Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stage Fright 2012

What is Stage Fright about? 
This event is dedicated to those creative individuals who are involved in music or art to overcome their stage fright of being in the spotlight, and be fearless in showing others what they love to do. Whether it be singing or expressing yourself in a series of artwork. Participants are encouraged to show their true colours, their hidden talents to the world and know that this can be the stepping stone to bigger things. Along with witnessing fearless moments, the money raised on the day was for a great cause - a charity who call themselves: Able Australia - a non-profit organisation that provides care and services to people who live with multiple disabilities, including deafblindness. 

My Stage Fright Experience
It was mid-November last year that my friend Phuong approached me with the beautiful idea. At first it made me excited, while I was listening to Phuong herself getting hyper over it, and then it made me feel nervous, but then excitement jumped right back in - knowing that this the biggest thing I have ever been part of that involves my love for painting. I had only started to get serious about my water colour paintings late last year, so to be asked to join in such an event gave me chills all over my body and I was determined to help out in any way I can to help make this day a reality! It allow me to have something to look forward to, and definitely work my butt off for. 

At the back of my mind, I knew it wasn't just for Stage Fright that I was working hard for, it was also for my future. It motivated me to dream bigger, to create more and step out of my boundaries to see things in a new light. 

(the stress, oh the stress!)

All the while I was so stressed and nervous on all the work that has to be done for any thing to happen. There were many late nights where only consuming chocolate can help (har har -_-) but I was wonderfully supported by my friends and family through my Stage Fright journey. They gave me courage when I was stressed, when I felt stuck for inspiration. I gave myself a break once in a while to recover, to be reminded that sometimes sleep can help, that staying up stressing at 3am in the morning won't do any good! (=___=) 

(Forever Creative Team!)
this photo is missing Michelle! (>.<)

I was also constantly inspired by my fellow creative team members, who are all artists themselves involved in Stage Fright. These past 4 months of working together, and getting to know one other through late night meetings and dealing with hungry stomachs till the work was done, was priceless! I'm so privileged and happy to have met and worked with them. They are seriously super cool individuals, and so motivated to get things done with a bang! The Stage Fright creative team was involved in designing the whole event, in terms of advertisement, promotions, logo, the programme, layout and decorations for the day! You can imagine how much we were freaking out by the amount of work that we had to do at the beginning! I still remember that first meeting, where we were all nervously laughing as the list of things to do just kept growing! But guess what? We pulled through with flying colours :) I seriously do love my creative team! I can't wait for future events where we get to hang out together and perhaps exhibit/ stall hold together again! <3


 The big Stage Fright day! 

So yesterday was the big day for all Stage Fighters! (courtesy of Barton for calling us that!) 

It was an early start for all crew members from 8am! I kind of woke up late from a late night on finishing my stall and hamper baskets! >.< So I was running a little late, along with picking up Freda on the way! As soon as I got to the venue, it was overwhelming on what's to be done within 2 hours before Stage Fright opens at 10:30am! (>__<)" Even though it seemed like we were running out of time, once doors opened at 10:30AM, we managed alright when the first few visitors came in! :) 

The performers started their programme at 10:30AM on the dot as well, so through out the whole day till 4PM, we were blessed with listening to beautiful solo to group acts in singing, playing their instruments and even dancing! I was so happy that from 11AM, a bigger crowd was starting to be drawn in, and my stall of goodies have started to get a few customers already! Big smiles all round! (^__^) 


Here were the goodies that I had up for grabs yesterday :)

1. This was what my debut stall look like on the day before doors opened! (^__^) Perhaps a little too crowded with goods... (-_-) 2. A4 prints of my earlier work of Little Julie Paintings :)  3. My shop sign and my price list for goodies 4. My little Julie cards! My biggest seller! 5. Badges that I made at Sticky's to sell the day before! I stayed up till 4am cutting out the designs (-_-) happy to know I sold quite a few! 6. Memory boards of all sizes :) Sold 3 out of 9! :D happy! thank you to my dad and my little brother for helping me put the finishing touches on them the night before! :) 7. I even made boy equivalent Little Julie cards :) meet Dragonboy! he's a wild cat that one!


All in all, the whole day 
was a huge success for Stage Fright! 

Every time I put myself back in the moment of it all when it was lively and happening in the Stage Fright venue, it gives me chills, it makes me feel so happy knowing that everyone's hard work paid off and how many we were inspiring as people would constantly walk in and admire our work, commending on our efforts. My day got better each time I was visited by a good friend or my family at my stall! (^___^) Their efforts to come out and show their support is greatly appreciated! I seriously couldn't stop smiling all day :) My silent auction painting (themed Fearless) was also bid on by a complete stranger! 

I hope they will give it a good home and that it inspires them to be fearless in their rough days 

(I was surrounded by beautiful talent everywhere!)

