Sunday, February 5, 2012

Too Early to Quit Now Julie!

It's always too early to quit - Norman Vincent Peale

I've been quite overwhelmed with the amount of work I've gotta finish before Stage Fright comes around the corner - that I find myself quickly doubting my capabilities to do anything. Hence comes along procrastination and me not really accomplishing anything, and STILL lacking sleep (-__-)" but I just came across this little painting that I did a while ago for Stage Fright and it reminded me that it is too early to quit when you know you still have time. 

I just gotta keep doing my best and keep in mind what's important.


Hey there everyone! :) 

How's everyone's new year going for them? Can you believe it's already February and I completely missed out on posting up my Chinese New Years post (-_-)" been a little too stressed and busy but I've returned to blog because I'm in a middle of a mental breakdown at the moment and having a little stress attack on what needs to be done for Stage Fright (>_<)" In other words... I NEED A BREAK! (O_O)" 

Only 3 more weeks till STAGE FRIGHT!! 

It's so hard to believe how fast time is flying now (>.<) and can you believe, I'll be flying to Vietnam for a week before Stage Fright even happens!! This time I'll be flying over for my PorPor's 80th birthday celebrations :) so it should be an awesome one! I'll be flying off this Friday night and will be returning on Sunday morning (aiiyahhh!!) so that gives me even less time to build up my stall for Stage Fright :( but hopefully I can get some work done while I'm travelling! (Unless I get too absorbed into reading the Hunger Games... T___T" too many distractions!) 

Stage Fright Promotional Flyers - You might have seen a few floating around Melbourne :)
***Support Stage Fright Funds by buying a few raffle tickets (HERE)***


Since a picture is worth 1000 words, I'm just going to update you lovely followers on what's been happening lately with me through a mini camera roll update!! (>_<) Sorry I've been so slack lately!

1. Just me and Anna being a lil goofy after my Family's Chinese New Year Celebrations :)  2. Alice, Kimu and I at Lisa's 22nd Birthday @ The Apartment last weekend <3 LOVED the service there!!  3. My business cards have arrived!! (>_<) They arrived much earlier than expected!! Thank you so much Cat & Juan (^__^) <3 I'm looking forward to giving them out on Stage Fright Day!  4. My shop sign that I made last weekend :) Loving the colours!  5. A few instax shots from last night's clubbing with the girls @ Maze Motel Fridays! Didn't really anticipate on getting more than tipsy.. but it was fun ;D 

And last but certainly NOT least... 

♥ Meet Jiji Nguyen (short for Momiji) - our newest family member (^_^) 

OMG SHE'S SO PRECIOUS! (>_<) I can't stop showering her with love every time I see her scurry my way!! She's a shihtzu puppy, 3 months old and we only bought her this afternoon! Jiji was known as the friendliest puppy that has ever set her little paws into the pet shop (>_<)" She kept pawing at the windows when we would come close!! ♥ We're so lucky and grateful that we came to buy her when we did, because another couple came just after us asking for her!! It took a while for my family to settle with a name for her though - it was initially Moshi, but my parents had a hard time saying her name (-_-)", then we kind of changed it to Mei Mei (little sister), and then there was my little brother calling her Panda on the side.. (=__=") totally confusing!! Now it's Jiji :) short for Momiji! (the rabbit character from Fruits Basket!) I reckon it suits her well coz she hops like a rabbit when she runs (>__<)" 


Okay, back to doing some work before I hit the hay :) I wish weekends were longer! And I know this blog was a little all over the place (>_>)" that's what you get for leaving everything to last minute! Anyway, hope you enjoyed it regardless! :) 

I hope everyone's having a great night, keep smiling <3 

Love, from Julie xox

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Chloe Nghiem said...

Love the business cards you did, and I wouldn't mind collecting some of those flyers! :o haha ohh Momiji is so precious!! I want to move out and get myself a puppy already :(

CC Pham said...

Your dog is so cute omg I just want to run up to it and give it a big hug. Dying from cuteness overload. And good luck for stage fright, and have lots of fun in Vietnam! I missed you on my dashboard haha :)

Rach(; said...

ohmygosh are those your drawings? Theyre simply sweet! :) Stumbled on your blog when I was reading Candypop's blog. Really glad I've found your blog! It's too cute,really, too cute (; New follower! xx


julie's little world said...

OH! Thanks lovely for your comment! :D nice to know I've been missed >.<
and yes! omg! I die every time from cuteness overload when my puppy comes running >.< I don't want her to ever grow!! hehe :P

julie's little world said...

Naww! thanks Rach! :D for following and for your sweet comment! ^^
hehe Candpop's is one of my friends back in my hometown Adelaide! :D

mwdee said...

Your business card is lovely!! Good luck and all the best with your business :)) I believe you can make it big! And I'm totally dying of the cuteness of your new puppy! <333

Kimu said...

AHHH! I'm loving the name Momiji! I think it suits her a little better than Moshi. I kept getting a little confused saying Moshi and then Mochi tbh HAHAHA. mmm.. and that photo from Lisa's.. Y I LOOK SO UNHAPPY?! I musn't have been camera-ready DX Good luck with the rest of the week and work hard!! I'll see you at the airport, maybe? ;)

julie's little world said...

naww! thanks for your support as always MwDee! ^-^ and omgosh, Jiji, I miss her so much already! :( i don't get to see her during the day because of work, and then when I get home late from stage fright meeting, she's already has to go sleep >.< we're not really allowed to visit her during late hours to build her independence, so boo! >__<""

julie's little world said...

Hehe! you're such a dork man! I thought you looked like: hey, how's it going?.. in that pic LOL! yeah.. I don't know .. (=___=) but yes! Momiji hehe :) it took me a lil while to adjust to calling her Jiji, from Moshi, but I'm over it now! naw!! >.< only 3 more nights before we see each other at the airport! RAHH!!!!

Candypop said...

Juuuuu-beee-leeeeee ju ju! BEEN so long since i dropped byyyy. judging by the fb status stage fright was a hit!!!!! I love your shop sign its so professional. And the new edition to your family is adorableeeeeeee!!! The name picking is also very tedious to decide on due to the parentals not being able to say it huh? hehe i like the name! Very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
I really wanna get a puppppy *_* but dad says i have to wait till we come back from our NYC tripp!

I hope you are well juju! OX