Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy & Stressed Jumping Beans

1. A mini little Julie painting that I made for myself on a night I felt quite unmotivated to complete of my uni work >.<  2. A commission order for a lovely miss in Sydney  3. A commission order from a mother to her son, who loves Dibo the Dragon :) 4. For all the coffee addicts that go to my family's cafe every morning, something to brighten up their early morning! 

(for more photos of what's been happening in my little world lately, click here)

Soooooo I've been very bad at keeping my little blog up to date with what's been happening lately (>.<)  It's been a little hectic with things reaching their d-day, quicker than I would have liked! My final uni presentation will be June 19th, and that'd be it, forever, for my uni days! So I've got my fingers crossed that I'll pass and be able to graduate by the end of this year :) Also been kept busy with custom painting orders too, which is fantastic! I'm made to face a new challenge with every order, and have the privilege to converse with new people who are so lovely! I honestly do love my customers so far :) Thank you for being understanding with all the limited time that I have due to uni work and supportive of my efforts <3 I'm in the process of completing my last few orders, so looking forward to seeing the finished product! :D My little online shop is closed atm for custom orders, but I'm really looking forward to re-opening on June 25th and meeting new challenges! :D YAY!

A lot will be happening this week besides uni work! Hopefully I can go to life drawing @ No Vacancy Gallery and chill after a stressful day at uni on Tuesday night :) I'll also be looking into checking out Secret Walls for Melbourne this Wednesday night as well! It's a battle between artists and their ability to create art on a massive white wall with only black paint and black markers! :D And what I'm looking forward to most is that a group of friends and I have signed up for the final session of Pop M'art this coming Saturday June 2nd at the Transit Lounge @ Fed Square! I'M SO EXCITED! It'll definitely be a great way to start the weekend after a stressful week that I'm foreseeing right now! 

Sigh, wish I could stay and continue rambling for a few more essays, but I'll best return to my uni work :( so I guess this will just be a lil quick update to show that I'm still alive and giddy with happy and stressed beans jumping inside of me :) haha that doesn't even make sense! Anyway, I'm going to try this keeping my blog up to date regularly one more time :) It's been so long that I've forgotten how nice it feels to just type and ramble on my blog! I'll be back for sure. 

Keep smiling & keep yourselves warm because Winter is definitely coming :)

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Good luck to all those undergoing exams and final assessments! 
Holidays are just around the corner! :D 

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CC Pham said...

Your painting never fail to cheer me up. Good luck for your presentation!

julie's little world said...

So happy to hear you're inspired from my work! (^__^) thank you always Cathy for your comments! :D xx

julie's little world said...

Thank you CC! (^___^) not long now till I can get more sleep after all this work! haha XD

Kathleen To said...

omg your little illustrations are just gorgeous!

julie's little world said...

Thank you dear Kathleen! :D <3

miss tea said...

Yay you're back! Hope your uni presentation went well today! I like the burberry background in the second photo hehe