I stole away from my stall for about 20 minutes as I went around to check out other stall holders and their goodies! Oh! Everyone's art work was beautiful and impressive <3 I couldn't help myself but buy a few souvenirs, along with supporting my fellow artists :) I ended up spending 100$ (>_<) lmao! It's all for a great cause, so I'm forgiven.. by myself :P 

In the midst of all the excitement, the day flew by too quickly and it was already 4pm when Phuong gave her final speeches to thank you everyone for making the event happen. It was touching (>_<) Felt like tearing up.. Rah! I was already missing Stage Fright and all that entitles during the last few moments! The raffles for the 5 hamper baskets were drawn and clean up had to start immediately as we were going to be kicked out by 5PM on the dot! (>_<) 

(Here's to Stage Fright 2012)

It was sad knowing good things have to come to an end, like Stage Fright did for me too quickly, even though during the months working on making it happen seemed endless. But it can only mean that greater things are to come if we continue being inspired, continue being fearless in our endeavours and creating opportunities for ourselves in the future. :)

Here's the Stage Fright crew after cleaning up :) It's not all the members since a few went home early (>.<) I was very privileged to have been involved from the early stages, to watch it grow into something wonderful and inspirational, and to witness our hard work be paid off where the day resulted in a huge success :) Thank you for your hard work Phuong and to everyone, for the laughs, the company in the stressed hours and for being such great people to work with :) I wish everyone all the best for their futures, and that they have the courage to create bigger things for themselves because you are all exceptionally talented individuals, don't forget that <3 


I just want to say a quick thank you again to everyone who went out of their way to come and support me and my fellow artists yesterday at Stage Fright <3 It was super hot all day, and everyone who walked in the door looked distraught from the heat! But regardless, you came by with big smiles on your faces! You guys all seriously made my day with supporting my stall and for just being there! :) Thank you so much <3 


Okay, wow, this post was a explosion of me just rambling and talking too much! LOL (-_-) It's been so long since I've blog, so I hope this makes up for it :) I still have yet to blog about my Vietnam trip that happened 1 week before Stage Fright! haha! Also more to come with commission paintings I've done so far for 2012, and a new exciting project that I'm part of :) more details soon!

Also, the official launch date of my online shop will be 7 March 2012

Keep smiling buttercup! And Hello hello to my newest followers (^__^) Don't be a stranger now!

Love, from Julie xox

P.S. I stole some photos off Facebook from Boon Mark Souphanh & Li Chen's collection! Great photos guys, thanks for taking pics! :D Wish I had taken more with my camera on the day (>_<) 

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Too Early to Quit Now Julie!

It's always too early to quit - Norman Vincent Peale

I've been quite overwhelmed with the amount of work I've gotta finish before Stage Fright comes around the corner - that I find myself quickly doubting my capabilities to do anything. Hence comes along procrastination and me not really accomplishing anything, and STILL lacking sleep (-__-)" but I just came across this little painting that I did a while ago for Stage Fright and it reminded me that it is too early to quit when you know you still have time. 

I just gotta keep doing my best and keep in mind what's important.


Hey there everyone! :) 

How's everyone's new year going for them? Can you believe it's already February and I completely missed out on posting up my Chinese New Years post (-_-)" been a little too stressed and busy but I've returned to blog because I'm in a middle of a mental breakdown at the moment and having a little stress attack on what needs to be done for Stage Fright (>_<)" In other words... I NEED A BREAK! (O_O)" 

Only 3 more weeks till STAGE FRIGHT!! 

It's so hard to believe how fast time is flying now (>.<) and can you believe, I'll be flying to Vietnam for a week before Stage Fright even happens!! This time I'll be flying over for my PorPor's 80th birthday celebrations :) so it should be an awesome one! I'll be flying off this Friday night and will be returning on Sunday morning (aiiyahhh!!) so that gives me even less time to build up my stall for Stage Fright :( but hopefully I can get some work done while I'm travelling! (Unless I get too absorbed into reading the Hunger Games... T___T" too many distractions!) 

Stage Fright Promotional Flyers - You might have seen a few floating around Melbourne :)
***Support Stage Fright Funds by buying a few raffle tickets (HERE)***


Since a picture is worth 1000 words, I'm just going to update you lovely followers on what's been happening lately with me through a mini camera roll update!! (>_<) Sorry I've been so slack lately!

1. Just me and Anna being a lil goofy after my Family's Chinese New Year Celebrations :)  2. Alice, Kimu and I at Lisa's 22nd Birthday @ The Apartment last weekend <3 LOVED the service there!!  3. My business cards have arrived!! (>_<) They arrived much earlier than expected!! Thank you so much Cat & Juan (^__^) <3 I'm looking forward to giving them out on Stage Fright Day!  4. My shop sign that I made last weekend :) Loving the colours!  5. A few instax shots from last night's clubbing with the girls @ Maze Motel Fridays! Didn't really anticipate on getting more than tipsy.. but it was fun ;D 

And last but certainly NOT least... 

♥ Meet Jiji Nguyen (short for Momiji) - our newest family member (^_^) 

OMG SHE'S SO PRECIOUS! (>_<) I can't stop showering her with love every time I see her scurry my way!! She's a shihtzu puppy, 3 months old and we only bought her this afternoon! Jiji was known as the friendliest puppy that has ever set her little paws into the pet shop (>_<)" She kept pawing at the windows when we would come close!! ♥ We're so lucky and grateful that we came to buy her when we did, because another couple came just after us asking for her!! It took a while for my family to settle with a name for her though - it was initially Moshi, but my parents had a hard time saying her name (-_-)", then we kind of changed it to Mei Mei (little sister), and then there was my little brother calling her Panda on the side.. (=__=") totally confusing!! Now it's Jiji :) short for Momiji! (the rabbit character from Fruits Basket!) I reckon it suits her well coz she hops like a rabbit when she runs (>__<)" 


Okay, back to doing some work before I hit the hay :) I wish weekends were longer! And I know this blog was a little all over the place (>_>)" that's what you get for leaving everything to last minute! Anyway, hope you enjoyed it regardless! :) 

I hope everyone's having a great night, keep smiling <3 

Love, from Julie xox

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