Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's up for July!

1. My little advertisement for my market stall @ Camberwell Markets in August (^-^) very excited!!   2. mini memory boards and easels, made ready for etsy soon   3. drafts of little paintings in progress! :)

Hello again, July!

Hello everyone!! How's everyone going? It's been so long since I've blogged, way back in late May in fact and now it's the 1st of July!! How time flies! (>_<) Well I'm happy to say that my final semester for uni is over and out and I can start preparing to apply to graduate now!!! HOW EXCITING! :D *fist punch in air* 

My little online shop was re-opened last Monday on the 25th June, and it's been busy busy for me since the past couple of weeks with catching up on past orders and making way for new ones too. My panda eyes have become pretty permanent but I'm happy that I go to bed each night feeling satisfied with work I've completed, doing something I love :) I really do appreciate my customers who are all so lovely and patient with me as I do my best to catch up on everyone! Thank you so much <3 

A few weeks back I signed up to hold a market stall @ the Camberwell Sunday Markets in the last Sunday in August (^___^) So that'll be my next big milestone, therefore I've started prepping for my stall already, and began brainstorming the look for my stall!! I'm so excited for it, it's only 2 months away now! Here's the facebook event link (here), so check it out if you're in Melbourne and decide to be an early bird on the Sunday, August 26th (^__^) I'll have to be there to start setting up my stall before 7am, so that'll be interesting, since I usually go to bed at around 3-4am these days LOL. 

I'm also looking into making new stock for my little Etsy store, since it's been looking a little empty for a few months now since March (>.<) so there'll be new development on that soon! I'm thinking about having a set day each week to release new stock, but still figuring that out. I'm thinking either Wednesday or Sunday :) which days would you guys prefer? 

Any requests for future Etsy shop stock is more than welcome :) 


The Future

Also I wanna share with you guys some artwork that I painted for an art trade between my friends. An art trade is where we are randomly paired up with another person and we create art for them (in any form you wish!) under a given theme :) So far we're in our 3rd month of art trading and it's been fantastic as each person uploads their work for another, very inspirational! Here's mine for my June Art trade, with the theme: The Future

'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' - Eleanor Roosevelt 

So to simply explain my painting concept, it's up to you to make your dreams become reality, because your future rests in your hands to shape and grow. Anything's possible if you believe in it. :)  


Alright! That's my latest update from me :D I'm really wanting to get back into blogging regularly, so I hope I'll stick to it this time and make time for it weekly :) So much to share with you guys! (>.<) 

Let me know what's been happening for you during this super cold winter :D Are you guys on holidays? Still working? I wanna learn more about my readers, hope I haven't lost too many since I haven't been updating enough lately >.<! Thank you for those who still leave sweet and supportive comments now and then :) I really appreciate it & it makes my day! <3

Have a great weekend guys :) stay warm and snuggly!

Love, from Julie xox

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Kimu said...

YAY! Excited for your stall and for the many things to come GFF <3 I'm so very proud of you! I hope that the day of your stall won't be too chilly! Make sure you get some rest every now and then. Sleep is important!! Otherwise, put a warm damp towel over your eyes to increase circulation :D I've been doing that since I got my bug eye LOL it feels nice afterward hahaha

julie's little world said...

Nawww Thanks GFF for your support man! >.< and I hope it won't be too cold that day too, but you can bet I'll be rugged up anyway since it'll be so early in the morning @___@ will definitely make sure I get enough sleep that night! and I might give that damp towel a try, might help :D haha! and i uno if I told you but I had a swollen eye when I woke up a few weeks back too, it was so bad, i couldn't go to work coz i was too hideous LOL :P hope it won't pop up again -_-"

Guest said...

HI Julie great to c u back! Congrates on final exams... i'm a local so will definately pop into Camberwell market on the 26th to support u :)....
Read ur swollen eye post just heat up a tea bag wrap it in a napkin and close ur eye pop it straight on ur eye and massage it a little.... this should take away the swelling.

jessieirwanto said...

julie! so glad to see you blogging again, i went a bit MIA too!
and congrats for graduation, hope its all magical :D
wish i could come down to your stall to check it out if only i lived in melb, best of luck with it all
that painting is so gorgeous and i absolutely love the theme

its been so ridiculously cold here in perth! but i've been relaxing during the holidays and making the most of my down time :)
hope you're having a wonderful week so far!
jessie x
the weekend project.

julie's little world said...

Naww! thank you dear for your comment! :D What's your name? and that'd be lovely to see you at my lil market stall in August! ^^ thanks for the future tip about swollen eyes! I usually get a mug of hot water and gently rub my eye against the hot surface >.<" it does give some kind of relief :)

julie's little world said...

Hiiiiii Jessie!! :D it's so good to hear from you again! and yes! i'm doing my best to get right back into bloggin! >.< and thanks for your congrats! it won't be til december for my graduation ceremony hahaha! XD but yes, i hope it'll be magical too and that i won't look too dorky in my grad get up :P hehe! always happy to have your support man ^^ wish you could come along to my stall too! i've never even been to the camberwell markets before, but i hear it's good and always busy! :D sweet!

and keep yourself all warm in Perth dear! >.< it was really cold today too in Melbourne! I saw you had a little get away with your bf! so sweet!! :D i got to see my other half recently too hehe <3 so good~! keep on enjoying your holidays Jessie! <3 xx

Love, from Julie xx

mwdee said...

Hi there julie!! Great to see you back into blogging! :D poor you, mustve been so busy yeah? do watch your health no matter how busy you are! your drawing above is such an inspiration! i've been rather lost in life (regarding my future) but kinda get motivated after seeing that! ^^ you must be very proud of it! i'm sure im not the only one who get motivated by that! ;D

hope to see more of your artworks soon! keep updating alrights? ^^


julie's little world said...

Naww!! Thank you for your lovely comment MwDee!! <3 happy to hear my drawing was able to inspire you in some way ^^ i'm really interested in creating more paintings with a similar style :) so look out for them in the future! :D

and yes! doing my best to keep my blog up to date! haha >.< it's tricky, once you leave it for a few weeks, every event just accumulates and BAM, i have no idea what to really blog about without typing a major essay LOL XD so i let my photos do the storytelling instead :) yay!

hope you're well and swell over there in M'sia dear!! <3 xx