so in depth, you may not have thought for hours for this post but it your 'little' post speaks volumes. Good job. You have a bright road ahead of you ;)

julie's little world said...

Thank you so much for your comment kind stranger! (>_<) it so lovely to read your support and it made my day to know I've somehow inspired you! :) you should check out the film if you're into time travelling like I am! hehe xxx