Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Do This!

Hi there everyone! 

So July so far has proven to be quite the busy bee month and I'm finding myself going to bed each night feeling quite exhausted >.< but the feeling of accomplishment isn't so far behind so it's not so bad :) and I can say I'm finally on the track of the final stages for my July painting orders, so I'll be working hard for the rest of the month trying to finish each of them off! Monday is my day off so I'll be spending that time to draft up like crazy! XD Aja aja fighting! 


Here are my favourite photos from the past month in July :) 

1. The cutest little Mickey Mouse I've ever seen in toy form, and I won it at Photoworld! :D Now it's in the grubby hands of someone special :)  2. A little sneak peek of the Pop M'art Grand Finale last weekend, photo credit goes to the event photographers :) blog update on it later!  3. Commission work for an anniversary present, I love how it's so colourful and happy! >.<  4. Speed Jenga @ Family Games night LOL this was after we played an intense game just before :P  5. My cute little nerdy bear pin from Hanaletters Etsy Shop, love it so much!  6. The attendees for last night's games night! Had a great night :) can't wait for my cousin's family to officially move up to Melbourne too!  7. Commission work for a wedding gift <3 I really adore the quote *sigh*  8. And this is the most goddamn cutest photo I've taken of Jiji recently!!! Her puppy eyes and head tilting... *dies* she's sleeping underneath my chair again atm x) love her company at night while working <3 


In the coming week, a few more exciting events is rocking its way up like watching Brave FINALLY at the end of working all week this week with a few friends :D Seriously been waiting for forever to watch this movie! >.< and on the weekend, I'll be heading over to the Mornington Hot Springs with my Uni friends for a soak during Sunday night <3 Never been to a hot springs before so I really have no idea what to expect, but I'm really looking forward to it. 

But in the meantime, I will work hard, so I can party harder later! :D 
Gotta keep myself motivated and get things done :) 

Alright, better head to bed now and rest >.<" have a great week everyone! Stay warm :)

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. Oh wanted to quickly mention a big fat THANK YOU to those customers whom took time to meet and pick up their paintings with me last week in the city (^___^) It was really lovely meeting you girls in person after conversing via emails for a period of time! I really do hope you enjoy your paintings and it makes you smile :D 

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Kimu said...

I love the photos you've shared ^0^ the mickey mouse is oh-so-adorable too !!! I already liked the photo of your cutie nerd bear pin <3 but I wanna reiterate how CUTE it is hahah. It was so nice being able to see you on Saturday. We need to hang out again soon ~ just you and me GFF. I really miss being around you *foreveralone tumbleweed*

Cathy said...

Glad everything is going well !! I watched Brave recently and its such a cute movie :)

julie's little world said...

hehe thanks Cathy! it's going well and busy busy >.< and gotta wait a few more weeks now to finally watch Brave now, because there's only early morning sessions and we all can't make them @___@" so my friends and I will just download it and watch it togethers some movie night hahaha :P sigh can't wait!!!! >___<

julie's little world said...

hehehe!! thanks Usher! :) and YES!! I really do love my lil bear pin >___< there's so many more on her etsy shop that I just wanna buy it all. She really has a wonderful imagination in her work! :D check it out yo! and yeah man, I MISS YOU, just youuuuuu and meeeeeeeeeeee and the sea breezeeeeeeeeeeeee, one day soon :) (haha so lame, i just wanted to rhyme @_@) *HUGS* xoxoxox

miss tea said...

You are going to enjoy hot springs so much! The pools are sooo warm and my whole body felt relaxed for quite a few days after! Haha I notice you finallyyyyy bought one of the felt brooches :P I often see you favourite-ing them on my etsy news feed haha :)

mwdee said...

Love your green cardigan (and the cute bear pin!) :D And Jiji is sooooooooo adorable! Makes me wanna adopt a puppy to keep my company too T-T but my mom is too afraid of dogs. Sighh. Anyway, I'm from singapore, babe! Hahaha not malaysia :P

julie's little world said...

omogosh!!! >.< why did I say Malaysia?!!! I knew it was singapore! LOL i'm sorry Mwdee!!! how silly of me =_=" my sister will be going to Singapore again later this year, she loves that place and the shopping! :) always telling me to go with her, so maybe I will next time once I've got enough money for a holiday overseas! :D <3

and jiji is so naughty! haha my mum gave her a haircut, now she looks bald LOL coz my mum left her body fur still long, but her head of fur is gone XD *shakes head*

julie's little world said...

hehe! I'll be heading over to the hotsprings soon tonight! :D looking forward to the experience! ^^ and yes! love the felt pin :) hehe sorry if I kept overflowing your feed with my love for hanaletters items LOL XD her pins are so cute!!! i really wanna buy some more :) would be great for presents <3

miss tea said...

you should definitely get the fox one!

lizzie said...

These pictures are so cute!