Friday, April 9, 2010

There's too much hate and low self-esteem here.

I actually took a step back and revisited the previous entries for my blogspot and noticed that instead of being a design blog, this has become a place where I allow myself to vent, like a normal human being. There's too much of all that crap, and me complaining. I feel like a selfish person. I make as if everyday is a struggle, and that I don't ever ever experience happy days. I'm pretty much saying FML without having to actually saying (which btw, I HATE that acronym) Anyway, having being reminded that there are still very geniune good people in this world, and that I have the power to make my everydays beautiful - I'll be holding my chin up higher from now on, not to be a snob, but to actually breathe in the beauty that life can behold, like the beautiful clouds that I can't seem to stop photographing.

Where's the love?

It's right here, I've just gotta look closer.